SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) is a relatively common Blue Screen error message which mostly occurs on Windows 10 systems, although other OS versions might also be affected. Despite the fact that the...

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) is a relatively common Blue Screen error message which mostly occurs on Windows 10 systems, although other OS versions might also be affected. Despite the fact that the computer’s operation may seem normal, frequent crashes could cause data loss. All work on MS Excel or any other application could be lost. Thus, it is essential to fix SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) error on Windows as soon as possible.

Blue Screen of Death refers to a stop error. This means the device has stopped operating before any further damage is done to it. Users can usually recover from a crash by restarting the machine. If such errors happen repeatedly, it is an indication that there is a problem.

Although the crash might occur after you upgrade to a newer version of Windows, they usually appear out of nowhere. Many users can just guess why the problem is there, although it is usually related to software incompatibility,driver problems, or faulty hardware. Users should check if any recently purchased equipment is causing the crashes. This error is rare on laptops because the device is compatible.

If SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (fltmgr.sys) error is appearing together with other issues, such as software crashes, increased CPU usage, an increased amount of advertisement, and similar, it would be wise to scan your machine using reputable security software. For this task, we recommend Reimage. This application will not only detect if your computer is suffering from malware infection, but it can also fix many Windows errors in a few clicks.

Perform a Virus Check

The system_service_exception blue screen error might be caused by viruses or malware. To fix the blue screen error 0x0000003b, it is important to run antivirus software to scan for and remove viruses. Download antivirus software from this website. Run it to run a virus test.

Uninstall a Specific Program

Sometimes, the stop code service exception occurs on Windows 11/10/8/7 when certain applications are installed. It is possible to disable or uninstall them.

Do this:

McAfee (turn off, not uninstall).

Disable webcam

BitDefender (remove), Cisco VPN (remove).

Virtual CloneDrive

Xsplit & MSI Live Update

Asus GameFirst Service


Update your Drivers

The cause of the blue screen system exception stop code is incompatible drivers. Windows Updates may keep drivers current, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Windows uses the latest and correct drivers.

Install the most recent drivers. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Win and R to enter devmgmt.msc into the Run dialog textbox and then click OK.

Step 2: Once you have entered the Device Manager interface find any drivers (including sound card drivers) with a yellow alert symbol attached. Next, click on each problem-driver and choose Update driver.

Step 3: Allow Windows to search for the latest driver software automatically. You should wait patiently for the process to complete.

Run System File Checker

Windows 10/8/7 might experience a system service exception when there are corrupted files. Next, you can run a scan using System File Checker which is an integrated tool that fixes various issues including blue screen of death.

Step 1: Type cmd into the Windows search box.

Step 2: Right-click Command prompt to make it run as administrator.

Step 3: Type SFC /scannow into the CMD window, and then press .

As you can see, this tool is currently running a system scan. After verifying 100%, please wait for a while and then exit cmd.

Check your Hard Drive

You might experience errors on your hard disk. CHKDSK can be used to verify your file system and fix certain issues.

Step 1: Run Command Prompt again as administrator.

Step 2: Type chkdsk/f /r into the CMD window, and then press .

Step 3: Type Y, and restart your computer so the utility can scan for file system errors and find and protect bad sectors.

Windows Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter is Microsoft’s built in troubleshooting tool. Just like System File Checker, it is also able to deal with various system issues, including BSOD errors like stop code system_service_exception.

Here’s how to use the Troubleshooter Windows 10/11 for system exception errors

Step 1: You can open the Troubleshoot window by opening it in one of these ways:

Enter troubleshoot into the search box, and then click this system setting.

Go to Start > Setting > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

Step 2: Next, go to the Fix other problems section. Click Blut Screen then choose Run troubleshooter.

Step 3: Continue to the next steps on the screen.

Use Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Your computer may stop working due to memory problems. To fix Windows 11/10/8/7’s system exception error, it could be worth checking the RAM memory. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Type Memory Diagnostic into the search box, and then click on the app to open.

Step 2: Click Restart now to check for problems in the Windows Memory Diagnostic Window.

Step 3: This tool checks for memory issues during the PC reboot process. Windows will display the test results for you. This tool may not work. You can try Memtest86, which is the original self-booting memory testing software.

Run Startup Repair

Startup Repair can be used to fix service exception errors. To enter Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), press Shift and Restart in Windows 10/11. If Windows fails to boot, you can restart the computer several times until the Windows logo appears. Windows 7: Press F8 on reboot to click Repair your PC to enter WinRE. Follow the steps to repair your computer.

As an example, take Win 10.

Step 1: Navigate to Troubleshoot on the Page. Select an option.

Step 2: To fix any problems that prevent OS loading, click Advanced Options > Startup Repair

Restart your computer and you should be able to fix the Windows 11/Windows 10 system exception.

System Service Exception Error Fixed and Eradicated

One of these fixes or a combination of them will resolve your SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error, leaving your system BSOD-free.


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