Top 10 Best Code Editor For PC Windows/Mac

Computers are a widely-used device due to their speed and efficiency. Computers are made up of both hardware and software. Programming, hardware and networking are the key components of the computer...

Computers are a widely-used device due to their speed and efficiency. Computers are made up of both hardware and software. Programming, hardware and networking are the key components of the computer and IT industry.

Computer programming is the foundation of both software development and web development. Our learning has been already posted. Programmers need a programming interface in order to make their code easier and more time-efficient.

Some languages can be coded on a notepad, such as JavaScript, HTMLScript, HTML5, PHP, CSS, and others. It is difficult to modify that code later.

Notepad does not have a line-by-line interpreter to reduce errors and notepad also has no auto-suggest feature. This allows you to type the initial words of a method or interface.

To be a good programmer, you need to type fast . A code editor will make programming easier and more intuitive. The Code Editor for PC allows you to edit code in many languages.

Don’t worry if you’re a novice programmer who doesn’t know the best code editor. We have compiled a list of the top code editing programs for your PC in this article.


Notepad++ is a simple code editor for Windows and MAC. This program is open-source and is the extended version inbuilt Notepad. Notepad++ can be used with Windows, Linux and BSD as well as Mac OS.

The program will quickly show you the differences between notepad++ and notepad++ when you start it. You can also add plugins to the program. It also supports additional plugins, such as spell checking, tabbed edit, drag and drop capabilities and find and replace, line interpretation, file comparison and zooming.

It supports 48 programming languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP and JAVA.


JEdit is another popular code editor that works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It uses a Java programming language. It is free software that supports hundreds of Macros and plugins.

JEdit supports over 200 languages, including syntax highlighting and line interpretation. You can use it with Unicode and UTF8 character encodings. JEdit is lightweight and easy to install. It allows quick editing of programming with error checking.

It is platform independent software because it was developed using Java programming. You only need the JVM for that OS to run it.

Crimson Editor.

Crimson, another popular code editor for PC, is written in C programming language. This is an open-source program that was developed exclusively for Windows. At the moment, it supports only English. Crimson Editor can be used as a light programming tool.

It supports more than 60 programming language with line interpreter and compiler integration. MySQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Crimson Editor supports plugins and Macros. FTP client support is also available.


Araneae is a Windows editor that’s only for professional web developers. It is free and available for noncommercial use. You can also use various extensions with it. Araneae allows you to preview your browser in real time without having to save the code.

It supports HTML, XHTML and CSS as well as JavaScript, PHP and Ruby. Drag and drop support is also available for images and files.

It supports syntax highlighting and line interpreting, which makes it easy to debug code and lowers the chance of errors. It is easy to use and has a simple interface.

Borland Compiler.

Borland is a popular choice for C++ and C++ beginners. It works with both Windows and Mac OS. You can highlight the language keyword using different colors. Borland Compiler, a lightweight compiler that is not dos-based, allows for easy development of C++ and C++ programs.

It compiles the whole program in a matter of minutes. The files can be saved and opened using the CPP extension.

Borland Compiler, a lightweight software, is easy to install and run. It also includes all C++ libraries.

Eclipse Java Editor.

Eclipse is also a professional Java editor for PC. Eclipse supports any OS (Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS), it is platform independent. We only need to have the JVM for the OS. Eclipse supports only Java.

It’s a smart tool that allows you to highlight Java syntax, color the keywords and offer suggestions for correcting errors. Eclipse offers suggestions for Java functions and sorts them alphabetically.

Eclipse includes external libraries that allow you to create a bridge between different databases. You can create interfaces, classes, and packages in a matter of minutes with this smart software.

Visual Studio Code

Overview of Visual Studio code editor:

  • Supported Languages:JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • Supported platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, SUSE)
  • For Beginners Who are Learning to Code
  • Free

Visual Studio Code is an open source text editor. Anyone can see, modify and distribute the code to their satisfaction.

It is the most used code editor with more than 5,000 Stargazers on GitHub and over 1,000 contributors.

The code editor is light and powerful. Visual Studio Code includes built-in support to JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js by default.

If you require a specific language, framework, or script, then simply download the extension from the .

