Top 10 Best Programming Apps For Android

Programming skills can open doors to many rewarding tech careers. There has never been a better time or a more enjoyable way to learn programming. Coding requires regular practice, just like any other...
Top 10 Best Programming Apps For Android

Programming skills can open doors to many rewarding tech careers. There has never been a better time or a more enjoyable way to learn programming. Coding requires regular practice, just like any other language. It’s difficult for many people to find the time to practice coding in front of computers. Coding apps are extremely useful. This article will cover the top coding apps for Android and iOS, so you can learn.


The Enki offers a range of coding courses. Enki allows you to learn everything, from Python and JavaScript to spreadsheets as well as Airtable. Enki is similar to other coding applications, such as SoloLoearn. Enki’s interface is one of the best I have seen. Although Enki offers a lot of content for free, the pro plan may be worth the extra cost. It only costs $7.99 per month and you’ll have access to all content on Enki.

Programming Hub

Programming hub is a beautiful coding app. It uses a clever approach to learning coding and other technical subjects. Each lesson is presented in a story format, and each section includes comprehension questions.

Programming Hub’s greatest strength is its wide range of courses. Classes can be taken to learn programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and C++. You can also enroll in courses such as app development, AI and material design, edge computing or SEO.

Programming Hub’s interface has a text to speech function that is a great benefit. This add-on makes learning code much more accessible.


Grasshopper is a JavaScript teaching application that was created by a Code with Google team. This app is free and suitable for beginners. The app features a drag-and-drop style code editor that is perfect for beginners. Grasshopper’s lessons can be taken anywhere and are very short. The interface is easy to use. Grasshopper teaches fundamental programming concepts like variables, functions, and methods. Each course is awarded and certificated.

Algoid Programming Languages

This app is the first to offer a real-time debugger for Android programming apps. Algoid’s key features include syntax highlights, scope explorer, auto-completion codes, syntax highlights and syntax highlights. Algoid also offers a user interface that is optimized for small screens.

AIDE-IDE for Android Java C++

This app is primarily designed for Java coders. It features a rich editor with code completion, real time error checking, refactoring and smart code navigation. AIDE allows you to design apps with Java/XML, Android SDK, C/ C++ and the Android NDK.


DroidEdit is available in two versions: There are two versions of DroidEdit: a free and a paid version. This app can be used as a text editor and source code editor. It has color themes, infinite undo/redo, syntax highlighting, and syntax highlighting for certain languages like C++, C# Java, HTML, CSS Javascript, Python, Ruby.


SoloLearn can be used as a one-stop shop, regardless of whether you are just starting to learn code or looking to improve your existing skills. You can find courses in a variety of languages such as R, Python and SQL. The app offers many additional skills and tools that will help you become a web developer, data scientist, or full-stack developer. You can compete against other members in code challenges.


Mimo is also a great choice if you are looking to learn SQL, Python or web development. This app is well-designed and explains key concepts using simple examples and coursework. The app also has a glossary and allows you to practice your code within the app. Mimo also offers certificates upon completion of a course.


DataCamp is a great resource for learning Python, R and SQL as well as concepts such data science, visualization and machine learning. The courses are well-structured and have hands-on exercises that follow them immediately. This ensures you’re prepared for any coding challenges or projects the platform has to offer. You can start with the first chapter of each course for free.


Let’s face the facts, today’s kids have access to powerful technology. If they spend hours watching videos, it might be worth giving ScratchJr a try. The app is based on Scratch coding languages made to kids (6-16). It allows children to create interactive stories and games. The interface is designed to promote computational thinking and problem solving skills in young children.

Coding Keyboard

This app will show you all the numbers, symbols, alphabets, and combinations. This app is a great tool for programmers.

DroidScript – JavaScript IDE

To make Android apps work, you can create codes. JavaScript is the most widely used language. It also has the most current documentation. The app makes programming ten times easier. This app is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Java Programming

This app allows you to learn Java programming. There are 81 programs. This app’s user interface is very simple to use. Overall, the app has a good rating.


Hacker’s Keyboard

This app was specifically designed for tablets. It features a keyboard that is identical to a computer’s keyboard. It uses the AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard. Multitouch is supported for modifiers. It is also available in a wide range of languages.

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