USSD Codes List For All Networks/Operators

Each operator has their specific USSD code, whether it’s Airtel or VI Jio, BSNL. There is a clear distinction among the codes offered by the different telecom operators however, some...
USSD Codes List For All Networks/Operators

Each operator has their specific USSD code, whether it’s Airtel or VI Jio, BSNL. There is a clear distinction among the codes offered by the different telecom operators however, some may be similar in terms of user-friendliness. However, as the majority of USSD codes are distinct, consumers are likely to be confused and may use different applications from different telecom operators. This is the most common issue for users who have dual SIM phones.

It is not a secret that apps aren’t the best option. However having several apps to give you information regarding your balance or recharge plan details can be quite troublesome. This is why USSD Code for all the service providers like Airtel, BSNL, Jio and VI have proved to be helpful.

In this post, we’ve provided a list of the best and most helpful USSD codes you need to be aware of to find out information about your plans or balance information.

What is USSD codes?

It is generally accepted that USSD codes can be described as “Quick Codes” which are pre-defined numbers that customers can use to send information in response. In return the system of the carrier network will send a text message that contains the information requested. The ideal scenario is that every telecom company has an inventory of USSD codes. We have however compiled the most helpful USSD codes of BSNL, Airtel, Vi and Jio.

Airtel USSD Codes 2022

S/N Check Details Airtel USSD Codes
1 Balance Check Balance Check USSD Code *123#
2 Number Verify USSD Code *282#
3 4.G Balance Check Data Code *121*2#, and Reply with “1”
4 Airtel Customer Care Contact Number 198
5 Complaint No. 121
6 Go through Airtel Unlimited Packs *121*1#
7 Check Coupons and Offers *121#
8 The Plan Validity Check code *123#
9 Check Codes for Data Charges *121*7*5#
10 Postpaid Current Bill Plan Check Text “”BP”” To 121
11 Postpaid Due/Pending Amount/Check Text message “”OT”” To 121
12 Airtel Postpaid Bill Check for Payment Send SMS “”PMT”” To 121
13 Postpaid Current Plan Usage Check Send SMS “”UNB”” To 121

Jio USSD Codes 2022


S/N Check Details Jio USSD Codes
1 Know the balance and talktime *333#
2 Know the number Dial *1#
3 Review the data usage of 4G MBAL to 55333
4 Verify balance of prepaid card and validity Send SMS BAL (BAL) to 199
5 Be aware of the amount of your bill SMS BILL TO 199
6 Review the tariff plan in effect SMS MYPLAN to the number 199
7 Active 4G data Call 1925 or send a text START to 1925
8 Check the balance of your net use MyJio app
9 Remove Jio Caller Tune *333*3*1*2#
10 Be aware of the Jio the number for JioFi device Text JIO in SMS to 199
11 Main Menu for Postpaid *222# and *111#
12 Starting Jio’s Postpaid Miss Call Service *123*30#

Vi Codes for USSD 2022

S/N Check Details Vi USSD Codes
1 Balance Check *199*2*1#
2 Check the Vi Recharge Discounts *199*1*7#
3 Disable Vi DND Service STOP 0 to 1909
4 To activate Vi DND Service 1909
5 V Data Balance Check Check Code *199*2*2#
6 Through 2G/3G/4G Data Offers, Verify Coupon *199*1*3#
7 Vi Mobile Number Check Code *111*2# | *131*1#
8 Download Vi Mobile App *199*4#
9 Vi APN Settings *199*2*2#
10 Vi Customer Care Phone 199
11 Start Vi Value Added Service (VAS) *199*3*1#
12 Check Vi Voice, SMS, Roaming Offers *199*1*8#

BSNL USSD Codes 2022

S/N Check details BSNL USSD Code
1 BSNL Net Balance Code *124#
2 BSNL Balance Check *123#
3 BSNL 3G Net Balance Check *112#
4 BSNL 2G Net Balance Check *123*6# and *123*10#
5 BSNL SMS Check *123*1#
6 BSNL night data balance check code *123*8#
7 Internet Enquiry BSNL Numer *234#
8 BSNL Video Call Balance Checking Code *123*9#
9 4G Data Balance Check Balance of 4G data *124*2#


In Aircel using his USSD code list , you are able to verify your phone number, check your balance as well as deals, GPRS data, available minutes and SMS. This is the list of Aircel USSD codes.



*1# (or *234*4#) Check Your Personal Number
*125# and *127# Balance Check
*126*1#, or *126*4# Data from GPRS
*123# Minutes available and SMS


AT&T U.S.SD codes (USA)

Pay a bill – English Code = *729# Spanish Code : *72427#
You must pay the entire payment due including the outstanding balance. – English = (*PAY#) Spanish = (*PAGAR#)
Review remaining data and messages balance English equals *3282# Spanish (DATA#) *3286#
Verify your balance of minutes remaining English equals *646# Spanish is (MIN#) 876#
Check balance, determine the date of your next bill due the last payment you made – English equals *225# Spanish is 725#
Verify the status of your order – English is *6737#
Verify your eligibility for an upgrade to upgrade your eligibility. English is *6737# AT&T USSD Codes

UNINOR USSD Codes Listing

Uninor Codes lists help you find the balance and verify SIM card’s number. These are the two codes available for Uninor.



*222*2# Balance Check
*222*4# Check the SIM Card Number


Bell Canada USSD Codes – (Canada)

Call Answer Bell Canada

  • *98 for accessing messages and setting.
  • Change the value of *94 in order to alter the number of rings
  • *90 for messages to be taken in the event that the line is full.
  • *92 to receive messages if you don’t respond.

Call Returns to Busy Calls – Bell Canada

  • *66 to track the busy line and notify you when the line is free.
  • *02 to turn on the Busy Call Return service on or off.

Verizon USSD Codes (USA)

#BAL (#225) = Check your balance
#DATA (#3282) = Check your data usage
#MIN (#646) = Check your minutes
#PMT (#768) = Make an installment
#ROAD (#7623) = Request roadside assistance
#UPG (#874) = Make sure you check your upgrade details
#832 = Take an experiment phone
*611 = call Verizon Customer Service
*67 + 10-digit number. Block Caller ID for one call
*71 + 10-digit number. (mobile phone will first ring)
*72 + 10 digits phone number. Transfer all calls right away (mobile phone won’t be ringing)


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