Similar Games Like Candy Crush

The Candy Crush Saga is the most popular mobile game across the globe. Candy Crush has more players than PUBG and COD Mobile combined, yes that’s how popular it is. Candy...
Similar Games Like Candy Crush

The Candy Crush Saga is the most popular mobile game across the globe. Candy Crush has more players than PUBG and COD Mobile combined, yes that’s how popular it is. Candy Crush made their players addicted to the game, and everyone from every age have a fan base. In essence the sense that there are more than billion players around the world who have played Candy Crush once.

Candy Crush is not just playing a game where you swipe across the display to play candy it’s a brain-teasing game. Additionally, Candy Crush has more fun than what you imagine which is the reason Candy Crush is more popular then PUBG, Call Of Duty or CSGO. It may appear like a child’s game, but it’s excellent. Candy Crush may seem easy initially, but as you progress through the levels it becomes extremely difficult and nearly impossible to break. Many people also look for answers on the internet in order to beat the game and move onto the next.

If you’re sort of an Arcade Game lover, then Candy Crush might be a major game for you. In case you’re not sure, and enjoyed Candy Crush anyhow, and would like to play more similar games and games, this article is perfect for you. I’ve searched the web and app stores extensively to discover the top Candy Crush alternatives for everyone. In addition, I’d like to point out that these aren’t Candy Crush alternatives, but like Candy Crush, they can’t substitute for Candy Crush itself.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled is among the original puzzle games that actually was released before Candy Crush. The name implies that Bejeweled Blitz is more into gems. It lets players play a casual match-three sport in which you earn points by matching gems that are identical.

The main screen is an 8×8 grid packed with gems. To match the same shades, players need to swap their gems adjacent to put the desired color gems in the same order as similar gems. A well-planned plan for swapping gems can result in endless combinations and huge multipliers.

Jewel Mania

The game that is so popular comes developed by Storm8 Studio, the team behind the Bubble Mania games. There are more than 600 levels of puzzles to solve to complete in Jewel Mania. The game involves breaking glass, digging up treasures to rack up scores and creating more combinations to boost the score. While creating combos, there’s an opportunity for players to collect rare magic diamonds as well as rainbow stars.

Zookeeper Battle

With more than nine million downloaded games, Zookeeper Battle is gaining lots of attention in the world of addictive gaming, similar to Candy Crush. Zookeeper Battle is a game that adds a distinct twist to the very popular gameplay mechanics. You must compete against your opponents by using your animal friend as you play with different animals in the game. The player who has the highest score at the end of the timer is the winner. The game continues for each round until you are eliminated of the game. There are a variety of powers available to help your fight and provide a whole new strategy.

Two Dots

The look may seem minimalist however Two Dots can be a complex game once you get further. The levels of the game offer diverse worlds with its own mechanics and goals. The only thing you have to do is connect dots to advance through the levels. You will can win the level when you are able to connect all dots. There are many techniques that increase the challenge to your gameplay and once you’ve got the knack of it you’ll be able finish the game quickly. Because Two Dots has no time limitation on any level, you’ll be able to play at your own speed and with no pressure.

Pokemon Shuffle

Inspired by the famous video game series which is about finding all the Pokemon, Pokemon Shuffle puts players in the position of a trainer and gym leader, however instead of fighting trainers and Pokemons the goal is to compete with the same Pokemons, similar to Candy Crush.

The game was originally released on originally released on the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Shuffle has a campaign-mode progression which allows you to unlock additional levels once you have completed the first level that the game. The Pokemons are unique to the gameplay mechanics identical to the battle system of the original games, in which you can capture Pokemons after beating them at their level.

Puzzle & Dragons

One of the most popular mobile games, similar to Candy Crush in Japan, Puzzle and Dragons blends the elements of JRPG, puzzle and gacha mechanics that has made it one of the top games across the globe. You create a group of monsters to aid you during battle. They have special abilities that will help increase the difficulty of the game. These monsters are acquired via the gacha-like method, which is similar to the lottery. The rarest monsters could provide an enormous boost for your team. Puzzle & Dragons also has an array of brand partnerships that allow you to invite characters from other anime or games.

Juice Cubes

From Rovio, the company behind the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise, Juice Cubes is a match-three game impossible to get rid of. It has an impressive 150+ levels that include Mermaids, witches, and pirates. Although it’s not as good as quality of content games that Candy Crush can provide, I’d prefer quality over quantity.

Cursed House

Originating from Big Fish Studios, one of my favorite studios Cursed House is an terrifying match three game for your iPad. With over 100 fascinating levels to be conquered and a wealth of magical abilities to acquire, Cursed House is a solid contender to be one of the top-paid games such as Candy Crush.

Triple Town

The game similar to Candy Crush was originally released to it’s the Amazon Kindle in the year 2000 before it was released to social networks as well as various other devices on mobile. Triple Town managed to get an enormous amount of popularity, despite the general acceptance from Candy Crush Saga, by making a new twist on the match-three classic. The players must improve the grid to become a more built town or settlement. Each tile begins with grass, and once it is paired with two similar tiles, it transforms into a shrub, later as a tree, house, a hut, and the list goes on. The level is over when all the spaces on the grid is filled, and the final score is added up.

