Top 10 Best Maps/Navigation Apps For Android

Google Maps is the most common navigation app we think about when we think about a navigation app. It is the most popular. It is also updated frequently. Google has been a...

Google Maps is the most common navigation app we think about when we think about a navigation app. It is the most popular. It is also updated frequently. Google has been a leader in navigation for the past few years. There are many other options available if you don’t want to use Google Maps. The majority of navigation apps work in the same way. The process is simple: you input the directions and follow them to get to your destination. Each app does it differently. We’ll be reviewing the top GPS apps and navigation apps for Android in this article.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the best GPS app. It’s a good choice. Google Maps covers more areas than any other. There are hundreds of millions of locations on Google Maps in over 220+ countries. Google maps are the best map available, no matter where you live.

Google uses machine learning to keep its base map current and error-free. They also use machine learning to guide you through heavy traffic using real-time data. Google Maps is the best GPS navigation app for those who are constantly on the go.

Google Street View is another key feature that captures panoramic views outdoors. You can also use it to enter shopping malls, restaurants and museums with its indoor map capabilities.


Google bought Waze a while back. They still operate in a different way. Let me explain. Waze should be viewed as completely community-driven. Because it is the Waze community who determines its success, it’s almost like the Wikipedia for GPS apps. If there is a crash, the Wazers will support each other by pinpointing its exact location.

Waze makes it easier to get where you want to be faster when you are behind the wheel. Waze instantly updates your route and helps you avoid traffic jams. Waze is the best app for this purpose.

What I love most about Waze, however, is the ability to see other Wazers behind your wheel. There might be another Wazer right next to yours. Your emoticon will change as you continue to contribute to it. This app provides an incentive to keep people using it.

Apple Maps

Let me be real with you, Apple Maps was not something I liked when it first came out. The maps of cities and towns were not very detailed. The maps were dull and boring. Some key features were missing. Apple Maps has worked hard to fix these issues over the past few years.

Map details, for example, have been greatly improved. Apple Maps recently added traffic lights and stop signs in certain areas. There are many more places of interest, businesses, and restaurants. It’s not yet perfect. Zooming at different scales can help you see how businesses are missing in other parts.

Apple Maps’ real-time traffic is the second reason I love it. The thick, red lines indicate areas where traffic is congested. These areas are best avoided if you’re trying to get somewhere fast. The app intelligently assists you in avoiding the worst by allowing you to save a route.

The last reason that I love Apple Maps is the increased number of features. It displays speed limits and parking spot reminders. Advanced lane guidance is also available for turning. Integration with Apple indoor maps is needed for large shopping centers and airports.


Its beautifully-designed basemap was the main selling point when I tried it. Here maps are clean and easy to read at all scales. It also features live traffic, speed limits and voice guidance.

I loved the way HERE’s base map displayed 3D buildings automatically. Unfortunately, some OpenStreetMap buildings may be out of date. It all depends on where you live in the world.

A nice feature of HERE WeGo maps, unlike other alternatives on this list is the ability to download maps offline. This allows you to avoid data consumption and helps you locate Wi-Fi hotspots. It’s also perfect for places where you can’t get strong enough Wi-Fi connections.


Sygic is a great GPS app for Android. However, you will need to pay to make the most of it. The premium features can be downloaded and tested for seven days free of charge. The app then offers two subscriptions: $13.99 for three months and $29.99 for twelve months.

Real View Navigation is available on Sygic. It displays navigation instructions via live video from your smartphone’s camera. 3D maps can also be viewed offline, making them super easy to understand. These maps also receive monthly updates. Sygic also works with Android Auto (Android), and CarPlay (iOS).

Sygic maps provide real-time traffic data and speed limits. Dynamic Lane Assistant is also available to help you keep in the right lane at all time. It can also provide guidance at complicated junctions via the Junction View.

Sygic also offers many valuable features such as Dashcams, Cockpits, Fuel Prices and Head-Up Displays. There are many settings that you can adjust to suit your needs. Sygic is a great choice if you’re happy to make some dough.


OpenStreetMap data is used in this app. OsmAnd offers a free version that has decent functionality, and a paid version that unlocks its full potential.

OsmAnd offers all the functionality you would expect from a GPS navigation app. It includes turn-by-turn navigation and online and offline modes. Voice and lane guidance are also available. You can also find ski resort and cycling routes.

OsmAnd allows you to reroute and view speed limit information. It also has day/night modes. You can also upload your own GPX track. OsmAnd, a reliable alternative to Google Maps, is well worth a try.

TomTom Go Navigation

Many users prefer the TomTom Navigation app to other apps. It’s still something I am trying to figure out. Don’t get me wrong. Visually, the base map is very pleasing. It also provides advanced notification of cameras en route so that speeding fines can be avoided.

However, there are some drawbacks. The app only allows you to travel 75 km once you have downloaded it. It reloads each month but you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to allow you to travel further than that. You will also need to grant access to your photos, contacts, phone numbers, etc. This is more than I would like to give to an app developer.

TomTom’s handheld GPS receivers are the core of its company. However, users are increasingly using their smartphones to navigate. TomTom has responded to this changing market segment. The TomTom Go Navigation App is an exact copy of the stand-alone device’s functionality. It’s great that existing users are familiar with the app. is an excellent GPS navigation tool for those who want to travel off the beaten track. Some hikers love this app as they can download it offline to locate trails they wouldn’t be able find otherwise. This app is perfect for people who love to get lost.

It’s also for city use. It is slow to display live traffic information. These are bugs that I am sure the developers will fix in the next releases. This includes the out-of-sync voice navigation.’s ads can sometimes be overwhelming. Paid subscriptions can remove ads. It’s still a great app for travel. This applies especially to driving, cycling, walking, and other activities.


It’s not one of our favorites. Register with your email to get a free trial. It immediately asks you to purchase it when it starts. It’s almost like being in a Radio Shack where a salesperson is constantly trying to push you. It’s not a pleasant experience.

Don’t get me wrong. CoPilot is an interesting concept by itself. You can customize your driving experience, whether you are driving a car, truck or RV, by finding road restrictions. It’s designed to improve safety and prepare you for long trips. It’s likely that there is a market. I’m sorry. It’s not us.

Another questionable aspect is the way it uses geolocations from Yelp. Yelp is home to millions of points of interest. However, it has its flaws as well as trust issues. CoPilot has some bright spots, such as its offline maps, real time traffic and road restrictions. You can find the majority of these features in the other apps on this list.


This is the case of MapFactor receiving the highest rating for free GPS apps. Don’t get me wrong. It can be used offline. The free version is full of advertisements. An advertisement is displayed on startup. Another one is on shutdown…

MapFactor doesn’t have all the features you need. It uses open-source data as its base map and receives monthly updates. This isn’t a problem. You can also add TomTom maps to your device, which is an option. Why not purchase TomTom?

The only question I have is “Why?” This app is not worth the cost when you can get the top 4 apps on our list for free. MapFactor managed to climb up to #10 in our rankings. We find MapFactor to be a poor navigation app.


MapQuest was a popular website for directions many years ago. Surprisingly the Android app is still available.

The app allows you to locate nearby gas stations and receive live traffic updates. You can also re-route traffic with the app.

It also provides driving and walking directions. It also provides directions for driving and walking.

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