Top 10 Best Journal Apps For Android

Journals and diaries are popular for ages. They’re great places to share your thoughts and thoughts. It’s true that people should be doing it more often. It can help face issues that...

Journals and diaries are popular for ages. They’re great places to share your thoughts and thoughts. It’s true that people should be doing it more often. It can help face issues that they don’t have the ability to deal with. Beyond the obvious journals or diary software can also be therapeutic as you write down all your day-to-day actions so that you can consider them in various ways. They can even include extra features, like mood tracking, that diaries and paper journals could not do. These are the top journal and diary applications for Android!

What is the Journal?

Journals are records which can be used to store and keep notes or logs you’d like to keep.

Journals are a great way to note down what you feel about your emotions, your routine events, ideas and other memories written in the form of a journal.

Journals can help you recall your thoughts, feelings, and things that happen in your life in a more efficient method so that you can recall the past, your current things, and emotions.

It is possible to keep track of whatever you like regardless of your daily life chores, food items and feel like or everything else you think is important to record inside your journals.

There are many good reasons to have a journal. But the primary one is that it is a space that is solely your own where you can write whatever you wish to. It can help you relieve your stress and stress by writing about tension or stress which has been proven by studies.

There are various kinds of journals, such as journals for daily use, expressive journals travel, dream bible journal for hobby and many others that will meet all your needs.

Many apps can assist you to keep a diary and keep it organized in this modern, globalized and an increasingly technologically advanced world.

Daybook – Best Free Journal App

Daybook is the top free journal application that allows you to secure your precious moments that turn into memories. It lets you secure your emotions, thoughts, moments, and more with this 3-in- one app that functions as the perfect journal, note-taking and diary tool. Daybook provides you with the security of a password-protected account.

If you’re in a hurry writing, Daybook got your back by providing an easy audio recording feature that can create text-to-speech entries. Apart from that, it can also be used as an app for business journals where you can write memos, presentations that are crafty and agendas.

You can make use of your Daybook journal to serve as an instant task-management tool. It can also be used as a travel journal application as well as a class notebook and wish list app and numerous other things. Daybook is available for iOS, Android, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby.

There are coming integrations and features that Daybook will be launching for its users based on feedback.

These include voice-activated activities such as daily mood tracker, tag-based and location-based searches and a user interface with an updated interface, a themes and a brand new set of entries based upon dates.

This bullet journal application for note-taking is completely free and comes with unlimited storage for content and includes an automatic backup of data.

Flexible Journal – Custom Journal App

Flexible Journal, available on Google Play, is a individual journal app that lets users record their day-today events and activities.

The core of this app for journaling is the ability to build custom journal forms with an easy-to-use builder for forms. These forms let users personalize their journaling experience in any way they’d like.

The journal app comes with a collection of standard journals form templates to satisfy the wide variety of journaling requirements. The templates for forms can be customized with Form Builder.

Flexible Journal allows users to replace multiple tracking and journal apps with a single, easy application for their Android devices.

It comes with a variety of user-driven features that distinguish it from its competitors, such as:

View of journal entries in calendar view to see the journal entries as a daily diary

The ability to search powerfully allows you to find journal entries that are specific to you.

Map view and location options Attach maps to journal entries

Add images to journal entries to enhance the journal’s visual experience

Journal features backup and restore to safeguard information stored

Simple journal export as well as social media integrations to allow sharing of your journal entries online

Luci – Journal App for Dreams

Luci is among the top journal apps available for Android that helps dreamers keep track of their desires and advancement, especially dream lucid dreams.

A lucid dream occurs when you realize that you’re dreaming, and you have charge of your dream, where you can be any thing and do whatever you want.

Luci is a lucid-dream aid app that allows you to continue to imagine things you’d like to accomplish based with the belief that if you can think of that, it’s possible to achieve it. Luci is a one-time purchase of $0.99 which will get you your dream journal for life making it extremely affordable.

It records your lucid dream and its progress using the latest technology of recording with noise that is able to record only those who are snoring and talking.