Visual Studio Code can also be used to modify the development environment to meet your needs.

You can customize the Settings tab to make the editor more your own by changing the theme color.

You can also use the Command Palettefunction it offers to search for different commands for your extensions. Typing in Python, for example, will display all commands related to this language.

Visual Studio Code also includes IntelliSense, which is a syntax highlighting and word completion tool that makes writing code easier and faster.

It offers code editing capabilities such as completions of variables, methods and imported modules in any programming language.

You can also locate the definitions and references to variables and classes by clicking on a text and then right-clicking and selecting an action. This is particularly useful for people who work with programming languages like TypeScript, Java and C++.

Visual Studio Code is completely safe to use. It also provides the code insider version for those who wish to have the latest releases available as soon as possible. This version can be installed alongside the original build or used independently.



Sublime Text Overview:

  • Supported Languages:C++ and Python, Rails, and many more
  • Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS
  • For:developers that require a high degree of customization and lots of shortcuts
  • Price: freemium ($99/license)

Sublime Text editor, which combines code, markup and prose, is the best code editor to use in a complete development environment.

This code editor was designed to manage large projects and heavy programming. It can open 7 MB of source code files and navigate through 200,000 lines of code effortlessly. Sublime Text also allows users to quickly jump between files or functions by using the Get To Anything feature.

Sublime Text’s efficiency when creating new files is another advantage. You can create files in multiple project folders by clicking on the name of the folder and selecting ” new File“. This will save the file to the selected directory.

The Multiple Selection feature in Sublime Text Editor allows users to locate, modify, rename and manipulate multiple lines. This makes it easier and faster to work on projects.

Sublime Text comes with the Multiple Cursorfeature. By selecting multiple lines and pressing ” CTRL“, users can add identical quotes to them all simultaneously.

Sublime Text also supports cross-platform functionality. This means that one software license can be used across all operating systems and computers. To ensure a fast and enjoyable user experience, this code editor uses a custom UI Toolkit.

Sublime Text provides a free edition, but will prompt users to upgrade to the paid one.

One Sublime Text license costs $99 personal , and $65/year for business users.



Overview of Atom Editor:

  • Supported Languages: Programming languages and file format such as C++, COBOL , CSS and Java.
  • Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Ideal for:users who value Git and GitHub integration
  • Free

Atom is a powerful text editor that allows for real-time collaboration. The Teletype tool is available in beta and allows developers to code together.

This text editor can be used on multiple platforms so that users can edit across all operating systems.

Atom users have the option to use the screen-splitting function to allow them to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Multiple panes will be available in the editor’s UI for editing and comparing code from different files.

Atom comes with the file browser, which allows you to browse and open files, whole projects, or multiple projects from one window.

The search-and-replace and autocomplete features of this text editor allow users to code more quickly. You can search, preview and replace text lines as you type.

Atom includes syntax highlighting by default for different programming languages like Ruby, JSON and CSS. Atom has a built in package manager that allows you to search for and install packages directly from the editor.

To add additional functionality and features to your text editor, you can choose from thousands open source packages.

Atom is completely free to use.

For developers and early adopters, there are Atom and Atom Evening. These are for developers who want to get new features and fix bugs quickly. Atom beta versions can contain bugs.


CoffeeCup HTML HTML Editor

Overview of CoffeeCup HTML editor:

  • Supported languagesHTML and CSS
  • Compatible platforms:Windows, macOS
  • For Beginners, or for simple languages like HTML and PHP
  • price:freemium

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a fast and organized visual HTML editor , making it the best code editor to use this language.

It allows developers to create a file from scratch, or use an existing layout in the editor. You can also open files from your computer to make modifications to a website you already have.

You can also download any HTML web page by using the Open From Web feature.

CoffeeCup offers a live preview function that allows users to see the changes in the code on the website. This feature is great for those who love to code and can see the results instantly.

The editor provides a Web Projectsorganization feature that allows users to prevent issues like broken links, images and files.

CoffeeCup comes with handy coding tools like auto-completion and code validation. There is also a tag refersection which automatically suggests tags to add as you code.

This editor is free. It also comes with a premium version for $29/license that users can use on up two computers at once.

