Top 10 Best Simulation Games For Android

Simulation games are one the most popular and expansive game genres. Because the tap-and swipe controls are easy to use on mobile, it’s also one the most loved game genres. These...

Simulation games are one the most popular and expansive game genres. Because the tap-and swipe controls are easy to use on mobile, it’s also one the most loved game genres. These games are fun and easy to use, as well as being long-lasting. Simulator games are easy to explain. You just have to make decisions and things will happen. It’s a way to imitate a particular activity.

The problem is the size of the simulation genre. Virtually anything can be simulated, so there are many subgenres like flight sims and life sims. It is difficult to create the best list because there are so many options across so many topics. We’ll still do our best. These are the top simulation games for Android.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free

One of the best simulator flying games is Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free. It is equipped with very beautiful graphics and flawless gameplay. It provides interesting racing events and many tasks to complete, both offline or online. It supports almost all smart Android devices and can be played with numerous different controllers.

Important Features

As you progress to higher levels, you will be able to complete exciting missions and difficult tasks.

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Bus driving simulator games are always very interesting and challenging to cope with. Bus Simulator is among the very few free games with premium features and updated graphics. It is integrated with many missions and exciting tasks. The online player ranking makes it more interesting to play.

Important Features

It provides a more realistic environment and maps for an enhanced experience.

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Bus Games Free

Want to try a bus driving game? Then meet Bus Game, one of the most played simulation games for Android. It is very exciting and addictive. You can drive over the big city to keep an eye on if the traffic rules are maintained and if you are hitting other vehicles and people. So, you must guess how exciting it will be.

Important Features

Amazing graphics and 3D video quality. Provides an exciting and motivating musical experience. You can play it offline, so you can access it from anywhere. There are many routes you can take in a big city. Smooth control of the bus driver.

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Taxi Sim

If you want to enjoy the experience of a virtual taxi driver, then Taxi Sim is for you. You know, it is one of the most popular taxi driving simulation games for android. It provides a good number of city routes for you to explore. You can transport people and enjoy exploring the town. It is addictive and very exciting too.

Important Features

It offers the best cities to visit, such as New York, London and Moscow. To activate the multiplayer mode, you can play it together with your friends. It has amazing graphics and excellent sound quality. Taxies can be selected from many cars from different countries. It allows for smooth and simple control of the cars.

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Bridge simulator

Do you love the virtual engineering experience? Then try the Bridge construction simulator. It is another great Android simulation game. It is easy to play at the beginning, but it begins to be hard after a while. In this game, you are a builder or constructor who has to build a bridge in different cities, mountains, valleys, etc. Puzzles are given for different levels in this game too.

Important Features

You can enjoy satisfying visual effects and soothing music. There are many places where you can build bridges. There are many levels to choose from, each one being harder or easier. There are many exciting puzzles that you can solve. Includes special spectacular effects. Unlimitless hints and Undo.

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Fallout shelter

Fallout shelter is another stunning simulation game for Android. It is a very exciting and challenging game with amazing HD video quality and physics. It is like a vault-building game. You can experience a lot of advantages, challenging levels, survival loots, and so on. Hopefully, you will enjoy this game a lot.

Important Features

It offers lots of fun gameplay. A sound system that perfectly matches the game’s mood. Features amusing visual effects, physics and more. You must protect and build your vault to prevent looting. Explore the amazing Wasteland environment. This adventure game gives you the feeling of being on an adventure.

FPV Freerider

Price: $2.99

FPV Freerider, one of the most popular mobile simulation games, is one of the drier. Although it doesn’t have as many things to do, it excels at what it does. It is a flight simulator that can be used with drones. It allows for both first-person view and line of sight while you fly, giving the game an intense feel. You can fly around, do fun trucks, or take off. You can also use hardware controllers in the game. To maintain high frame rates and high-resolution graphics, you will need a faster phone. However, it is possible to turn down the graphics to increase frame rates. It also lists other controllers that players have found useful. The app costs $2.99 and does not include any ads or in-app purchases. PicaSim is another great choice for RC aircraft flight simulations.

Game Dev Tycoon

Price: $4.99

Game Dev Tycoon, one of the newest simulation games available on mobile, is Game Dev Tycoon. Although technically it is a port of PC’s game, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. You begin with nothing, and gradually build up a large game studio. You learn new skills, make different decisions, and sell the best games. It is one of the few sim game games for game developers. This one appears to tick all the right boxes. This is a rare pay-once title that doesn’t require in-app purchases. Mobile version features a piracy mode and an updated storyline. Touch screen controls are also available. You can also play this game for free if you have Google Play Pass.


Price :Free/ Variables

Kairosoft, a Google Play developer and one of the most respected mobile simulation developers is Kairosoft. The developer’s portfolio includes Grand Prix Story 2 (racing sim), Dream House Days, Cafeteria Nipponica (cooking sims), Cafeteria Nipponica (restaurant sims), Game Dev Story and The Manga Works (publisher simulator), among others. Many of the premium games cost $5.49, while some may be free. You can’t go wrong if you use any of the retro-style graphics or similar mechanics.

