Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android

Smartphones can aid us in many ways to help us stay fit. From sleep monitoring apps to ensure restful sleep, to fitness tracker apps that track your fitness, it’s the Play Store...
Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android

Smartphones can aid us in many ways to help us stay fit. From sleep monitoring apps to ensure restful sleep, to fitness tracker apps that track your fitness, it’s the Play Store has it all. No matter if you have an active gym membership or train from your home The following list of top fitness apps available on Android will definitely help you lead a healthy life.

Android smartphones come with a broad variety of sensors that provide valuable information on our exercise routines. Because of these sensors fitness apps on Android will help us keep the track of our performance.

These applications collect the data from sensors and provide us important information to aid us in losing weight, build muscles and maintain an active lifestyle. They also include training regimens that will help you in your home exercise routine.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Pricing:Free / $59.99 per year

It’s one of the simpler fitness apps available that are available on the Play Store. It’s easy to set up after which, once you’re logged registered, you’ll can access a variety of apps that target specific areas of the body or specific goals. The workouts are simple to follow, , even if you’re new to the fitness program world. It also has a section where you can note your progress, whether it your workouts or weight loss/gain. Overall it’s an excellent application, but you’ll likely prefer to use it as an alternative to other. At $60 per year It’s not cheap, and you’ll need to shell out a few dollars to get an individual plan.


Cost:Free / $99.99 per year

FitOn is a renowned fitness and workout app that comes with a variety of features. After a thorough process of setting up you’ll be greeted with an array of programs that cover HIIT exercises, strength training meditation, and many more. A majority the workouts offered are completely free however, in order to access specific programs or download the videos offline, you’ll require a premium account. FitOn can also be integrated into Google Fit for those who wish to connect their Heart Points as well as various social features that can assist you in keeping your motivation up with your peers.


Price:Free / $5.99

FitNotes is a well-known and easy gym workout log application for gym workouts. It allows you to keep track of virtually every workout. It includes running, cardio and the resistance (strength) exercises as well as other exercises. It is possible to customize the experience according to your preferences, and the app has an array of workouts on its own. The app also has an option for a calendar along with backup and restore options. The UI is easy enough and looks nice. This is great for those that already follow a regular workout routine but need to keep track of it. The features are completely free, which makes it one of the top free workout apps for mobile. There’s also an $5.99 pro version to help the creator.

JEFIT Workout Tracker

Cost:Free / $6.99 per month or $39.99 per year

JEFIT Workout Tracker is a one-stop solution. It has tools to track your different exercises as well as your exercises routines. It includes video tutorials for more than 1,300 exercises including a rest-timer as well as an interval timer body measurement logs as well as an exercise planner. It also allows for more advanced features like supersets. There are workout routines that can be used by intermediate, beginner and advanced users. We’re not too keen on the monthly subscription fees, but you get a good amount of functionality at no cost. In addition, a slightly organised UI could be useful for people who aren’t familiar with the program. In any case, it’s a great exercise app that does a lot of options.

Adidas Runtastic

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month $49.99 for the year

Runtastic is a great fitness tracker for Android which anyone can download who enjoys exercising regularly. It makes use of GPS to monitor your walking, running biking, and jogging paths. Runtastic makes use of this data to produce elaborate graphs and tables that show your improvement. You can also utilize the program on a treadmill or any other fitness equipment.

Furthermore, it offers live tracking, voice coaching as well as cheering and setting up running goals. It is compatible with Google’s WearOS and lets you post your accomplishments with your friends on Facebook as well as Twitter directly through your smartwatch.

The app is completely free. It includes ads, as well as in-app purchases.

Google Fit – Fitness App for Android

Price: Free

Google Fit is a great fitness tracker app created by Google. It makes use of sensors on an activity tracker for the user or mobile devices to track fitness-related actions. It can track your speed as well as your pace, speed, routes and elevation. and provide you with the latest statistics of your walking, running, and riding activities.

It is also possible to set different goals for your daily steps and distance, time, and calorie burning. This app for exercising is ideal for workouts at home, and it is completely integrated with WearOS. In addition, this activity tracking app allows you to integrate data and sync it with other fitness apps too.

What is it that makes Google Fit a robust competitor one of the top fitness apps is that it doesn’t have any paid version. Additionally, you won’t be able to see ads and in-app buys.

Nike Training Club – – Fitness App for Android

Price: Free

As with Google Fit, Nike Training Club is also among the most popular Android fitness apps that is totally free and free of ads or in-app purchase. It offers more than 160 free workouts focused on endurance, strength, mobility, and has three difficulty levels.

In addition the app for fitness tracking includes a variety of targeted exercises that focus on your triceps, abs shoulders, and various other body areas. It is possible to stream it on televisions by using Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable. Additionally, this application for tracking exercise allows users to keep tabs on your workouts and record other activities , such as spinning, running or playing basketball.

Download Nike Training Club

Strava GPS: Running, Cycling and Activity Tracker

Price: Free/ $7.99 per month $59.99 for the year

There’s no doubt that Strava is among the most effective workout apps on Android which lets you track your runs, plot routes for cycling and track your progress by analyzing all the data. One of the most exciting aspects of Strava is the fact that it has an official leaderboard that lets you test yourself or compete against other Strava users.

