Why Does My iPhone Keep Dimming? 

Your iPhone display is constantly dimming and you’re not sure why. If you try turning the brightness of your screen up it seems that your iPhone will dim once more. In this post I’ll describe the reasons your iPhone continues to dim and help you solve the issue for good!

Why Your iPhone Keeps Dimming

A lot of the time your iPhone will dim when Auto-Brightness has been turned on. Auto-Brightness is a function that automatically adjusts the brightness of the iPhone screen in accordance with the lighting conditions in your surroundings.

When it gets dark the Auto-Brightness feature will make you iPhone display darker, so that your eyes don’t get distracted by what you’re looking towards on screen. If you’re at the sea on an bright, sunny day, Auto Brightness will typically increase the brightness of the iPhone display appear as vibrant as it can be so that you’ll be able to clearly observe what’s happening on your screen!

You’ll need to disable Auto-Brightness in case your iPhone has a problem with dimming, and you’d like it to stop. Open Settings and tap Accessibility -> Display & Text Size. Turn off the switch on the right side of the Auto-Brightness.

Apple states that turning off Auto Brightness could impact the battery life of your iPhone. In essence, if you keep your iPhone’s brightness at its maximum throughout the day, it will consume more battery than if you kept your phone at a lower brightness throughout the day. Read our other article for further iPhone batteries tips which will help to prolong the life of your battery!

Troubleshoot the True Tone Option

The most recent iphones (iPhone 8 and higher) are able to alter the display’s color temperature and intensity in accordance with your space’s light. This is referred to as “True Tone.” But it’s a bit hit or miss, particularly when you’re constantly moving.

You can turn off True Tone to keep your display’s style uniform and to keep it from fluctuating. To do this, open Settings and then go through Display & Brightness. After that, tap the toggle next to “True Tone” to disable it.

Disable Night Shift

Night Shift is a different setting that may be hindering the brightness of your screen. It makes your screen’s colors warmer , so they’re more comfortable to read during the night. However, when it takes the picture, your phone’s screen could appear dimmer than usual.

You can turn off Night Shift to see whether it resolves the brightness issues on your phone. Navigate to Settings > Display and Brightness and then tap “Night Shift.”

In the “Night Shift” settings, remove the switch in”Scheduled” to turn off the “Scheduled” option to opt out of the “Night Shift” mode.

Upgrade iOS Version to stop your iPhone screen from becoming dimming

If your iPhone was not dropped accidentally and you’re pretty certain it’s a software issue or issue, then updating the iOS to the most recent version may assist. A new version of the software could resolve a variety of small bugs, like this. Make sure you connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi and ensure your charger is working or at a minimum has 50% battery . Also, look for any updates.

Launch Settings. Open the Setting app.

Tap on General.

Click on Software Update.

If there’s an upcoming update, download and installit.

Force Restart iPhone

iPhone display dims during video games as well iPhone screens dim when you watch Netflix when in the same situation, restarting the iPhone will aid.

For iPhone 8 or Later,

Release the button quickly and press again. volume up button.

Release the button quickly and press again. Control Down key.

Hold on the side button till the Apple logo is displayed.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus,

Hold and press the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously till the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, or Earlier,

Hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until an Apple logo is displayed on screen.

Reset All Settings

Reset all Settings is one way to solve the issue and find the answer to what is causing my iPhone’s screen keeps dimming with auto-brightness turned off or how can prevent my iPhone from automatically dimming. While it resets all settings to default but personal information will not be erased.

Steps to Reset Network Settings in iOS 15 and Later Version:-

Step #1: Open up ” Settings“.

Step 2: Open ” General” and then tap ” Transfer or Reset iPhone“.

Step #3: Lastly, tap ” Reset” > ” Reset Network Settings

Enter your iPhone Passcode to lock and try Rebooting your device after completing.

General Things to Consider for iPhones

If none of these techniques work, you could be experiencing faulty hardware or the mobile accessory you use.

Do Not Use Aftermarket Screens

Suppose you own a mobile that just had its screen replaced by an alternative from the market. If your screen is getting dim and does not reach bright, it could be likely to be due to its quality. screen you’ve installed.

Particularly for major brands such as Samsung and iPhone There are many options for aftermarket screens that are readily available. We suggest buying the original screens only.

Check Your Ambient Light Sensor

The sensor is a part in your device which detects ambient light and regulates the brightness of the device.

If all solutions have not worked in your case, you’re advised to bring it to a repair facility to examine this component. The most common causes are blockages and dust. the most common causes of sensor’s malfunction.

Check Your Battery Health

Improper battery fluctuation can cause the display to dim. These problems typically occur with a short time of runtime following charging, the phone turning off abruptly, temperatures climbing significantly, etc.

Make sure to have a repair center examine the battery in case these problems arise; fixing the battery can resolve these issues, as well as the dimming issue.