Why is Web3 Gaming not appealing?

Web3 gaming is still an emerging economy. Even esports, which is a billion dollar industry, seems to have its issues in terms of profitability for investors and key stakeholders involved.

Many are not convinced by Web3 and crypto games so far. Whilst I personally believe in it long-term people are quick to judge it. Having a healthy discussion on something like Web3 and showing how people can be skeptical is important for advancements.

Even people active within the space will second guess aspects of it. As long as the right precautions are taken and developers are actively pushing the industry in the right direction (or attempting to) it makes it a fun and prosperous emerging industry to be a part of!

Now with that in mind let’s look deeper into why people are not too fond of Web3 gaming and what can maybe be done in the future to maybe change people’s pessimism…

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Is Web3 gaming accessible?

Well as time has gone on, it has proven to be somewhat easier to get into a game on the blockchain. In the early days of crypto gaming and Play-To-Earn games required gamers to invest a lot of money.

To play Axie Infinity for example you’d have to spend $100+ on Axie NFT characters. This is great if you have a load of spare cash but most people don’t have that sort of capital to give up. Especially if you are looking to just try out the game.

As time has progressed though, Play-To-Earn gaming has moved away from the Pay-To-Earn model it could have easily have slipped into, pardon the pun.

Gamers can now access titles more easily either on designated platforms or even Web2 gaming platforms like Epic Games Store.

Is the Play-To-Earn model sustainable?

Many have questioned whether Play-To-Earn games is actually sustainable and with good reason too. It must be noted that many titles operating via the blockchain have repetitive gameplay. It’s why many again have associated blockchain gaming with mobile gaming.

Furthermore, games previously and even currently rely heavily on attracting new players into the ecosystem. Whilst popular at the launch due to marketing and the odd bit of PR here and there, games may prove hard to keep afloat going into the future.

Of course no one in the industry wants to see legit projects fizzle away, but remaining aware this can become an issue allows for better discussions and less bias.

The gaming experience is not all there

Gamers love flashy presentations of games. The Xbox and PlayStation in their current generation offer a realistic immersive experience. Almost like a movie.

More times than not family members have caught me gaming and have genuinely thought I was watching a movie. With
how far gaming has come from the 90s and early 2000s it really is astonishing the advancements development teams have made.

Now onto crypto gaming and Play-To-Earn. Whilst being the quote on quote next generation of gaming, graphics and gameplay have a long way to go. Whilst a bulk of what is available on the market is fairly lackluster in terms of graphics and gameplay, we have seen a recent emergence of teams using the Unreal Engine 5 development tools made available by Epic Games.


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Don’t get me wrong, the simple presentation of Axie Infinity and even the Mincecraft style exhibited in The Sandbox is fun and quirky. However, we want more going into the future.

We as gamers want experiences like Cyberpunk 2077, Grand Theft Auto and Battlefield. Super realistic gameplay and cutscenes that throw you into the world of the game you are playing.

Time will tell on this one, but the future sure is bright. Games like Phantom Galaxies, Illuvium and Star Atlas are promising upcoming blockchain gaming projects. The past will be the past once gamers divert their attention to these more higher end projects.

Lack of education?

This argument is brought up a lot however in 2023, blockchain list education is far from sparse.

The world’s largest exchanges offer incentivised learning experiences for those new to Web3, crypto whatever you wish to label it. Courses on their platforms are simple to follow with interactive learning throughout.

As a reward for learning and completing the modules you are given your very own crypto or NFTs depending on the topics.

Of course if you were to complete the lessons and you still are not convinced for whatever reason then there is no issue. But many have argued they do not understand Web3 without giving it some thought.

Overall it is a cutting edge development not only in finance, but the whole entertainment industry! As gamers, looking for the next cool thing to delve into is part and parcel of gaming after all…

2023 should hopefully be the year we see more mass adoption of Web3 into gaming. Sony, Microsoft and many others are making plans, so what’s holding you back?

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