Mini Metro

Price: $0.99

Mini Metro is a retro-style simulator for subways. The game lets players design a subway map of a new city. To create something smooth and on-time, you must overcome many obstacles. Each game is unique because the city you are developing grows randomly. The game also includes many upgrades, an endless mode that allows you to relax and chill, as well as an extreme mode that adds some extra challenges. Although the graphics are not spectacular, this game is exceptional. You can get it for $0.99 without any in-app purchases. If you have Google Play Pass, this one is free.

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Price:$3.99 when you buy in-app

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 allows you to race. Players can create a racing team and a race car and then manage upgrades and improvements. The competition is then your race. This is where things get very specific. You need to be prepared for unexpected events such as weather changes, rule changes and pit stops. Your crew and driver also gain skills and become more proficient in certain areas. It’s one the most advanced racing sims on Google Play, and it’s still relatively new. It costs $3.99 and comes with optional in-app purchase.

My Time at Portia

Price: $7.99

My Time in Portia simulates Stardew Valley. The workshop is inherited by the players and they begin to make things for the town. You will also find a farm, workers to hire, NPCs you can interact with, and even ruins that you can explore. The combat mechanics of exploring the ruins are added to the game. The game is versatile and offers many mechanics. You start the game with just a few tools. You will eventually have a lot more tools and the game itself can play itself. You don’t need to make in-app purchases. Despite being relatively new, it’s a great simulation game.

Pocket City

PriceFree / 3.99

Pocket City is a sim that builds cities, similar to Sim City. You can repeat that three times fast. It contains most of the city-building mechanics. This includes the construction of a city, careful mixing and matching different types of buildings and unlocking new land as you go. Fun, random events such as block parties or weather disasters are also included in this one. You can play it in landscape or portrait mode, and offline.

The base game comes with ads. The premium version costs $3.99 and includes extra features, a Sandbox mode, and removes ads. This is one of the most popular mobile city-building games. If you are looking for something more traditional, you can try SimCity Builder. But we believe Pocket City is a better SimCity for mobile.

Stardew Valley

Price: $6.99

Stardew Valley is a mix of RPG, life, farming, social, and other genres. The player is placed in a disused farm that they must repair over the course the game. You can also court potential partners in a nearby village. There are many mini-games and quests that will keep you entertained. Although it isn’t as realistic as Giants Software’s Farming Simulator, we believe it to be more balanced. Google Play Pass allows you to play the game for free and costs $6.99.

Star Traders: Frontiers

Price: $6.99

Star Traders Frontiers is technically a strategy video game. We included it because it contains a lot simulation elements. Simulating the life of a space occupant is basically what you do. As you explore new planets and sectors, you can form alliances with different factions or work as an independent contractor. You can play the game in many different ways. You can choose to be a pirate or a soldier combatant. Or you could just trade things if that’s what you prefer. It’s a wide-open world and an enjoyable place to be part of. The game is $6.99 and does not include any ads or in-app purchases.

Euro Truck Evolution

By playing a simulation game, you can now become the king of the road. You can drive Trucks on busy roads by playing Euro Trucks Evolution, just like the real-time truck drivers. There are lots of cars and other trucks that you have to avoid making any crush. At the same time, you have to follow all the traffic signals. Again, you can play the game with the career mode when you want to make money by delivering products for other people.

Important Features

You can visit 20 cities with your truck. There are 12 well-known Truck Brands that you can choose from. You can get realistic engine sounds and weather effects. Realistic roads, highways and countryside look exactly like the real thing. Every truck has a unique interior design and function. Your truck’s exterior will be damaged in some way.


Coach Bus Simulator

You can now the most popular coach bus driving game. It is Coach Bus Simulator. By playing this game, you can engage with a real-time bus driving experience. You can take people from different places in the cities and show them different eye-catching sites like landscapes, parks, etc. There are a lot of cities you can explore with passengers on your bus, and it will be really fun. If you are interested, you can play this game to enjoy a real driving simulation game.

Important Features

Open world map that provides tons of detail. You can customize your vehicle and create a unique one. You can play in day and night mode, with realistic weather conditions. Employing new workers and drivers can help you manage your company. It will be more entertaining if you can show real damage to the engine and make it sound realistic. Beautiful interior of bus and many beautiful routes.


Airline Commander

Now, it is an airplane simulation game for your Android. It is Aur line Commander. The story behind the game is really exciting. You are the airline Commander of the biggest airliners. You have to fly from the hubs and discover plenty of routes for your airliners. You can earn points from the contracts, takeoffs, landings, and fly. There is a very realistic setup for you, and you will experience the real excitement of the airliners. So, don’t miss the opportunity and start playing Airline Commander.

Important Features

You will see the different situations involved in taking your plane off, landing and other activities. Displays real-time air traffic, routes and other information. It can be used to create more realistic weather conditions such as day and night play mode, sun, moon, and so on. Navigation and simpleflight system. You can compete against other pilots or commanders.

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