Top 10 Best Android Apps For Film Makers

Filmmaking has always been at the top of digital technology and it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are thousands of apps designed specifically for us. Through time, I’ve loaded...
best apps for filmmakers 2020

Filmmaking has always been at the top of digital technology and it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are thousands of apps designed specifically for us. Through time, I’ve loaded with my iPhone with more apps than it can handle, and tried every app available as a kid in a candy store.

Like you’d think, a lot of them were unimportant (or at best, irrelevant) However, certain ones have altered my work routine forever. Are you looking for the 3D map of exactly where it will shine in two months before you begin filming? Are you wondering if the sunrise in the morning tomorrow is worthy of the trip to shoot in the field? Are you not a math-loving person and have to calculate the timelapse intervals? This is all covered.

I’m thrilled to reveal the authentic gems that I’ve stumbled across.


In the midst of shooting, is there anything more irritating than writing a new script? Nothing. There’s nothing more frustrating. You receive a revised version that you must then integrate the new pages Quickly determine what’s changed, then write all your notes on the new pages.

This is the point where Scriptation is able to help. It’s an Emmy(r) Award winning app for iPad, iPhone, and Mac lets you add notes to scripts using an array of custom annotation tools, and then transfer these notes into script revisions at the touch of the button. According to producer John Scott (The Magicians, You) the note-transferring feature has saved him five hours of prepping time each week!

Rainn Wilson of “The Office” stars in”Scriptation’s “Script Change Hell”

However, Scriptation isn’t only for “Hollywood kinds.” Indie and aspiring filmmakers make use of the production application to read scripts, create markup documents, make notes highlights lines, bookmark scenes, and divide annotations easily into layers. One App Store reviewer told new filmmakers: “I guarantee this app will become a standard tool for use on production.” Therefore, be ready to use it for your next production. Test Scriptation’s no-cost script annotation software and experience the results for yourself. Cost: Free


StudioBinder is a revolutionary method for producers, filmmakers agencies and firms to simplify their workflows to meet the demands of today’s 21st Century. It is a web-based filmmaking application that comes with an array of products integrated, Studiobinder has a plethora of functions, that include:

Call Sheets – Create and create personalized call sheets, and keep track of RSVPs.

The script breakdown feature lets you import scripts and tag elements such as costumes and props.

Storyboards and Shot Lists A robust, flexible Storyboard and shot lists maker.

Shooting Schedules Drag-and-Drop interface to schedule and plan shooting schedules for multiple days.

Contact Lists Manage and send messages to crew members, talent vendors, customers, and many more.

Calendars, Tasks and Files – Collaborate with others and discuss tasks as well as files and production calendars.

Price is: Free

Artemis Pro

Artemis was the very first viewfinder that is digital available on smartphones. Through the years, it has evolved into an essential tool for professional filmmakers , used by Oscar winners as well as film students from all over the world.

Artemis lets you enter your camera’s specific sensor, choose your lens and view your complete field of vision right on your smartphone screen. In the year 2018, Artemis was given the Emmy in recognition of the contribution it made to cinemamaking.

Price: $29.99

Helios Pro

Helios Pro is an advanced light-tracking application for cinematographers photographers and graphic designers. In addition to being able to determine the exact location for the sun moon, and the stars, but Augmented Reality and light simulation allow you to imagine exactly what images will appear like in any place and at any time of the year and during the day. You can visualize precisely the light that will shine and shadows fall.

Chemical Wedding created these dynamic 3D terrain meshes to illustrate how changing light changes over the course of the day in the mountains, hills and valleys. In the same way, OpenStreetMap building data creates an 3D model of streets and buildings. Therefore, regardless of the location you’re shooting from you’ll be able to see precisely how light strikes mountain ranges or buildings during the daytime.

Price: $29.99


LumaFusion is a multi-track video editor that was designed specifically for mobile devices. The program is described as an “desktop classes” editing program The features of LumaFusion are truly comparable to the traditional editing of video.

The filmmaking software comes with an easy non-linear editing space featuring three tracks for audio and video as well as three audio tracks to record music, narration or sound effects. There are also many different layouts that you can use to tailor the workspace to fit the way you edit.

The app can be used with different frame rate and aspect ratios and options for insert, overwrite, ripple or slip editing. It also has as well as the capability to identify in/out points of the source as well as live audio mixing as well as keyframes.

