“I think [it happens] to a lot of women. Men too, let’s be for real,” Joc said.

Yung Joc paid a visit to VLAD TV and was asked about Ashanti’s The Breakfast Club interview where she disclosed that a producer insisted that she shower with them in exchange for two of his beats.

“We did two records together,” she said during the December 2022 interview. “He was like, ‘Okay, I’m not gonna charge you, you know you my homie’…When it came time to put it on the album, he was like, ‘Let’s take a shower together.’”

In a newly released clip of the 17-part interview with the blog, the former Bad Boy artist responded to hearing the story by asserting that what Ashanti experienced isn’t rare and happens more commonly than people think. And not just with women.

“I think it’s very common. I think [it happens] to a lot of women. Men too, let’s be for real,” he said before making light of the situation. “I’m just sayin’, you want the beats, I want the meats!”

Yung Joc, 42, stated that some people in the industry don’t see it as a harmful or invasive request but as an act of mutual celebration and creating music together. The “It’s Goin Down” rapper then called on women to come forth with more stories similar to Ashanti’s revelation, stating that women are always “propositioned for sex.”

“I can hear it! I can clearly hear that. I can see it happening. You know, ‘Don’t look it at as, like, you gave me that for that. Look at it like we gave each other something, and in return, we celebrated with a good ol’ hot night of steamy, passionate sex.’ I can hear that s**t!”

“I’m a man, and I ain’t ever really propositioned a woman for sex, but you’ve gotta ask the women. ‘Cause the women, who are always propositioned for sex, they can tell you probably a better scenario of how it happens…Ladies, give us a scenario of how you’ve been propositioned for your goods. Leave a comment below. I wanna know.”

However, the Atlanta entertainer clarified that he was against sex as a form of payment in business.

“I would never, man! Lemme say this…I would never proposition a woman for her body parts. I wouldn’t do that, I just wouldn’t do that. Lemme just put that out there.”

Watch the video above.

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