Luci is not just a tool for drawing, Luci allow you to choose your ideal design, sketch your thoughts, or upload photographs, but it’s also ad-free and has simple synchronization and backup options.

It includes a built-in dreaming guide that includes Lucidity tools and up-to-date translations to let you know the words you spoke while you were sleeping. It also has an Google Play license check through which allows the app to access your phone’s access to the network to find accounts on your device, access the content of the SD memory card and much other features.

Universum – Best Daily Journal App

Universum is another of the top journals for daily use for Android users. It helps you keep your daily thoughts and ideas in order and backed up.

This is your journal that you can keep the security of keeping track of your daily activities as well as what you think about of, the problems you face and what wonderful memories you’ve had in the past.

Make it your primary personal diary that you can keep every day. You can use it for one of the top travel journals that lets you save your travel documents, photos, and memories pictures or use it as a food diary to keep track of how many calories you ate during the course of the day.

Universum app can be used as a journal of dreams to keep track of your dreams and as a mood monitor so that you can pinpoint the reasons behind your mood swings between high and low. The app is accessible on Android devices, and includes in-app purchases between $0.99 up to $3.49 depending on the item.

The latest features include the automatic backup of your data on any devices, exporting to CSV as well as translation to Portuguese or Italian languages, as well as the possibility of a list of ideas. Additionally, it offers more secure authentication with fingerprints and the ability to export your data as PDF from the search screen.

Daylio – Journal App for Android

Daylio is a fantastic journal app that is the most popular journal application for iPhone and Android devices. You can maintain your daily journal without having to write one word using its simple two-step entry creation. You will be able to manage your day-to-day chores with no difficulty.

Two-step entry require you select your mood, and then include things you’re up to during the day. If you’re an old school type then you could include notes to give that old school feel.

It is also possible to adopt healthier habits, such as exercising, eating healthy getting up early, and so on.

Daylio is the most free journal application which is accessible for iOS as well as Android devices. However, it also has in-app purchases available for those who want Daylio Premium. Prices for Premium vary between $2.99 up to $23.99 depending on the item. The Premium app is accessible in 29 different languages and comes with many amazing features.

You can change how you name your moods and backup and restore your entries in a safe manner using Google Drive, any time anyplace. You can also schedule reminders so that you don’t forget to make a record and make copies of your entry by exporting into an CVS document in Excel.

Diary Book – Travel Journal App for Android

With more than 100,000 downloads, Diary Book is one of the top-rated journaling apps available that are available on the Play Store. It is a password-protected journaling application that comes with amazing features like abundant text options, photo and video attachments, vivid designs, night modes and much more.

You can convert your journal content to PDF or text by adding your own actions and choosing among over 25 moods. Not only can you keep your journal data on local storage on your device, but also through Google Drive backup. Google Drive backup option which makes this app extremely secure and safe.

Other features that are useful to have in this application include the ability to speak to create a diary, so that you don’t need to keep track of the thoughts that are in your head It is also easy to search by using highlighting as well as many other features. Diary Book is only available for Android gadgets , and it also provides in-app purchases for $0.89 every item.

The journal app that is inexpensive will offer a variety of improvements that make it a great application to organize and store your items. Some of the features include the ability to swipe to switch to the your previous or subsequent entries in landscape mode, including a tag on your entries, a calendar view, and additional.

Penzu – Bullet Journal App

Penzu is a well-known journal application available on Google Play Store. It is a completely personal and customizable online diary that you can use to write in a way that you are able to reflect on your daily thoughts, feelings, experiences as well as anything else.

In addition in addition, it could be used as the most effective food journal application, an pregnancy journal, travel journals, dream journals or any other type of journal. It allows you to include everything in the journals, from food intakes to travel experiences and other documents that relate to your pregnancy to your hopes, practically everything.

Penzu is the best choice for those who prefer to keep their journals private because journals made of paper are extremely vulnerable to theft and anyone can obtain them. Penzu is secure with two passwords and a strong encryption.

