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How do I Fix Sims 4 error code 0

How do I Fix Sims 4 error code 0 (The Game Couldn’t save)?

How do I Fix Sims 4 error code 0 (The Game Couldn’t save)?

The Sims 4 players are currently experiencing an error code of zero. The Sims 4 players are receiving the “The game was not able to save. Error Code 0.’ on The Sims 4. Today we’ve shared details about what causes this Sims 4 Error Code 0 and the best way to repair it. Read more details below.

What exactly is error code 0, in The Sims 4?

This error is caused in the event that The Sim 4 fails to save the game. This issue is affecting gamers on consoles too as well as PC. According to game developers they are currently trying to solve the error code 0..

How can I solve my Sims 4 game Failed to Save Error Code

Make Sure you Have an Antivirus

In rare cases the antivirus software may be the reason for this issue. Most antivirus programs have the Folder Protection feature which can protect your system’s folders. Sometimes, this feature can cause issues with The Sims 4 and make you ineligible to restore your games.

But, you can solve this issue simply by turning off the Folder protection option in your antivirus. If this does not help then you may need to turn off your antivirus prior to you begin the game.

If you’re in a worst-case scenario you may have remove your antivirus.

If you find that removing the antivirus resolves the issue, look into switching to another antivirus program. ESET Internet Security is an excellent antivirus program that does not interfere with your PC when you play games.

It offers complete antivirus protection through an extensive range of security options. It can block ransomware and other malware from entering your computer.

Another point worth noting is that ESET doesn’t have a tendency to detect false positives.

Transfer your Mods Folder

Many gamers use various mods or CC in order to improve their gameplay. However, this can result in issues when saving, and If The Sims 4 won’t save you could think about removing specific Mods and CC.

To identify which mod or CC responsible for the issue and to resolve the issue, you should move them out of their directory onto Desktop or another folder on your computer.

Transfer all your mods into the Desktop and verify whether the issue is still there. If not, transfer each mod one at a time or in batches back to their original locations.

Keep in mind that you’ll need restart the game each when you change an CC or mod. Once you have identified the mod in question, eliminate it and the issue is resolved permanently.

Make sure to Check the File’s Autosave Option.

Sometimes, your autosave file could create this, and other similar errors to happen. If you experience this issue it is important to examine the autosave files by doing these things:

  • Visit your save folder inside the Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4 folder . Then transfer the file onto your desktop. This is the autosave file.
  • When you start the game, click”load” on your main menu and try loading one your game’s files.
  • If you don’t see the load button then start with a fresh game.
  • You can play the game for a short time then save the game and quit the game.
  • Return to the game, click the load button, and check whether your saved games are accessible.

When the loading button isn’t present then you’re able to begin an entirely new game, but you can’t create anything, or the game was not able to save. Error Code”0″ error message is displayed when trying to save your game. Follow these steps:

  • Shut down the game, navigate to the Documents/Electronic Arts/The SIMS 4/cache and clear all cache files.
  • Transfer your saves folder onto your desktop, then begin a new game for a fresh save directory.
  • Next, you must move every save game you have saved from the desktop folder into the new folder. Transfer only one file at a and then test whether any of them functions. This file is typically the culprit.
  • It is important that the Sims 4 keeps the latest saves that you make. Take out the .ver0 at to the file at the bottom of your saved game. It is the same slot number like the one you have just transferred. The file should now end in .save.

After that, start the game and check how it loads, and if it keeps your progress. Continue to try each one of the slots in the saved games.

Remove Cache and Create an Entirely New Save

  • Stop playing and go to Documents/Electronic Art/The Sims 4/cache.
  • Remove all cached files only.
  • Cut and move your Saves file to your Desktop.
  • Start the game. This will assist you in creating the save folder.
  • Close Sims 4.
  • Then, copy the save game from the folder on your Desktop into this new file which was created, and be sure to each one at a time.

Restore Backup Files Saved

Keep in mind that the game will create save game backups (up of 5) and you are able to recover these backups as well. The backup with the longest duration gets wiped out as you save the game.

If you’d want to restore a save saved from the game itself, simply click the Load button on the main screen. Select the previous save that is not damaged.

Then, click Recover Save then it will be able to work without difficulty.

Make sure you be sure to verify for the time and date of the save you have selected Although you could have to revert some of your progress it’s more beneficial than losing part of your progress.

For Manual backups:

  • Go to Documents/Electronic Arts/The SIMS 4/saves
  • Locate the file with the name: Slot_(Number).save.
  • It is possible to move it or erase it if you’re certain.
  • Then, rename one of the Slot_(Number).save.ver(Number) files with the Slot_(Number).save name that you just removed.
  • When you do this, you’re telling the game that the backup file is to be the main save file, and that’s the one you’ll see when you launch the game. Make sure you confirm the date and the time of your chosen save.



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