Top 10 Best Torrent Downloader For Android

The massive databases of torrent sites have nearly every type of file you’ll ever need. Though it’s a hub of content pirated, it also has a variety of legal ways...
Top 10 Best Torrent Downloader For Android

The massive databases of torrent sites have nearly every type of file you’ll ever need. Though it’s a hub of content pirated, it also has a variety of legal ways to use torrents and several legal websites for downloading torrents. We have therefore come up with an extensive listing of Android Torrent Apps that you might be interested in.

The torrent websites have been on the surveillance of law enforcement agencies for long and we’ve witnessed the shut down of several major torrent sites. Yet, there’s an abundance of active sites for torrents operating. Make sure to check out our review of the top torrent sites to visit in 2022 to find the top sites to find the right content.

To access torrent files, we require the torrent client to our gadget. We are all acquainted with PC torrent clients such as uTorrent and BitTorrent however, there is a way to download the preferred torrents to your mobile too.

If you’re looking for an efficient torrent downloader on Android this article can assist you in selecting the most efficient Android torrent application.

uTorrent – Android Torrent App

Price:Free / $2.99-$3.99

uTorrent is said to be among the top torrent applications for Android and has more than 100 million downloaded. It is possible to open an online search for torrents, that supports magnet links and limit the amount of torrents that are active at any one time. It is possible to save multiple torrents to play simultaneously in a playlist. It comes with an integrated music library and media player to play videos and your music.

Additionally the Android torrent application displays detail the upload and download speeds. It supports RSS subscriptions as well as WiFi only mode and it also lets you choose the location of your download. In addition, you are able to upload the files you created, like videos, photos, and so on.

It’s free, but includes advertisements. There is however an upgraded version with no ads and in-app purchases.

LibreTorrent- Android Torrent App


LibreTorrent isn’t as well-designed as other apps, but it does provide all the essential features required for downloading torrents. It has a simple look and feel thanks to its Material Design-based UI. It is also possible to switch between an ominous to a dark theme, based on your device’s preferences.

It’s an Android version of the client libtorrent. It also provides advanced options, such as setting the use of networks, Wi-Fi-only mode download priority as well as scheduling and streaming. The best part is that it’s completely free of ads and other nick food items.

BitTorrent(r)- Torrent Downloads

Another well-known and trusted torrent application for all Android users! The simplicity of the features and user-friendly is one of the best features of this application. It also has a lot of success with regard to compatibility. The cross-platform compatibility feature gives users the ability to install on any OS.

The interface of the app is very light, which allows users to locate torrent downloads quickly. Support for multiple languages is another benefit offered by the program that could delight you.

You can alter the language to your own for a simple navigation. The app allows users to download the app using a magnet as well as fast magnet links. It is also an effective app for use.


Flud – Torrent Downloader

Through this app you can search every piece of content in the world and locate it using autofill functions. Downloading content is easy to do. The content is displayed within the app that are based on genres. Simple UI and user-friendly features allow it to be used by everyone.

Users are able to access magnet links as well as HTTPS links to download content. Additionally you are able to select the file type prior to downloading it. What makes it safer is IP encryption and filtering while downloading.

tTorrent Lite – Torrent Client

If you are looking for a light application, tTorrent Lite is the ideal choice, with its simple features. But, it also comes with a variety of robust features. One thing that might be impressive will be the bar that you can use. The toolbar recognizes the user’s needs. The app’s control is easier.

Users who haven’t previously used the app have the option of using the app with no instructions. The app comes with both a pro and free version. The Pro version has additional functions and features. Sequential downloading is useful to users who have large files downloading. tTorrent can also allow multiple files to be download at once.

Advanced Download Manager & Torrent Downloader

It’s a torrent download manager which gives users instant access to torrents. The process of downloading files is easy and quick. When you download this app it is easy to download multiple video files at once.

The user-friendliness of the app is simple to attain. There aren’t any annoying advertisements or commercials that can bother you.

Additionally, there is no size limit nor limitation on downloads for the users. You are able to download as much as you like. Advanced download manager utilizes multi-threading technology to download massive files. It splits these files in nine components to speed up downloads.

MediaGet – Torrent Client

This is an extremely strong torrent application designed for Android users. It’s user-friendly and simple to use. The wide variety of functions makes the app fascinating.

What you’ll get is a simple and fast downloading of your most loved television show, movie as well as music and games.

The user interface of this application is compatible with different devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Users can also download content via magnet links through this application. With multiple downloads you can choose certain files and stop downloads.

However, ads might be displayed in the app when you are using it.

1DM: Adblock Browser, Video & Torrent Downloader

The 1DM application is created to run at a speed of 500% faster than other app. The use of 1DM is an enjoyable experience. It is a no-cost torrent downloader with basic features and a minimalist user interface. It has all of your favourite content to download.

The engine of the app is extremely powerful. It’s like Google’s Google search engine, which can find the content you want in just a click. The app splits files into sixteen pieces to facilitate a fast and easy download.


aTorrent is a platform that is free that comes with many options. The application is simple to use and allows free and error-free downloads in just one go.

Android users can enjoy the app’s smooth operation app , without draining a much battery. aTorrent supports downloading files via magnet and direct links.

Furthermore, it has an advanced user interface. Additionally, there are a variety of tools to facilitate effortless use. But, users might encounter advertisements within the app.


FrostWire can be described as an app that competes. It puts up a good fight to the other popular apps listed on this list. It’s packed with beneficial features.

If you want to download torrents this application is enough, since there is no additional application to locate information. In addition, the application is an audio player and media library and a file Explorer.

This provides convenience to users who are working. There is no limit when downloading, both in terms of number and format. Download any file format you’d like.