Accessibility to privacy, access for both Android and iOS as well as personalized email reminders are among the features included in Penzu Basic, making it one of the top journals available this year. Basic is free however Penzu PRO as well as PRO+ require a fee.

Penzu PRO costs $19.99 per year. With Penzu PRO, you can personalize your journal, browse your journals easily and quickly and secure your diary using military-grade AES encryption. AES encryption. Penzu PRO+ is $49.99 annually.

Diarly is a co

Diarly – Digital Diary App

ntemporary digital diary with modern technology. It is available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It’s one of the most secure journal applications we’ve included in this roundup as the data is synced through iCloud. When it is encrypted (password protection, using biometrics) is turned on All notes are encrypted on all devices.

It comes with a simple interface, with automatic prompts to ensure that the app is prepared to begin writing right after beginning. It focuses on writing. Diarly can be described as a writer tool mostly , that includes a markdown editor, focus mode and writing count targets and many more.

A new feature in the Diarly journal application is the challenge section in which they’ve created customized templates for each day. One of them is the 30 day writing challenge.


According to research, journaling about things clears your mind, so you can concentrate on more important issues that require your attention. Writing a journal can be extremely helpful in clearing your mind of negative thoughts you’ve experienced all day.

Based on Brett Steenbarger, journal writing does not just enhance your capacity to learn but is an effective methods to do what we do within our daily routines and why we write it down. He also observed that journaling can prove to be a therapeutic influence on your mental wellbeing.

Diary++ is an Android application that comes with a variety of wonderful features that enable you to keep your private diary or journal to write about your entire experience. Write about a rough day you faced or an emotional experience you’d like to keep and an thought that immediately occurs to you.

The most notable aspects of this application are the ability to restore and backup that works with Goggle Drive as well as PDF format downloads. emoticons which are used edit and create journals, and even moods may be monitored using a graphic representation, a striking user interface, and much other.

With a score that is 4.5 out of 5stars, The Diary++ app is priced reasonably and also affordable. It has in-app purchases available for every item that cost $1.20/item.


It’s a diary notes-taking, note-taking and multi-platform journal software that allows you to keep track of your day-to-day activities, issues such as secrets, appointments things to do, and so on. With Diaro it is possible to sync all of your information to all of your devices as well as your PC. It also functions as the top food journaling app.

Your diary online is secure with fingerprints, security code as well as encrypted passcodes that protect your data. You can customize your account and entry entries using various UI themes and colours. Multilingual UI feature lets you make use of the Diaro app in over 30 languages.

Finding and organizing your information is easier and more efficient. Diaro has a mood tracker, throwback feature, and information about weather and a stunning Atlas view. Diaro provides an easy way to export your data as Text, PDF, Docx and print it out or share it using Diaro Android or Diaro Online.

Not only export , you can import entries and data from other journals and diary applications, such as Evernote, Flava, Catch Notes, Journey, and other popular apps. Diaro as well as a variety of other apps, allows in-app purchases that differ between items.

The cost of items sold in the Diaro app vary between $0.64 to $10.49 depending on the item. Diaro PRO features differ from the Basic one. They include ad-free, Premium experience and priority client service and more.

Luna Diary

Luna Diary is a unique journal application that’s efficient and yet fascinating. It is named after the moon when you write in the diary, each page fills the moon, giving you the fully-filled moon by the close each month. You can enter your mood, with the moon, and then the quantity of the stars flowers grows in the sky. This will be your model.

This diary on the internet grows each whenever you take a note or add a thought, memory or idea. Your mood is affected by the lunar phase and the position of the moon varies according to the amount of diaries that you have written over the past 30 days.

It is possible to keep photos music, videos, or photos in your diary for an additional dimension in your journal. Luna Diary is secure with fingerprints and passwords. To increase your desire to write your diary It comes with a variety of beautiful themes.

It also lets its users to store backup files, folders and images shared with others so that they don’t have to worry about lose personal data or possessions. This app is free and is only available for Android devices and comes with the option to purchase buying in-app purchases.

