Top 10 Best Karaoke Apps For Android

Singing can be a relaxing pastime, and it’s also a great way to exercise your breathing. Singing without accompaniment can make singing boring. You need the right backing track to...
Top 10 Best Karaoke Apps For Android

Singing can be a relaxing pastime, and it’s also a great way to exercise your breathing. Singing without accompaniment can make singing boring. You need the right backing track to keep your voice in tune. You can go to a karaoke club or search YouTube for karaoke music. A karaoke application is the best option if you are looking for something quick and easy. These are the top apps that you can use to learn songs, whether you’re doing it professionally or for fun.

Baby Karaoke for Kids

They say start them young. Baby Karaoke is the perfect hobby for parents looking to keep their children entertained.

This singing app was specifically made for children. While there are many karaoke apps available today, not all are child-friendly. This karaoke app will protect your children from inappropriate music. You will find a wide range of songs that are both kid-friendly and some classic Bollywood songs. Nursery rhymes combine the joy of learning with the enjoyment of singing.

You can help your child hone their singing skills if they already have a talent. You can do this by practicing with a child-friendly karaoke app.

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Many social events have been halted by the coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun from home. Houseparty allows you to sing and video call your friends, while also allowing you to share popular songs.

Houseparty is primarily an app for social media that connects you to your friends. The app’s new in-app Karaoke feature allows you to bond with your friends and have fun. The karaoke option can be found on the upper right hand side of the screen. To start singing with your friends, tap the mic icon. As of this writing, the app has over 10,000 songs. However, there are good chances that it will add more.

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iSing is a karaoke platform that has a social component. You can record your singing and share them with others using this singing app.

iSing also has a large collection of songs. However, not all of them can be downloaded for free. You may also be unable to access some songs if you’re not a paid member. You can still access thousands of tracks for free. Every week, the app’s developer uploads new tracks.

iSing also allows you to create a profile. It’s like a social media feed that only contains your performances. Your profile can be accessed by other iSing users, who can listen to your recordings. The app allows you to do the same for other users.

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KaraFun is a YouTube channel that hosts karaoke videos. Did you know that KaraFun also has an Android and iOS karaoke application?

KaraFun allows you to sing along with your favorite songs while on the go. You can even record yourself singing popular songs. This app has over 25,000 songs.

KaraFun’s offline mode is perhaps the best feature. The offline mode allows you to sing songs even when you’re not connected to the internet. This is a significant difference from other karaoke apps available today.

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Karaoke by Yokee Music

The YokeeMusic karaoke app is a great addition. The user interface is easy to use and has a friendly design. You can record your singing and share it online via social media.

This Yokee karaoke app lets you sing popular songs and allows you to adjust the sound with the use of effects. You can adjust your voice to auto-tune, add some echo, or even add some reverb. This will make you sound professional. You can even sing with your friends, if they have the app. You can easily plan your virtual karaoke night!

Karaoke by Yokee Music, the ultimate karaoke app, is completely free. This means that you don’t need to spend any money to have fun. This online karaoke app can be found in the Google Play Store and App Store.

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Magicsing Karaoke

Entermedia Co., Ltd. released its own karaoke application: Magicsing Karaoke. The app can be used with the same company’s karaoke machines. You can select from more than 200,000 tracks with this singing app. These songs can be found in many languages and genres.

Simply search for the song that you wish to sing and this app will take you straight to it. It also offers many filters that can be used to refine your search. You can also change the keys, tones and tempos of the app. You can also control the volume of the backing tracks, which allows your voice to shine even more.

Magicsing Karaoke can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store or App Store. You should be aware that there are in-app purchases.

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MyVoice has a lot to offer in the area of karaoke. The karaoke app features all the standard elements. It also allows you to create original songs. You can also upload songs from your media gallery to MyVoice, and you can sing what you want.

MyVoice offers many features, including the ability to sing popular songs karaoke and the ability for you to record your singing right in the app. After you’re done recording and singing, you can upload your performance to social networks. You can also share your experience with family and friends, or your fans.

MyVoice’s only disadvantage is its inability to be used on iOS. Android users will need to look elsewhere.

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StarMaker Interactive

Price: No Charge / In-App Purchases

This application is for users aged 12 and over. It offers the most enjoyable karaoke experience they have ever had. Users can sing their favorite songs, and share their musical journeys with other users. The app has been downloaded more than 50 million times by users all over the globe. The app’s key features include:

  • It has a vast music collection, with around 2,000,000 songs from all over the world that users can use.
  • Rolling lyrics that guide the singer as they sing.
  • You can add voice effects to improve the vocal quality at the end of a singing session. You can edit and customize your recording.
  • The user does not have to sing the entire song. The option of ‘Hook’ allows users to only sing their favourite parts of the song.
  • The ‘Duet” option allows the singer to have double the fun singing with friends or other online singers.
  • You can also share your performance with other users on the app and other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.
  • You can use the messaging, liking, commenting and liking options to connect with other singers with the same musical tastes.