It’s an advanced mobile application developed by Tap Mobile. It supports every feature that any user might want. It’s accessible and free on all Android devices. WeTorrent is light and doesn’t alter the performance or battery duration of the phone.


Z Torrent

It is among the most popular applications for torrent download. Works on nearly all Android devices with no compromise.

There’s the power management feature which maximizes battery usage to not cause harm to the phone’s battery. The users are able to quickly get familiar with all functions.

The UI is easy to navigate. Peer exchange technology is the main feature of the application that supports the fastest file sharing. There are no limitations for downloads of files with Z torrent.

In addition, the application is also respectful of privacy and doesn’t access any unneeded data.


BiglyBT is completely ad-free! Most of the free platforms are ad-supported However, this is an advantage you have with this one. The app is designed for tablets, phones as well as Chromebooks.

You can also install it with you Android TV by downloading it via the Google Play Store. Swarm merging is an option of this application that allows the speedier downloading of torrents.

The application is also capable of repair the torrent without seeds. File management is easy with this application. You can choose and organize the files when downloading many files. Users can also monitor the actual progress of the downloading.

Torrent Downloader

It’s a free app for Android users. There are many options that are very amazing. It comes with a sophisticated download manager. It allows you to organize your documents prior to downloading them.

There is no limit on speed or download limits. Anyone can download video files through this application. Users also have the option of setting the location for downloads. It is possible to store videos on the external storage.

Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze is another robust app that is available in both premium and free versions. The premium version includes additional features to ensure greater user-friendliness.

Users can use all Bit torrent-based clients via Android devices. The version that is free comes with ads in-app which may be annoying.

The app can save battery when it is running by consuming a small amount of resources that run in the background. Vuze does not have any negative impact on performance of your phone.

It’s responsive and gives speedier download speeds than competitors.


You could also test ADownloader because it comes with some appealing features. Video preview support is among the most talked about aspects of this application.

When downloading a file you will be able to determine if you’re comfortable with the high-quality or non. Similar to other Android torrent downloading apps, ADownloader lets you speedily download torrents.

Large files downloaded from this app are split into pieces to make it easy to download.

Movie Downloader

It’s an excellent application that gives you access to current and popular movies on other platforms. It is a torrent downloader and the app has proven to be extremely popular among users. It makes it simple to search for movies and downloads in a flash. Anyone from any country can download this application.

Downloadable files are available in every format. There is no limit on the size or data when downloading.

The application also permits users to stream exclusive accessible content directly to your device.

Torrent Downloader by Cash app

Another torrent download that is made available by The Cash application. It’s a good application for large-sized film and file downloading. It splits the downloaded files into multiple sections to allow rapid and simple downloading to you.

The theme and the user interface of the app are fascinating. The light theme is popular with users, and UI is easy to use. The apps run well with a an extremely stable internet connection.

There’s no limit to downloading; users are able to sort torrent files according to specific categories. File sharing is yet another feature in this application.

Torrent Downloader Lite

It lets you do a simple download that takes just one touch. It can be used with all torrent software. Users can stop, start and pause downloading.

After restarting the download process, it will not decrease. The app is optimized to work on any type of device, including tablets as well as Android TV. It’s a completely free application.

But, advertisements may annoy you. Users can download torrent files via HTTP websites, the internet, and magnet websites. It is also possible to download several files simultaneously.

There’s no effect from this application on phones It also does not use a lot of battery.

Free All Movie Downloader-Torrent

Download for free All Movie Downloader works with all torrent clients. It’s a robust and efficient application. It works well on all kinds types of gadgets, such as tablets as well as Android TV.

Large files can be downloaded in a flash The app also comes with an efficient search engine. You can search for all of your favourite content it will give the results of torrent. With this application, you will also be able to find categories.

It also includes top-rated, trending new, popular, and other categories. There is no limit to downloading torrent files.

Torrent Lite (Dark Mode)

This application is well-known for its attractive and dark theme. It doesn’t use a lot of power for its dark theme. It’s easy to use and effective.

It is compatible with all Bit torrent clients. The name suggests that it’s a light application. It does not take up much space on the phone’s memory and won’t impact the phone’s performance.

This application has no limitation on speed, so users can download and download as many files as you like. Users are also able choose the location in which they would like the file to be stored. Users can also access magnet links from any browser.

HyperTorrent Lite

HyperTorrent Lite is a basic BitTorrent downloader. It lets you download without speed limitations and downloading limitations. The interface of the app is minimalist and materialistic.

Users can choose from three kinds of themes available in the application. The dark and black themes are the most popular, while the lighter theme looks stunning too.

There are adjustable settings available within this application that allow users to change the UI settings in order to save battery.

The encryption support is strong. Filtering IP allows users to obtain maximum security when downloading. The large files that are part of the app are divided for speedy download.


It is an torrent streamer as well as a downloader. The users of this app are able to stream online content and download them for offline viewing. It’s like your own private OTT platform.

This application works with all BitTorrent clients. Users can also upload files to chrome cast so that they can stream while downloading.

A few of the best features allow you to download any type of file type and in any format.

The app is simple in its interface and comes with integrated player support to allow immediate streaming. As a default, users will receive streaming via Wi-Fi only, but you can access settings to alter it.

Captain Torrent Downloader

It is a quick torrent downloader from Bit torrent protocols. The process of downloading torrent files is easy using this app. The app is clean with a user interface that anyone can comprehend.

Additionally, it’s designed for tablets, smartphones and Android TV.

Captain Torrent can also be safe and reliable thanks to security encryption as well as IP filtering. Users are able to download multiple files in a single session.

The app uses less battery power and doesn’t impact the phone’s capabilities. Users can also browse files directly in the app.

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