Beyond the basic edits, LumaFusion provides many built-in effects titles, video effects, titles animations, color correction capabilities and even royalty-free music. Also, nearly everything custom you make could be stored as a pre-set for later use. Price: $19.99


UpCast is a mobile app for filmmakers that connects talent and casting professionals throughout the casting process. Actors and models can audition on their mobiles by sending videos and photos direct to professional casting. You can easily browse through roles, upload photos/videos and then be cast right from your sofa. Cost is: Free is a space for collaboration for clients and filmmakers to collaborate and offer feedback. There are no more email chains that have inconsistencies regarding time stamps. allows time-based comments and annotations for videos which allows you to create drawings directly over video frame in order to clearly convey your thoughts. Additionally, the video transcoding feature in the cloud lets you upload any format of video and not have to worry over playback playback compatibility. also has the ability to control version numbers so that you can look back at all the previous versions of your projects as well as Comment Replay that loops four seconds around every comment, so that you get a better understanding of what it is saying in the context of. Price: $17/month

Shot Designer

The Shot Designer app promises that it will make it “ridiculously simple” to block difficult scenes. Shot Designer aims to be the best film application for directors, mixing camera diagrams stories, shot lists, storyboards and animation in one location. All the work you create is interconnected. Any changes you make to the diagram will update the shot list The modifications you make to the shot list will affect the diagram, etc. Price: $19.99

Switcher Studio

Switcher can create professional-quality live videos using only iPhones as well as iPads. Edit as you shoot switching between camera, images and video to ensure you don’t delay the process. Live stream to YouTube and Facebook take HD 1080p or 4K quality video, or stream video to a projector or an external display. Price: $29/mo


Cine Meter II

Cine Meter II an advanced photography video, film, and application for iOS that utilizes the built-in camera for an reflected light meter with shutter priority and an RGB waveform display, and the false-color mode. Cine Meter II measures light and color so that you can shoot and light and be sure of what you’ll get. Price: $24.99

Shot Lister

Shot Lister is a professional shot scheduler and list of shots application that has been described as “a more efficient way to improve your life easier.” There’s no more crumbling sheet of paper lined with the entirety your plans scribbled on it. It’s the future of digital shot list.

Shot Lister is developed by film makers to provide the only tool that allows you to create, organize, and schedule and share your shot lists digitally. Drag and tap to organize your schedule in mere minutes. You can organize and save hundreds of images and scenes using industry-standard formatting.

Available for iOS, macOS, and Android Everything is completely customizable, and live editing allows you to modify your schedule while on the move.

Price is No cost on iOS

Kodak Cinema Tools

A program for film shooting film may seem a bit odd however Kodak developed this app for free to take the guesswork out of working on celluloid films. The app includes an film calculator as well as the depth of field calculator that was designed to simplify the process of arithmetic.

If you’re shooting 16mm film at 24 frames per second and an extra 58 feet of film what run time do you have? You don’t have to think about it because Kodak Cinema Tools Kodak Cinema Tools app does the job for you. In the same way, the depth-of-field calculator will assist you in determining the necessary settings to get the focal point you desire.

Price is: Free


Quik is among the most popular video editing apps available for Android and is provided into your hands by GoPro. With the Quik app, you’ll be able create amazing videos with just a few clicks.

Automatically add effects and transitions and use beat-synthesized designs to produce stunning and easily shareable edits. Quik does the majority of editing itself, however, Quik can also be customized to provide specific aspects.

The review: Quik has gained an overall score of 4.4/5 Based on reviews of 476,637 customers.Quick is a no-cost video editing application for Android phones.

Pricing: Quik is a free video editing software that works on Android phones.

The Key Features:

• Add up to 75 images and videos from the gallery to cloud storage or GoPro Plus

It is compatible with motion images

Unlimited backup-up with 100 100% quality

GPS stickers to show off GoPro video’s speed

AI-powered face, motion and sound detection to get an ideal frame. Allows manual adjustments

23+ themes for any occasion

– Record, trim , or rotate videos, include text overlays or change the speed of the video

Video clips in different dimensions like portrait, square or cinema

100+ songs for free for background use or you can create your own

– HD 1080p export

— QuikStories can be used with the GoPro App . It compiles great videos from media that was shot in the past 72 hours.