Match Land

Match Land is an RPG set in a medieval land and a puzzle element. It might sound like a typical game but the actual game is more of an epic adventure. The game is an pixel art style of graphics for an eye-catching experience. The game lets you create your own team of pixel heroes and set out on an adventure. Take on enemies in a turn-based match-three challenge. You can unleash a variety of combos in just one turn by combining different icons. There are more than 700 levels to conquer , with 70 legendary bosses that you can take on and 60 unique characters to help you in your quest.

Dungeon Raid

Another game that is similar to Candy Crush and one of the first match-three RPG hybrids that was developed for the mobile gaming platform. is Dungeon Raid. It has a simple design to keep players from getting distracted by flashy effects , and allow them to concentrate upon the game.

Find tiles that match by drawing the lines. Tiles that are identical will be activated and result in winning against a monster, accumulating treasure or upgrading your equipment. The more you connect similar tiles adjacent to each other, the higher your score. With over 400 unique objects to gather and 10 character classes that you can discover and learn, Dungeon Raid will keep players entertained for hours.

Frozen Free Fall

Based on the latest Disney film Frozen Free Fall is another game that is similar to Candy Crush that lets you take on an epic adventure together with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. It lets you meet the others from the film while you play and match frozen puzzles. With more than 1000 levels to play through, along with engaging gameplay and fun character designs, Frozen Free Fall is the ultimate game for kids and young at heart. There are more characters to play as you progress through the game, in addition to getting money and other prizes can be used to embellish your place.


The game, like Candy Crush is also an RPG, but with the hints of a dungeon run system. The player is an unnamed adventurer trying to get out of the dungeon before they become trapped for the rest of your life. To escape it is necessary to slide tiles in a way that matches three icons in order to create an effect. It could be a treasure chest or a melee attack to take down any enemies who are blocking your path while you fight to get out of the cave. The primary goal to get out of the dungeon is to score 10,000,000 points during your run. You can also use the gold you earn to upgrade your equipment and use other powerful spells to help you on your dungeon adventure.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

There are a few puzzle games such as Candy Crush that are not focused on fantasy or other eye-candy topics like there are certain games with superhero-related tropes. Marvel Puzzle Quest is based on the wildly popular Puzzle Quest series. It has a game that takes you on an adventure and each challenge puts you in a fight. You can join a group consisting of three heroes or villains and battle against a different trio in an action-based turn-based game. Each time you meet three gems that are identical and cause damage until you destroy the opponent team. You are able to use special powers based on the color of the gems you have matched.

Angry Birds Match

The Angry Birds franchise is no doubt the most popular games for mobile devices and the creators are currently testing their bird-themed mascots for the genre of puzzle games. With simple and fun gameplay it requires players to find objects and find sweets and remove obstacles such as dirt. If you are able to connect four or more similar objects, you’ll be able to make the big birds sing to help clear out obstacles. If you want to keep playing the game There are events during the season with activities throughout the week to keep you entertained.

Magic: Puzzle Quest

Another similar game to Candy Crush is Magic: Puzzle Quest It’s this is a spin-off of the popular tradeable cards game Magic: The Gathering. It’s still based on the classic mechanics of puzzles however it’s integrated using card-game mechanics. When you pair identical gems, you are able to use the cards in your deck and use spells in order to call creatures into existence or deal destruction. You can make your own deck as in the real game of cards, but the effects of cards will be played differently in order to be in sync with the game’s mechanics. As you advance through the game, you’ll be able to acquire more cards, and also can buy decks of cards using microtransactions.

7 Elements

Do you want to play a video game similar to Candy Crush but with additional obstacles? Are you looking to elevate your skills at matching candy to the next level? Seven Elements could be the game you’re searching for. While the fundamental gameplay remains identical, this game also allows players the ability to shift more pieces at a time. In fact, you’ll be allowed to move as many as three pieces at a time, which makes it easier to connect larger groups. Are you able to wrap your brain around this idea? If you’re ready to take on the challenge, give this challenging and stimulating method a try.

Doodle Find

While playing the game Doodle Find objects such as cupcakes keys, socks, and cupcakes are floating around on the screen, prompting you to find them. It gets more messy as more junk takes up the screen as time goes on. You’ll need your memory skills to identify matches even though the screen is strewn with objects. This game is sure to make you crazy (in an enjoyable way).

Cruel Jewels

The main difference between this game with other games of matching is the fact that it allows you to play it with your friends in multiplayer mode, which makes for some truly amazing combinations. Cruel Jewels challenges you to match three or more gems on your own or with a partner. While single-player is enjoyable I’d recommend that you try multiplayer too. It’s one of the most enjoyable games that drain your time like Candy Crush–perfect for your commute.

WWE Champions

Wrestling and Match 3, two seemingly unrelated items merged in an unusual but enjoyable game. Take on other top athletes with this challenging game in which you’ll be able to slam and defeat your opponents if you can match the same three gems. This game has RPG-like features to create a unique and enjoyable experience however, it’s still accessible to anyone who’s just starting out. Also, you can compete against opponents in PVP battles, or take part in a tag-team battle by playing multiplayer.

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