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Methods To Fix E-8210604A Error On PS4 PS5 PS Plus

How to Fix PS4 Error Code E-8210604A : Step by Step

There are numerous options you can do with your PlayStation Network account, but one of the most efficient is signing up for PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus membership. It offers exclusive discounts and discounted prices on a large range of games that are available on the PlayStation Store. Additionally, it can help you get additional discounts on top of discounted games and apps.

The PS Plus membership typically is for one month to a full year , depending on the subscription you select. However, there are certain issues to be aware of when you attempt to get the additional PS Plus membership or are looking to extend it after it’s over. Here,, we’ll describe what the PlayStation Error Code 8210604A is and the best way to fix the issue with your PS4.

What’s the cause of Error E-8210604A in PS4?

As we’ve mentioned before, this error code E-8210604A on PS4 is encountered when you try to buy a brand fresh PS Plus membership or you’re thinking of extending the subscription following the expiration. The error could indicate that the payment method you’re using does not work when you purchase the additional PS Plus subscription.

The error will show by displaying the “An issue has occurred. ” error message, as well as errors that appear at the bottom. This is a temporary issue and could be caused by an error or malfunction on your PSN accounts or the payment methods.

What’s the reason for the error code E-8210604A? Code?

Many who attempt to buy subscriptions to the PS Now or PS Plus subscription have experienced PlayStation problems using the code E-8210604A..

There are many possible causes of this error E-8210604A to occur:

  • The issue is in the payment method you make use of (credit or debit card PayPal account, etc. )
  • You’ve got incorrect account information on your account
  • Tempo data related to networks
  • An unreliable connection with the internet
  • A temporary outage is happening for the PS Store
  • Your profile, and PSN Account you’ve got in the PS Store profile or PSN account is infected

The most frequent cause for this issue can be due to a issue with you Internet connectivity. If your internet connection isn’t functioning properly or there are problems in or issues with your PlayStation server, you might be able observe an error message.

Another reason you could receive the error code that there’s a problem in the account. If you’re experiencing problems with your bank account such as expiration of your credit cards it is possible that you are experiencing this message.

If you have multiple accounts connected to the PlayStation Each one could be having an issue which causes errors like E-8210604A. Try logging into your account using a different account to see if this will solve the issue.

It could also be that the PlayStation Store is down or undergoing repairs. If this is the case it is best to wait until it’s operational before you attempt to purchase.

Methods To Fix E-8210604A Error On PS4 PS5 PS Plus

  • Sign Out On Playstation Network Playstation Network To Fix E-8210604a Playstation
  • Change The Email By Using The PlayStation Profile PlayStation Profile
  • Make sure you fill up your wallet before you make the purchase.
  • Remove the Active Card Off in order to fix error E-8210604a PS4.
  • Purchase at an alternative retailer
  • Pay using PayPal
  • Restart Your Router
  • Reset Your Router

1. Sign Out to the Playstation Network to Fix E-8210604a Playstation

The first step is to ensure that a regular PlayStation Network glitch doesn’t cause the problem. The issue code is E-8210604A. It has also affected a handful of users. They have verified that the problem is now fixed. Log off from your PSN account, and then sign in to sign in. After that, you could attempt to purchase an PlayStation Plus subscription.

  • It is possible to access the Settings menu in the PS4 console’s main menu.
  • In PS5, go to the upper right corner and click”the gear icon” (settings symbol).
  • Once you’re in the Settings menu, scroll down your list until you see an Accounts and Users menu.
  • Then, out of the choices available, choose the option Other. Then, go to PlayStation Network and sign out.
  • Login screen, which appeared immediately after you verified your operation. Try buying PS+ PS+ subscription once more to confirm whether the issue is resolved.

2. Change Your Email Address With Your PlayStation Profile

The method is always stopped the error E-8210604A from the PS4 and PS5. It is possible to obtain access to the PS+ subscription without any issues. It is essential to change the email address that is associated with your PS Store profile with a Gmail address. Log into your account via your computer and directly in PSN settings. PSN Settings.

To prevent the error E-8210604A, you need to follow this advice. Modify the email address associated with that account. PlayStation Store account.

  • Sign in at Sony’s Account Management page using any internet-connected computer.
  • Also, you’ll need to enter the verification code in case you’ve enabled 2 step verification.
  • On the left-hand side, select Security on the left right side.
  • Go to the menu located on the right side of the screen. Choose your Sign-in ID from the menu. Select to edit (Email email address ).
  • Enter your new email address into the window that has is now open, and save the email address.
  • The message should be delivered at the email address you have changed informing you that you need to verify your Log-in identification. Log into the Gmail inbox, search for an email with the right address and then select the Verify Now option within it.
  • Connect to your console, then login using an email account that you have created to log into your online account. Verify if the error E-8210604A has been corrected after re-purchasing your purchase.

3. Make sure to replenish your wallet before you make the purchase.

If you complete the PS+ purchase on the PSN store you’ll get the error code E-8210604A which refers to an issuer of credit cards denial. Following the attacks that occurred, banks have stepped up security procedures around PS Store. PS Store.

