Top 10 Best Android Apps For Medical Students

It’s a lot like trying to drink from the fire hose when you learn all this content in medical school. It’s overwhelming. You need to absorb all the information while...

It’s a lot like trying to drink from the fire hose when you learn all this content in medical school. It’s overwhelming. You need to absorb all the information while simultaneously attending labs, submitting assignments and taking care of your basic needs for food and hygiene.

Med school can be difficult, and it should. It is possible to make the most of your “in-between” hours to study and get important information done. Think about it. If you spent the time waiting on the bus (10 mins), commuting (40 mins), waiting for your partner (84 years), and then getting ready for lectures (84 years), your day would be a lot more productive.

The best way to make the most of all that wasted time is by using these apps. These are the top apps for medical students!

Capsule clinical quiz app based on case studies

Capsule, a quiz app that uses clinical cases to help you learn and is powered by UK medical school knowledge. It works on all iOS as well as Android. You will find 690 real-life clinical cases and 3700 questions that you can use to aid in your clinical diagnosis and management.

You can either create your quiz or choose from a random one you can save for later. There are many specialties you can choose from when studying: medicine, surgery, paediatrics or psychiatry. You can also select general practice and professional studies.

All medical cases and quizzes align to the core medical curriculum and were written and edited by senior clinicians from Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), and partner NHS Trusts.

The content is written by those who marked your medical exams in years 4 & 5. It’s up-to-date and relevant to help you get the clinical knowledge that you need to pass your exam.

MDCalc Medical Calculator

Do you find it hard to believe how many medical calculations you need to perform every day? The MDCalc medical calculator might be the best app for you if the answer is yes.

It is a clinical decision support tool, which allows you to perform medical calculations, score algorithms, and assess risk using the most recent and best evidence.

The platform covers over 35 medical specialties and allows you to search for any one of them with the ‘Google-like’ search function. You can also see which calculations are most in demand and the latest ones, so you know what’s happening.

The app simply requires you to enter your details. It will provide you with the formulas, as well as advice, evidence, and management tips that you need to make the best clinical case decisions. It is compatible with all iOS, Android phones.

Forest App: Stay Focused

It can be difficult to stay focused with all of the medical studies you have to do during your medical school years. If you are scrolling through social media when you should be learning about cardiovascular medicine, you will regret it. Your time is extremely precious when you study medicine.

The Forest app allows you to visualize your productivity and focus. Your study session begins with a seed. The longer you keep the app open, the more your tree will grow. Your tree will be destroyed if you are unable to resist the temptation of looking at your phone.

You will build a forest from your commitment and focus over time. It costs just PS1.99, and is available on iOS as well as Android.

Clinical Odyssey simulation app

Interactive stories are a great way to learn medical skills and practice in the clinic. This app is essential for medical students as it provides access to over 600 stories that will help you improve your clinical skills and not harm real patients.

To improve your skills and refresh key concepts from medical school, you can use realistic simulations.

This revision app is a great way to have fun and learn instead of boring revision methods. It is available for iOS as well as Android.

Have a look at.


The medical app can be used to keep you updated on all things medical, including clinical reference and education. Notifications about FDA approvals, critical drugs, diseases, and clinical tools, breaking medical news, advances in the medical industry, and clinical research.

Signing up will give you access to CME and education tools. A personalised CME platform allows you to log CME activities and track your progress. A community will allow you to ask for help or advice.

You can access the Medscape app on iOS or Android whenever you need it.

Geeky Medics

Geeky Medics provides medical students with free clinical resources that will help them improve their knowledge.

The OSCE guides provide a wide range of clinical skills. You can also create your own list to make it easier to find them whenever you need them.

  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Neurology
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Endocrine
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Breast exam
  • Clinical procedures
  • History is made
  • Information
  • Advanced communication
  • Interpretation of data
  • Emergency management (ABCDE Approach)
  • Written skills
  • Surgery

You can use the app to demonstrate your skills in clinical practice.

SimpleMind app

This app is essential for medical students. It helps you to break down medical information and avoid information overload.