The price of an item varies in the application. The initial cost is $1.62 and goes up to $3.90 according to the product.


Life is the top journal application for Android that can serve as your personal journal in which you can keep the memories you have made for the rest of your life. You can use it in any you like, as a note-taking journal as a journal, as a organizer for to-do lists or as a small diary, or any other.

You can record your everyday events and plans and worries, fatigues both negative and positive thoughts, worries and happy times, emotions or whatever you wish to secure and safe. It will keep a track of all the things that bring satisfaction, whether it’s an experience or a moment in time moment.

The Life Journal app comes with many amazing features that enhance your journaling experience to be powerful and extraordinary.

The most essential features include password security, reminders free night themes voice-to-text submissions, customization of fonts photo recollections, and landscape support and is simple to use. Alongside these applications, Life is also working on a few new features, which are scheduled to be released very soon.

The latest options include compatibility with the new android devices as well as improvements in performance, a photo memories section Print or PDF printing options and additional. It’s also very cost-effective, with products in-app that range between $0.66 and up $1.20 for each item.


Gracious is the most effective gratitude journal application that enhances your ability to contemplate the abundance of blessings around you. It helps free your mind from the negative thoughts you hold in your head or in your heart and focuses on the positive aspects.

It is based on the concept of well-being and mental health by encouraging your mind to be content with what you have instead of being remorseful and grateful for the things you don’t do. The negativity you experience within your life will cause you to suffer from poor mental wellbeing and anxiety.

In addition to offering a variety of options of privacy, attractive themes backup and restore options, calendar view and much additional features, this application helps you remember all the things that had a positive and pleasant effect on your mood as well as your thinking.

It is possible to express gratitude for all the things that you experience daily even if it’s eating something you enjoy. Show gratitude to those around you who you admire and have an impact on your general personality.

Above all, show gratitude for yourself, self-love and self-care. It’s all simple using the Gratitude journal application. It has in-app items and also purchases. The price of these items is between $3.90-$27.59.

Day One Journal App

Day One Journal is one of the top iOS journal applications. With it, the experience of writing the journal each day is an easy pleasure. It is a gorgeous (and awarded) interface style that will draw your attention to write in your journal with pleasure.

You are able to quickly return to your past memories, and you don’t require any words to convey your story Add photos, videos or voice notes, however you want to. It has improved security and privacy with biometric security, encryption that is end-to-end and automated backups.

You can export your data at any time any time. The app comes with a fantastic feature that lets you join HealthKit. This app is completely free for iPhone, iPad, Mac as well as Apple Watch and also offers in-app purchases, which cost differs depending on the plan.

There are various prices for different plans like Premium Yearly cost $34.99 while Premium Monthly pricing is $3.99. Similar to that, Premium Yearly for Plus Users costs $34.99 while Premium Monthly Plus users is $3.99 as well as One Premium costs $34.99. One Standard costs $34.99.

The Day One app is also available on Instagram and Instagram, so you can access advice, tips, stunning photos to make the most of your enjoyment. Get daily tips through this journal application.

Momento – Travel Journal App for iOS

Momento is a powerful journal and diary app that allows you to keep track of and relive your memories, memories and life stories so that you are able to revisit the memories you wish to cherish over and over again.

It also automatically collects your content and posts on your accounts for social media.

It is the most effective food journal application If you’re worried about the calories you consume every day. Apart from that it can also be utilized as a travel diary or a reflection journal or as a private journal, or any other kind of journal you would like to keep in your daily life.

There are many essential features of this top journal application for iPhone including the ability to include pictures, videos, people tags, as well as custom reminders for your life to capture moments quickly. It also lets you transfer your information from tweets, posts on social media images, check-in photos, as well as occasions to ensure your journal stays current.

You can also look up your memories using tags, words, locations such as places, tags, keywords. You can also group and save moments, navigate with dates, days or year as well as many other fantastic options. It is absolutely free however there are in-app purchases available.

The price of these items can range between $0.99-$37.99 depending on the item.

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