Top 10 Best 2D/3D Animation Software For PC

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives by enhancing it in a way or other. It has changed how every step works and has made it easier for us...
Top 10 Best 2D/3D Animation Software For PC

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives by enhancing it in a way or other. It has changed how every step works and has made it easier for us to complete numerous tasks. One of the areas that is most affected areas by technology is the area of Movies and Animation.

The public has been a lover of cartoons and animation from the time they first came out. The software used to create animations is quite sophisticated that they are capable of creating cartoon animations but also to enhance the real to make the impossible appear as if it were real.

Animation software lets anyone use VFX to any footage to make it stand out and awe-inspiring. There are a variety of animation programs for computers. They come with a variety of options and levels of experience which allows users to pick depending on their needs for projects and abilities.

Today, in this post we’ll review the top Animation programs for novices with a short review. Each of the software listed is quite simple to use and easy to understand. Therefore, you won’t have any issue using it.


Visme, a cloud-based digital design program that allows anyone to make animated social media images, infographics, banners, advertisements, presentations and many other visuals.

It’s with animated and interactive features that allow you to create attractive designs that are more than static images.

Visme’s animation software allows you to access to thousands of pre-made templates and a collection of free stock images and videos, custom-designed pre-animated characters animations and illustrations, and so much more.


The editor is user-friendly and simple to use.

Many animated templates are available in different categories.

Pre-animated characters that can be customized Illustrations, gestures and characters.

Animation timeline feature allows you to personalize scenes and to sync audio.

14+ types charting, graphs, and maps.

Advanced custom animations for any type of object.

Interactive links, call-to action buttons, as well as hover effect.

Libraries of searchable free stock images video, icons, and forms.

Import your own photos as well as videos, fonts and images.

Incorporate videos and other web-based content in your designs.

Team collaboration features: Share your projects.

Kit for branding: Keep your brand’s colors, fonts, logos and colors to use in the future.

Insightful analytics Access graphs and stats to view project data.

Formats for download of animated videos offline include GIF Video, MP4 and HTML5.

Share and publish online by using a link, or create the embed-code.

Prices: Free plan with limitations on options. Paid plans start at $15 per month per user, which is per year.

Advantages : An all-in-one tool for design loaded with animation and interactive featuresthat are great for designers and non-designers, with millions of graphic assets for free in the editor.

Pros: A variety of customization and design options could result in a high learning curve.

Perfect to use for Marketing professionals, teams from corporate instructors trainers for personal use.

Make your designs more appealing by incorporating animated images

Animations that make your designs come to life

Incorporate animations into your material from infographics to presentations and much more.

Make your own illustrations to be consistent with your brand’s colors

Sign up. It’s free.

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is a new and enhanced version Adobe Flash Professional. The program allows you to make interactive graphics as well as 2D animations to be used in videos games, advertisements TV and much more. You can create animated shapes, avatars, characters and other images using the timeline controls.


Vector brushes that have size along with smoothness, pressure and velocity setting.

Simple timeline controls that incorporate sophisticated animation options.

Virtual camera feature lets you add zoom, pan, and many other effects.

Synchronize your audio with your animations, and make audio loops.

The integration with Typekit gives you access to high-quality web fonts.

Export to Flash, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, SVG and more.

Prices: Starts from $20.99/month.

Advantages A wide range of export options and share-sharing capabilities to make your animations in almost any format on any platform.

Con: Just like any other Adobe software, Animate has a steep learning curve, particularly for people who are just beginning.

Ideal for: Game designers, YouTubers, cartoon makers.

Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator can be described as yet another among Adobe’s animated tools. However, unlike Adobe Animate, Character Animator allows you to utilize motion-capture technology to produce live animated versions of your two-dimensional characters. For instance, you can make a character using Illustrator or Photoshop and then upload it into Character Animator, set it up using tags, and then create animations by using motions that you make yourself via your webcam.


Real-time motion capture and automated facial tracking.

Download characters from the Creative Cloud Market.

Integration of Photoshop or Illustrator.

Move the character’s limbs using your mouse.

Timeline panel to record or editing of scenes.