Strava comes with an GPS distance tracker as well as a mile counter. If you purchase Premium version you’ll be able to go to triathlon or marathon training. Strava can be an ideal option for cyclist. You will be able to connect to the largest trail and road network, and discover new routes to your cycling or running. It’s free, with no advertisements and includes in-app purchases.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month $49.99 for the year

Calorie Counter is one of the most effective fitness apps that can aid in losing weight. It lets you accomplish this by tracking the food you consume throughout the day.

Its database is huge with more than six millions items that includes global foods and food items. You can also include the foods you eat in a manual manner or with scan barcodes. It is comprised of recipe importers, restaurant logs food insights and calorie counters, among others.

You can pick from over 350 exercises, or design your own workouts and activities. It also allows users to set goals and track your progress. The app is free , and has ads and in-app purchase.

Home Workout – No Equipment

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month $49.99 for the year

Home Workouts can help you get stronger and fit at home without having to go into the fitness center. It has over 100 in-depth videos and animations. Each workout is developed by professionals and focus on specific areas like abs, chest and legs, as well as full-body exercises.

Other features include stretching and warming up regimens as well as progress report personalized workout reminders and charts. Additionally, you can design your personal workout routine. The app is completely free and includes ads as well as in-app purchases.

Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month or $39.99 per year

Runkeeper is a full-featured fitness tracker application available for Android which has more than fifty million people using it. It utilizes GPS-equipped mobile phones to monitor fitness-related activities and provide similar results. Runkeeper is able to calculate the pace of running cycle speed, speed on the road, distance and elevation as well as calorie burned accurately. It lets users look up a full timeline of all the activities.

Additionally, you can use the training plan exercises or create your own by using audio-based coaching. The application is free and ads-supported as well as some in-app purchases. You can also pair it alongside WearOS smartwatches to keep track of all your statistics. Runkeeper comes with widget support.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

Price: Free/ $5.99 per month $29.99 for the year

MapMyFitness lets you track each workout and also receive feedback and stats that can help you improve your performance. It covers more than 600 kinds of tracking activities like cycling, running walking, gym workouts yoga, cross-training, yoga and more.

Additionally, you can receive audio feedback for each GPS-tracked workout with the option of modifying feedback via voice. Additionally, you can do the ability to count calories, track nutrition diet plans, diet tracking, and weight tracking.

Routes can help you discover nearby areas to explore and save your preferred routes. Additionally, you can share your information with friends and family members. The app is free , but it comes with advertisements and in-app purchase. To get rid of ads, you have the option to join a premium membership and gain access to other useful features in the application.


Pricing:Free / $9.99 per month $49.99 per year

MyFitnessPal is a different all-in-one program for exercise and fitness. This app does it all. This includes keeping track of your exercise as well as providing exercises, helping you track calories (with assistance for different diets) It also connects with more than 50 other exercise equipment and apps. Of course, this implies there’s likely to be plenty of data that you do not require. It also tracks things like water intake and steps. You can manage virtually everything that is fitness-related on this site. If you’re planning to upgrade your fitness equipment we suggest you look into using the $49.99 per year plan. It’s considerably less expensive than its basic $9.99 per month, over time.

Runtastic workout applications

Price:Free / Varies

Runtastic (owned by Adidas) is among the most well-known running apps for mobile. But, the company also creates other kinds of fitness apps. Their growing selection now includes cycling on roads and a step counter sleep tracker, as well as different apps to help with abs, push-ups, butt and heart rate tracking and all sorts of other activities. The primary application is a top choice to keep track of your running. The rest are superior in what they can do also. Certain apps are free, others require only one payment as well as some that belong to the Runtastic subscription service. It’s a great selection of exercise applications.


Cost:Free / $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year

Seven is definitely one of the most effective seven-minute exercise applications. It provides a good selection of workouts for seven minutes, that requires no equipment. Furthermore the UI looks nice and includes a game element. Every person can live three times. You lose a life if you skip a day. People who miss three days are unable to recover their progress. The app includes 200 exercises, as well as the capability to complete several seven-minute circuits at the same time. It’s user-friendly, efficient and some of it’s even cost-free. However, you’ll need to pay to enjoy all the great features, however.

Stronglifts 5×5

Cost:Free / $9.99 per 3 months/ $19.99 per year

Stronglifts 5×5 is an endurance training application that incorporates the 5×5 exercise method. The app records your exercises and provides you with an exercise plan and has support to Wear OS. The workout routines are created to be effective. Furthermore, the app comes with an auto-backup feature that automatically copies your data to the cloud, in case you change devices. Additionally, you get a nice user interface that is simple and easy to use, as well as a lot of tracking features too. It’s a great exercise app, and one which isn’t overly expensive. The three-month subscriptions are somewhat odd however they’re cheaper than the majority of fitness apps that require subscriptions.

You Are Your Own Gym

Price: $4.99

You Are Your Own Gym You Are Your Own Gym is among the top exercise apps with no equipment prerequisites. It includes a wide range of exercises can be done anywhere, and workout plans that can increase your performance. The program is based on the best-selling book written by Mark Lauren who used it to teach many soldiers. It contains more than 200 exercises, videos demonstrations of each and workout plans which incorporate the majority of the exercises. Additionally, there are a number of other workout routines for novices, intermediates and advanced users as app purchases on a separate basis that can cost up to $24.99. It’s a bit expensive however, you can purchase these at any time since there is no cost for subscriptions for this program. We really enjoyed it.

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