Mind maps are a way to organize all of the thoughts that go on in your brain. This helps you think clearly and allows you to gather knowledge, remember information and create new ideas. The next time you feel overwhelmed by the number of clinical cases you have to deal with, take a deep breath and use the SimpleMind tool to map it out.

Begin with the main theme, such as psychiatry. Next, add associations like anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, medicine. Next, add keywords for each association. These can be colour coded and used to create a large map that represents your knowledge of a medical topic.

Diagnosis: Your Prognosis

A series of engaging clinical case scenarios that assess the player’s decision-making skills. Each scenario is accompanied with a concise and comprehensive discussion about the diagnostic reasoning involved, and key lessons that can be applied to your day-to-day practice. A panel of 120 specialists physicians reviews case scenarios that are based on real patients. It has won many awards, including No. 1 medical app in the USA and Best Health App at The World Summit Awards 2012.

Prognosis: YourDiagnosis can be used as practice material by medical students, and other healthcare professionals who are preparing for their professional licensure exams. Each week, a new scenario is added to our database of 150+ clinical cases.

Skyscape Medical Library

This package includes over 850 medical resources, including drug information, clinical information and medical calculators. Smart Link, Skyscape’s proprietary cross-reference technology; algorithms; interactive images; flowcharts and frequent content updates are just a few of the features. This app also offers access to more than 600 premium resources across 35 medical specialties.

Included FREE

Skyscape Rx

Skyscape Clinical Calculator

Skyscape Clinical Consult


Skyscape has partnered up with over 50 respected publishers and content suppliers to provide a virtual “greatest hits” of the most trusted medical sources, which are regularly updated to ensure that you always have the most recent information.

PubMed Mobile

You can search the PubMed database, which contains more than 24,000,000 citations for biomedical literature, from MEDLINE, online books, and life science journals. Citations contain links to full text content from PubMed Central or publisher websites. The app is easy to use and includes options for keyword search, saves search queries, citations, as well as emails citations. Pro version has many more features.


According to “Whonamedit,” which is a dictionary of medical acronyms, more than 8,000 medical terms are named after people or places that were involved in the identification of a disease. It is not difficult to keep track of these eponyms. This app is free and allows users to browse and search thousands common medical eponyms. It’s perfect for medical students who already struggle with managing a large amount of information. describes this mobile solution as the “hidden gem of medical apps”. It allows users to access all the functionality that web-based solutions provider PEPID has been providing, but at their point of care.

What are the possibilities with PEPID? You can quickly and easily navigate through clinical and drug content, share notes with colleagues and classmates, identify critical drug interactions, and increase your DDx (differential diagnoses) abilities all while on the go.

Although PEPID can be expensive, many users agree that it is worth every penny.

Daily Runds

This digital journal is updated daily and includes the most recent clinical cases from medical schools around the globe. Daily Rounds’ problem-solving, case-based approach to medical students gives them a first-hand view of new, relevant, and well-curated clinical scenarios. This allows for an ongoing learning experience.


Healthcare providers trust this leading medical reference app to help them make better decisions and save time. It delivers patient-focused care quickly thanks to everything, from drug interaction checks to peer-reviewed disease content.

Epocrates is worth downloading because users have reported that it saves them at least 20 minutes per day. This is a significant advantage considering that time is a valuable asset for medical students.


Students in medical school study. There is a lot. What if you could increase your active recall? Spaced repetition is the answer. This app, which bills itself as “flashcards on steroids,” harnesses the power of this scientifically-proven retention technique to help students learn more easily and efficiently.

Brainscape’s smart flashcards allow users to test their knowledge and share it with others. Users can also bookmark cards to review later.

Human Anatomy Atlas

This 3D anatomically accurate atlas of male and female bodies may just be your best friend, no matter if you are a lover or loather of anatomy.

The Human Anatomy Atlas is considered the “gold standard” in anatomy reference apps. It contains more than 10,000 3D structures, as well as definitions and Latin terms. You can then test your knowledge with over 1,000 questions.

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