Price: Included in the Creative Cloud All-Apps Plan that costs $52.99/month.

Benefits It is easy to duplicate realistic movements and expressions, using facial tracking. There are plenty of export and import options.

Pros: This software is included in the entire apps pack and not as a separate product. Additionally, you must have a microphone and a webcam to utilize motion capture.

Ideal for: Bloggers, marketers, entertainers, educators.

AutoDesk Maya

AutoDesk is well known company in terms of powerful software at an industrial scale. Maya is an excellent animation software that runs on PC. Its main functions AutoDesk Maya include 3D modeling and simulation. There are many tools that can create realistic motion and animation, making it an ideal choice for professionals. Users must be patient while working with Maya because it requires advanced capabilities.

AutoDesk Softimage

Softimage is among the most popular animation software programs for PC. It was first released in year 2000, and was a key tool to create professional films and games. Softimage was acquired by Autodesk and then further developed. While it has been removed and is no longer developed It is still an excellent program for beginners and is a great tool to get a grasp of the basics of professional animation on a PC.


Houdini is the next program to be included on our list of top animation programs for the PC. It is a specialist in 3D imaging, modeling texturing, rigging, as well as animation 3D models. The software allows for the ability to create full 3D environments for gaming, and as well as a fusion of the real world and animation to create projects that resemble movies. The ability to add additional plugins is a fantastic animation software for Windows.

Aurora 3D Animation Maker

Aurora 3D Animation Maker is an animation software for beginners. It offers a few basic capabilities for people who wish to get into the realm of animation or simply want to make a couple of basic videos created. In addition to basic motion and drawing it provides animating text and watermarks, and other features. Aurora 3D Animation Maker can be a fantastic animation program to get you interested in animation. There’s a free trial and you can purchase the full version after you have tried the program a go.

Adobe After Effects

While it is possible to use it as an independent animation software however, the majority of users utilize it along with other Adobe programs like Adobe Premiere Pro in order to add animations to their video projects. It is also useful to create animated logos and also to add VFX for your YouTube videos. Adobe After Effects is the most frequently used animation software on PC for YouTubers as well as video editors. We also utilize this software at work and highly recommend it.

Anime Studio

If 3D isn’t your thing and you want to create your story traditional fashion using 2D animations, then Anime studio is the best option. Anime is a popular genre from Japan however it is loved all over all over the world. If you’re in search of the right tool to create an animation, Anime Studio is the right tool. It lets you create simple animations and voice-overs for simple animated videos on PC. There are a variety of animated videos already available to accelerate the process of animation.


Modo is an additional animation software application designed for PC. It is specialized in 3D modeling and the sculpting process. What animators appreciate most about Modo is the layout of the tools as well as the work space. The interface of Modo is highly efficient since it is focused on efficiency. The panels and tools are designed in such as to allow users to complete more work in a shorter amount of time. It is designed for artists and animators who want to bring photography and animation together.

AutoDesk 3Ds Max

Autodesk 3Ds Max is a professional 3D modeling tool used for game development. It offers basic shapes that you can work with and then can be used to build complex animated structures using virtual physics, as well. The program is fairly easy to master, yet it is powerful enough to handle an entire multi-user project that includes many different shapes.


The animation software is simple and extremely simple to use. It doesn’t require you to sign up before you can begin editing templates. PosterMyWall allows you to design promotional posters, graphics , and videos by using a huge collection of templates and videos that are already in stock.

What is it that makes PosterMyWall distinguish itself from other applications is that it allows you to download your designs as high-quality video that include 4K or Full HD. It also lets you print them out for those who live within the US.


A large selection of animation video template.

Many thousands of stock videos that you can incorporate into your designs.

Bulk printing to print your designs on different types of.

Get your movies downloaded in 4K or Full HD quality.

Save in high-quality MP4 or GIF files.

Send your images to us using an embed link or a hyperlink online.

Prices: Free plan with no downloads for social media. Premium plans start at $9.95/month.

Benefits You can create animated films in high definition 4K and Full HD. Edit templates using your browser, and without signing to sign up.

Pros: Download options are limited with the basic plan. Animation features are limited.