Premium version allows you to add structured to improve your site’s ranking in search engine results. It also includes an FTP uploader that lets users upload their website to any web host or personal computer.


Overview of TextMate

  • Supported Languages:AppleScript C++ HTML, HTML, CSS Java, PHP, Python and SQL
  • Supported platforms: macOS
  • Best for: macOS users
  • Free

TextMate is a lightweight editor that uses a simple interface. This text editor creates a plain text file by default when users create new files. Users can then choose the type of document they want.

To save time, you can change the default file setting to the most commonly used document type if you are working in a particular language.

TextMate is an open source text editor. It offers bundles to help with programming languages, source code control and odd file formats.

The bundle for programming languages provides syntax highlighting and snippets for every language. Users can also add or delete bundles as needed.

The text editor is easy to use, with many shortcuts for different actions, such as column, word, and paired characters movements.

TextMate allows users to make quick edits using the replace feature. With options like find next, find past, and show history, you can jump between lines and blocks easily.

The multiple carets feature in this text editor allows you to make multiple changes simultaneously, including copying, pasting and swapping lines of code.

TextMate also includes macros that eliminate repetitive work. Developers can record and replay lines in different sections.



Bluefish Overview:

  • Supported Languages:HTML and CSS, JavaScript. Perl, Python. C++. Ruby. SQL.
  • Compatible platforms: cross-platform for Windows and Linux, Linux, macOS (FreeBSD, OpenBSD), Solaris, and Solaris
  • For:programmers & web developers
  • Free

Bluefish is an excellent code editor for programmers, web developers and web designers.

Bluefish is an open-source editor for code that can be used on multiple operating systems. Bluefish is also a fast GUI editor.

The code editor includes helpful features like sidebar for keyboard shortcuts or custom dialog, autorecovery to modify documents, and automatic-completion to handle hundreds of programming languages.

Bluefish also offers a Quickbar, where users can add commonly used tools to create a custom toolbar. The UI of this code editor is customizable, with different colors and language adjustments.

Bluefish also offers a code folding function that allows users to set whether or not the root tag can be folded.

External commands can be configured by users as well. Instead of adding or deleting commands, they can simply be enabled or disabled. You can also reset the command settings by pressing the reset button.

Bluefish updates constantly so the external command setting offers an defaultsbutton that users can click to get the most recent commands.

Other noteworthy features include full screen editing, unlimited undo/redo, and search and replace.



Vim Overview:

  • Supported Languages:almost all Languages
  • Compatible platforms:Unix and Windows, macOS, Amiga and more
  • Forexperienced developers and programmers
  • Free

Vim is a text editor that can be configured and used widely by programmers. It’s often considered an IDE because of the extensions available.

Vim can be configured to function as a text editor such as Notepad++.

Although the application is small at 6 KB, it has a lot of power with hundreds of programming languages and file formats as well as a large plugin system.

Vim, unlike others on the list, is focused on code editing and not code writing.

This code editor is ideal for refactoring, working on codebases that are already in use, fixing bugs and adding functionality to existing code.

The keyboard shortcuts are another notable feature. Vim is keyboard-centric. It has a preconfigured key binding that developers can use to perform any action within the code editor. This makes their work more efficient and faster.

It can be difficult to remember all the shortcuts in order to maximize the potential of the code editor. Start by learning the basics of key bindings such as inserting, exiting and saving text.

This code editor is also a command-line program and requires a steep learning curve.

Vim offers a gamelike guide to absolute beginners. It provides basic commands and allows you to practice in an interactive environment.

If you prefer a simpler learning experience, Vim offers a tutorial within Vim. Type ” help tutor

Vim is a -free code editor that’s open-source and -compatible with IDE style.



Overview of NetBeans

  • Supported Languages:HTML5, C++ and JavaScript. PHP, Java, and many more
  • Compatible platforms:Windows and Linux.
  • The best for:developing desktop and mobile applications
  • Free

NetBeans, an IDE Java Editor, allows users to edit source code, create executables and debug using one tool.

The code formatting feature in this editor allows you to layout the source code to your developers’ specifications.

You can choose from many customizable elements, such as the wrapping style and the size of tabs or indentation. You can also preview your changes as they are made.