Pro version copies your GoPro footage

Essential The Features Quik video Editor


– Capable of handling videos from any device or camera

– Supports 4K video and is a huge alternative to other apps

– Doesn’t leave an impression of watermark

– Excellent for basic editing

The Quik features for murals lets you make your most memorable photos as distinct events

Auto edits the music to be in sync with the video beat


– Stores your work in cloud storage for a certain amount of time, meaning you can’t go back to make changes at any time to

The absence of an undo feature means it is difficult return to the edit that was made

Customer support is not satisfactory. Problems and bugs remain unresolved even after several complaints by customers.

The automatic editing makes it a little difficult to customize


A very powerful video editor, Filmora go is also one of the top free video editing applications for Android phones that doesn’t apply a watermark, or the duration of your video. It allows you to create professional videos using a variety of presets and effects. You can upload your videos to your contacts via Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp right from the platform.

The review: FilmoraGo is gaining an average score of 4.6/5 basing on user reviews of 626,723 users.

Prices Filters and effects are available for purchase via in-app purchases, ranging between $0.99 to $34.99 per item

Principal Features:

Import content from social network websites like Instagram and Facebook

A vast library of songs licensed by the artist

– Lip sync your videos

Make videos with different dimensions, such as square, cinema, etc.

– Trim, reverse, or rotate videos. Add overlays of text, play at speed

Multiple slow or fast motions in one video

– Modify the speed and timeline of title Can add multiple titles

Supports several international languages, including German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, etc

Important features — FilmoraGo Video Editor


It is simple to use and packed with free features

High-quality, professionally produced videos

Access to premium templates with presets included within the Professional version


The variety of filters, presets and effects aren’t backed by solid how-to tutorials

The audio fades out towards end of the video

The horizontal timeline makes editing videos difficult


KineMaster is a fully-featured and powerful video editor available on Android. It is a powerful tool that are simple to use. There are more than 2500 transitions, effects images, videos, and transitions. In addition, EQ presets and ducking as well as volume envelope tools make the audio on KineMaster extremely intense and effective. Premium subscriptions also include unlimited exports with resolutions of up to 4K.

Reviews: KineMaster received an overall score of 4.4/5 basing on the feedback of 4,511,621 people.


Yearly Charge following a seven-day free trial


Monthly Subscription


Key Features:

In-built graphics, fonts and transitions, stickers, clips and more to add a touch of elegance to your video

Multiple layers of stickers, video and text etc.

Keyframe animation tool that allows you to create motion for layers

The voice over, the voice changer background music, sound effects

Create stunning effects using the blending mode

Share your content with others on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox etc.

Features that are important – KineMaster Video Editor


This includes green screen audio-adding extracting audio, volume control as well as chroma keys and more.

You can include multiple video and audio layers which are great for those who are advanced in their creations

– Can download multiples assets like stickers, images, backgrounds, etc. from its store of assets

Continuously updated Youtube channel with tutorials on how-tos


– Very difficult to crop audios and videos with a tight-fitting timeline

It takes time to get used to

The subscription isn’t reflected across devices at all times.

The app can only be used in horizontal mode, which could be a bit uncomfortable

Extremely advanced for beginner

– Creates a watermark on the free version.


VivaVideo is a no-cost video editing application for Android which comes with all the essential functions that you’d expect along with a number of advanced features which make it a leading contender.

VivaVideo is among the most extensive video editing software, offering video editing tools like creating videos with songs from photos editing video using transitions and adding video to video, merging video clips as well as adding music to video and more. It has a wide range of Special Effects/Stickersand filters as well as animated clips that modify your videos. It is easy to upload the video on your social media accounts through the application.

The review: VivaVideo has gained an overall score of 4.6/5 Based on reviews of 12,970,605 customers.


Monthly Plan


Annual VIP Membership


Principal Features:

Professional music video creator that includes music and effects

Make videos with music and photos easily

– A variety of video editing effects like blur background and slow down videos speed up videos, etc.

Combine multiple video clips to create one video

– You can cut, edit or merge while editing the video

– Export videos at your desired resolution like 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc

The Key Features of HTML0 : VivaVideo Video Editor


It comes with an inbuilt slow-motion video maker

It is extremely effective to create short videos for social media

– Very simple to use even for the novice

Cut clips and place them wherever you like


Every update can cause problems for the app to function

It is prone to erase images or text or to place it elsewhere in the video

– Multiple issues when making music for video

It is difficult to manage and add multiple audio/video files

The large amount of advertisements within the paid version make it difficult to stay focused.

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