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Smule – The Social Singing App

Price: No Charge / In-App Purchases

This app was featured in Forbes, Entertainment Tonight, and Google Play’s Top Apps. The app is available for all Android 4.4 devices and higher. The app is free to download and available with in-app purchase. The key features of the app include:

  • Users can download a free songbook and choose songs to sing alone, guided by rolling lyrics and karaoke.
  • Apart from the songbook, millions of songs are made available for free. To sing free, you will need to pay to either sing solo or with another user.
  • You have the option to either sing LIVE or record your performance. Then, you can share it on the app or other social media platforms.
  • To give their singing a professional edge, they can use voice modulation effects.
  • You can make your own music video by recording your song vocals and then creating a background video for the song.
  • You can add filters to your video to make it look professional.
  • You can also use the pitch correction option during singing sessions to fine tune your voice.
  • You can upload your own songs to the Songbook so that other users can use them.
  • They can connect to Facebook and make friends on Smule.
  • You can now join top artists such as Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, and James Arthur to sing a duet!
  • Users can improve their singing skills and beat their own singing scores.
  • You can personalize your profile page and save your favorite Karaoke.

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Karaoke – Sing Karaoke and Unlimited Songs

Price: No Charge / In-App Purchases

This app was released by Yokee ™ Music & Audio. It is a Karaoke App with millions of songs the user can choose. You can record your performances in any language and add special effects such as echo and reverb. Then, share them with the world. You can also connect with your friends and like other singers’ performances.

The app’s unique feature is its ability to help users organize a Karaoke Party. You can use the app to connect your phone to another device that supports singing. The app has been downloaded more than 50 million times and is free to install. In-app purchases are available. For installation, Android 4.4 or higher is required.

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Karaoke Online – Sing & Record

Price: No Charge / In-App Purchases

This app has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times. It is very popular among Karaoke apps. Users can search and sing their favourite songs, just like all other apps. You can also add effects like echo and reverb, which will make your recording sound professional.

They can share songs with friends, sing with them and record a video of the song to make a music video. This app has a Talk to Search feature that makes it easier to search for songs. You can download the app free from Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Download Karaoke Online: android

SingPlay: Karaoke with your MP3

Price: No Charge / In-App Purchases

This app offers a unique way to perform Karaoke. This app converts MP3 files from your device’s music collection to a format that includes the music but does not include the original vocals. The app allows users to record their own version of the song, save it as MP3 and edit it.

Users can also adjust the volume, pitch, and tempo to their liking. You don’t even need an internet connection. Users can also use the app to practice their vocals for 5 seconds FF/REW while singing. It is free to download and has been downloaded over 10 million times. It works with Android devices running 4.4 or higher.

Download SingPlay: android

KaraFun- Karaoke Party

Prices: In-App Purchases

Although the app has only 500,000 downloads, it is still very popular and is great for hosting Karaoke parties. It also works with Chromecast to connect with the TV. You can preview a selection of 26,000 songs for free, which you can do for 30 seconds.

A paid subscription service allows unlimited access to these songs. These songs include all genres, from the most popular songs on the charts to classics. You can also choose your favorite songs to mark them as your favorite. A unique feature of this service is the ability to use the lead singer’s assistance and sing along with the user if they aren’t confident singing on their own.

Download KaraFun: android

The Voice-Sing Karaoke

Price: No Charge / In-App Purchases

The app has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times on the Google Play Store. It offers all the features you would expect from a Karaoke app. It offers a large library of songs in all genres, including R&B, Hip Hop and Rock, as well as Country.

You can choose your song, enjoy karaoke and edit it with advanced studio-like effects. Users can also duet with friends or other users and share their performances with others.

Download the Voice: Android


SingPlay is a different karaoke app. You don’t have to download the tracks before you can use them. This karaoke app allows you to access the most popular sing-along songs, without having to download them.

SingPlay offers a large selection of songs you can sing to improve your singing skills. You will also find the typical features you’d expect in a karaoke application. You can record songs and share them with your friends via social media, just like other popular karaoke app.

SingPlay can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. You don’t have to pay anything to download the tracks on this karaoke application.

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Singa has over 80,000 high quality tracks. These tracks include lyrics to ensure you don’t lose your feet in the middle. You can adjust the pitch to suit your vocal range and taste.

Singa allows you to sing and record, just like other apps. These performances can be shared with your social media followers. To start singing your favourite songs, download Singa from either the Google Play Store or App Store.

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Singing Machine Karaoke

Singing Machine Karaoke, as its name implies, is an all-in one karaoke application. This app allows you to sing your favorite songs with or without friends. You can record your performances to playback and share them on social media.

Singing Machine Karaoke also allows you to add voice effects like auto-tune, which can make your voice sound better. To give your vocal performances the best treatment, you can add videos to accompany them. The app also offers video effects that you can use.

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