The editor will automatically highlight and insert matching pairs for brackets.

NetBeans has an code folding function that allows you to quickly expand and collapse blocks of code. To indicate hidden codes, it will display a gray line and a minus sign.

To make your work easier, you can customize keyboard shortcuts. You can also use auto-completion for filling in any missing codes and looking at all available options in your language.

This code editor has additional completion features for common prefixes, subwords, chains, and static imports.

An overview of errors, warnings and hints within a document will be displayed by the editor. This allows you to identify errors quickly without having to scroll through the entire file.

You can also quickly return to your last edit by clicking the button in the upper left corner. It will take you to the last edit position by clicking it.

NetBeans is an open source project under the Apache Software Foundation. It is free for download.


Codeshare Overview:

  • Supported languages: PHP, C#, SCSS, CSS, HTML
  • Supported platforms: browser-based
  • Best for: real-time code collaboration
  • Free

Codeshare is the best editor for code collaboration in real time. It’s a web-based application that is great for teaching, hiring, code review, or debugging with your peers.

The code editor features a modern, sleek UI and a minimalistic sidebar. You can adjust settings, start a video chat and download the text file.

It opens by default as a plain text editor. You have the option of changing the syntax to any pre-installed languages, including HTML, CSS and PHP, as well as C#, SCSS and YAML.

You can also change the indentation using the tab size option. The code editor also offers more than 20 theme options. The keymap also includes Sublime and Vim.

The application allows users to create a document without signing up. Your work will be deleted after 24 hours if you do not sign up.

Register to save your code and have easy access to it. You’ll find a directory of all the code you have saved.

You can also sign up to name projects and allow invited team members to view them only by signing up.



Overview of Emacs

  • Supported Languages:C++, Python and Lisp.
  • Compatible platforms:Windows and Linux.
  • Best for:Unix Systems
  • Free

If you are looking for a highly customizable code editor, Emacs is it.

The editor defaults with a toolbar, scroll bar and menu bar. You can turn these on or off individually.

You can also create files and personal workspace tabs. You can also customize the colors and fonts used in the UI elements.

Emacs is more than a code editor. It integrates to GDB for an IDE interface.

The code editor allows users to write in many languages, including programming and markup languages.

Emacs supports running and compiling programs as well as shell commands.

Emacs also offers the search and replace feature. There are three options: “Replace the current match,” “skip the next match without replacing,” or “replace all matches with no further questions.”

This code editor is also a solution for people who want to use a simple editor environment.

You can, for example, add Vim modal editing styles using the evil modepackage. This allows users to code with Vim using the Vim editing commands.

Emacs can be used on multiple platforms, making it cross-platform.

Emacs also offers terminal and GUI modes. The terminal mode allows you to SSH into another computer and access Emacs remotely.

This free code editor tool can be downloaded. It has a steep learning curve for beginners.

Emacs has many resources, such as manuals, wikis and FAQs.



Spacemacs Overview:

  • Supported Languages:Lisp HTML, JSON and many more
  • Compatible platforms:Linux and Windows
  • Best forVim and Emacs users
  • Free

Spacemacs is an altered version of Emacs. It’s primarily built around Vim shortcuts and its unique leader key, the space button.

This editor’s core pillars are ergonomics and mnemonics.

Ergonomics is the way the editor makes it easy for users to use and complete tasks. This is achieved through quick editing for QWERTY layouts and BEPO layouts as well as a minimalistic GUI across all platforms.

Mnemonics refers to how intuitive Spacemacs shortcuts are. To split a window, for example, use the space keyboard shortcut + the W letter for window + the S to split.

Consistency is the third aspect. This can be found in the shortcuts and layers that allow you to interact with your editor in different ways. A Python layer and Lisp layers should behave the same.

Spacemacs can be used as a keyboard-based code editor. There will be many key bindings to remember.

This code editor’s speedy boot time is a great advantage. Spacemacs’ packages and configurations can be lazy-loaded to increase performance. Spacemacs installs only packages that are actively used by users.

Spacemacs is completely free to be downloaded. Spacemacs is not available for download if you don’t have Emacs installed.

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