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YT Teacher

YT Teacher: Engaging and Informative Content

Best YouTube Teacher: Engaging and Informative Content

YT Teacher: YouTube has grown into a significant site for learning, and has thousands of educators providing useful videos to millions of users.

But, some teachers create amazing content that is both engaging and educational, which makes learning enjoyable.

This article highlights the most effective YouTube teachers , and the things that make them unique.

Edutopia: Classroom Management, Project-Based Learning, and Technology

One of the most popular channels one of the most popular channels is Edutopia It provides students and teachers with instructional videos about teaching with technology as well as project-based learning and classroom administration.

Alice Keeler: Google Certified Innovator and Efficiency Expert

Alice Keeler, a Google Certified Innovator, provides information on the teaching aspect behind the scenes as well as tips to make teaching and classroom organization better organized.

  1. FriedTechnology: Cute and Kitschy Tutorials on Google Docs and Prezi Presentations

FriedTechnology is run by Google Innovator Amy Mayer, features cute and snazzy animations which offer tutorials for Google Docs as well as webinars and also creating interesting Prezi presentation.

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Common Sense Education: Digital Citizenship, Online Safety, and Classroom Distractions

Common Sense Education teaches digital citizenship, online safety as well as how to manage distracting technology in the classroom.

Brain Education TV: High-Quality Educational Content on YouTube’s Official Channel

YouTube’s official channel for education #Education is a high-quality channel that offers educational videos using the hashtag #Education.

Google for Education: Tutorials on G Suite Apps and Programs for Educators

Google for Education offers tutorials about G Suite apps and programs to help educators.

Teacher Cast: Podcast Channel on Technology How-To and Education Interviews

Teacher Cast, which is hosted by Jeffrey Bradbury, is a recording podcast channel that features diverse videos covering technological tips, and also interviews with people who are successful and their opinions regarding the subject of education.

BBC Teach: UK-Based Channel on Teacher Support, Sex Ed, and Math

While not every content might be suitable for US teachers, the channel from Britain BBC Teach offers a Teacher Support playlist that educators can use to talk about classroom issues and also playlists for Sex Ed and Math.

Teacher’s Pet: Animated Science-Based Videos for Classroom Use and Modification

Teacher’s Pet features animated science-based videos that are able to be utilized or shared and altered, which makes it a great source for teachers who are concerned about copyright rights and its use.

MrMatera is a unique approach to Learning through the Gamification of the Classroom

And lastly, MrMatera offers a unique method of education that focuses on gamification in the classroom.

The best YouTube instructors are those who are able to present complex subjects in a way that is understandable chunks that are bite-sized and can connect with their viewers in a way that makes learning fun.

They offer high-quality educational material which can assist viewers in gaining the knowledge and abilities that are applicable to daily living.

YouTube teachers can be a great resource for those who want to expand their knowledge or expand their skills.


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