Perfect to: Individuals, businesses.

Create captivating animated content using Visme

Create animated icons and images

Engage and draw attention to your design

Include exit and enter animation effects for fully animated content

Sign up. It’s free.a


The animation software from PixTeller is ideal for personal and business use. It’s a great alternative to an all-inclusive video editing software when you’re looking for something less basic.

It is possible to create short videos with animation in PixTeller by defining frame-by-frame motions and editing the characteristics of every frame, like the colors, rotation, opacity, and many more.


Many templates pre-animated to personalize.

Create a custom frame-by-frame timeline.

Unique text effects that will create animations that pop.

100,000+ shapes you can include in your animated videos. 100,000+ shapes to add to your animated.

You can share the URL to your video with certain individuals.

Downloads are available in MP4 video and GIF formats.

Prices: Their basic paid plan does not include animation features. The paid plan that includes animation capabilities starts at $12 per month and is billed annually.

Advantages Make animated banners and posts by editing a frame-by- frame timeline.

Pros: Lack of advanced animation capabilities. The option to download in MP4 or GIF only available on the plan that is paid.

is ideal to: Marketers, freelancers and bloggers.

Animatron Studio

This is a fantastic choice when you’re searching for an animation program that is feature-rich. Animatron Studio offers a huge collection of pre-animated elements as well as templates that will help you make video explanations, HTML5 advertisements, banners and much more.

The customization options are almost limitless. You can even change the facial expressions that the character’s expressions. If you’re seeking a less powerful version, take a look at Animatron Lite.


A huge selection of pre-animated characters as well as characters, and much many more.

A wide range of customizing options.

Import, edit and place your own images.

Voiceover built-in features allow for narration.

Live collaboration and comments in real-time.

Export to HTML5 or MP4 formats. SVG as well as GIF formats.

Make it easy to share online using the use of a link or an embed code.

Price: Animatron has a “Lite Mode” with is free, but has only a few options. Plans that are paid start at $30 per month which is which is billed annually.

Advantages Customization options that are advanced for every pre-animated characters as well as objects. Download your designs in several popular formats.

Pros: Interface can be slow, and there aren’t any free stock videos are available within the program.

Perfect For: Marketers, corporate teams, teachers, freelancers, and other freelancers.


If you’re looking to make short, animated videos, such as advertisements, promotions, or social media video, Biteable is an ideal choice. It allows you to upload and download animated videos through editing one of the templates they have created.

You can also search through hundreds of footage and scenes to make a totally unique video. Biteable allows you to collaborate with your team by using its collaboration tools.


Explore the hundreds of video template designs that are professional.

Get access to thousands of clips from stock footage and animations.

Create audio tracks with an enormous library as well as uploading your own.

Send your video to others in the team.

Make your video available on Biteable with privacy settings.

Download your designs in Full HD MP4 video format.

You can directly share your content on social media platforms, or embed a link or embed code.

Price: Free plan with only a few options. Paid plans start at $49 per month for a year of billing.

Benefits Create all sorts of videos for marketing, such as demos and explainers. You can access hundreds of footage clips from stock to create something distinctive.

Con: You can only download the format MP4 video. Exports that are free of charge are accompanied by watermarks.

Ideal for: Marketers, trainers, educators.


Animaker is ideal for business as well as educators who want to make interactive presentations and videos. Animaker is an animation software that includes a wide collection of templates and animated elements, such as drawings, characters, and gestures.


A large selection of animation templates as well as other assets.

Six different video styles to modify and mix.

Professional-grade animation features such as Curve Camera In, Camera Out and Out.

200+ tracks of music and sound effects that you can incorporate into your videos.

Team and enterprise management capabilities.

Upload directly directly to YouTube or Facebook and share the URL.

Downloads are available in MP4 video and GIF formats.

Price: Free plan with limitations on options. Paid plans start at $10/month and are each year.

Benefits Make animated video clips for all sorts of business or personal needs. There are a variety of styles for video that include whiteboard videos.

Con: Only 5 watermarked downloads are included in the plan for free. The only use for this is to create videos and not animated images.

Perfect to: Marketers, presenters freelancers, presenters.

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