Every year for maaaaad years, Brooklyn’s own Uncle Murda has been serving the masses with straight to the gut lines that gets your favorite celebrity in their feelings…like want to beat him up feelings. For some reason, Murda has overcome whatever malice that may come his way and now has the anticipation for his hardcore view on Ye, Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez, Britteny Grindner, Irv Gotti, and even added the death of Barbara Walters to the mix! Talk about going down to the wire with that last one.

A few days ago, to promote the upcoming release, Murda posted an Instagram reel that rattled off almost all of the names that are included in the slander single. As Murda sits in the studio saying certain celebs names, the vid cuts to that menancing Star Wars type music to let you know that the hammer is coming down on those listed.

The multiple beat flips over the 15-minute non-stop rap run keeps the adrenaline of the fire fest on flaming hot. There are so many one liners that will have you laughing, that you’ll miss the next hilarious line if you cackle too long. We won’t spoil the gags for you with mentions, so just listen below to the next installment of Uncle Murda’s holiday hitman anniversary music. Enjoy below.

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