The amount you earn could later be used to buy the PS+ subscription without paying with a credit card. To sign to join the PS Store PlayStation Store, follow the steps in the following. You can make a payment into your account to make sure you are able to buy PS+ subscription. PS+ subscription.

  • You can visit the PlayStation Store page using any browser you can run on your PC as well as Mac.
  • Log in with the same account which causes error messages on your console. You can do this by pressing at the Sign In button.
  • In the upper-right edge (top-right) to the right-hand side of the screen, click on the icon for your account.
  • A context menu that you have opened is now open, click Management. Management.
  • After you’ve set up the payment method, head to the right and select Add Funds.
  • Choose a method for funding:
  • Use any of the cards you have
  • You can use the option of a pre-paid card.
  • Repeat the PS+ subscription purchase once the funds have been successfully transferred to PSN account. PSN accounts.
  • Make sure that threat E-8210604A was successfully avoided.

4. Take The Active Card Off To fix Error E-8210604a ps4.

The bank’s issuer is unable to authorize fully the credit or debit card you’re trying to use. You can solve the problem by taking your account associated with the card. PlayStation account.

It’s utilized to enable the Card to authorize it again. In certain situations , it may be successful in resolving the problem. To find the best way to accomplish this, do the following:

  • Visit the PlayStation Store page from a PC or Mac.
  • Log in using the account which is producing the error message to appear on your console by clicking”Sign in.
  • In the upper-right corner (top-right) in the upper right-hand corner (top-right) of the screen, click the account symbol. In the context menu that you just opened, select Payment Management.
  • If you own multiple cards, check under the Pay Method to determine which is currently being used.
  • Click on the icon beside the card. It will display Default in the middle of the final numbers of the number.
  • Click on the button Remove to end the Credit Card / Debit Card Detail screen.
  • After the card is removed After that, go to Payment Settings and then click the”Add payment” Button.
  • Create a Credit or Debit Card by selecting the option to add option for a Debit Card and Debit Card option.
  • To repair the card responsible for the error , Follow the directions on the screen.
  • Try purchasing a PS+ subscription when your card is registered to see whether the issue has been solved.

5. Purchase through a different retailer

This issue is encountered when you try to renew or purchase the PSN subscription using PS4 or PS4 or PS5 console.

The PS+ subscription offered by Amazon is not more expensive than the cost of a regular subscription. There could be other online companies offering the same services to customers. To avoid the E-8210604A problem, do not buy your Sony subscription from the online store.

To purchase and redeem a PS+ subscription through a third-party retailer follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Amazon account via Your Amazon account in your local Amazon version. Amazon.
  • For results from searches Enter “PlayStation plus” into the search bar located at the top of the page and press enter.
  • Explore the results to locate the data you’re looking for. From the choices available, select your PS+ membership that best matches your needs.
  • Before you click Add to Cart, ensure that you’ve chosen a valid version.
  • Then, you can complete the checkout process to complete your transaction.
  • After you’ve completed the purchase you’ll receive the email it contains a coupon code that you can use on your Playstation console once you get it.

Utilize the PlayStation 4 Console to redeem the Playstation Plus Coupon.

  • Begin the PlayStation Store and scroll down to redeem your codes using the menu on the left. Make sure that you press the X button to activate your console.
  • Enter the 12-digit code you received from Amazon (or any other retail store). Press Continue to make it active.
  • Look for the confirmation message once you have verified the validity of your PS+ subscription code.
  • The PlayStation Plus membership should be active. The error code E-8210604A was solved successfully.

6. Pay using PayPal

If you make a purchase using Paypal this issue can be avoided totally. Set up Paypal to accept your credit or debit card that caused the issue.

  • In order to connect your debit or credit account to PayPal Follow these instructions. To get over the error E-8210604A, you can complete the transaction by using the following method:
  • Visit the Sony Entertainment Network page on your personal computer as well as the Mac system. Log in with the account you’re having difficulties with.
  • In the menu to the left side of the screen on the right side, select your payment option (under Playstation Network).
  • To add a payment system to your site, go to the right part of this page, and select”Add Payment Method.
  • To sign up to join, connect your Paypal account to PSN Choose Paypal and follow the steps on the screen.
  • Create a new tab in your browser. Click on the Paypal Sign In page. Enter your PayPal account information.
  • Click and then click on the Paypal Balance link after that, click on it.
  • To connect a credit or debit card you need to go to the end of the Paypal balance page and then click Link to connect your account.
  • To connect an account with a credit card through Paypal Follow the steps shown at the top of the screen. To save it to your PayPal account, Click Link card.
  • Connect to the Playstation system, then follow the same steps to include the PS+ subscription to the checkout page.
  • Select PayPal on the website that allows you to choose the payment method that you would like to use. With no errors similar to the ones you’ve encountered the process of paying is completed without a hitch.

7. Restart Your Router

There is no way that this process could interfere with you currently Internet connection. Start by restarting the router. This will erase all Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol data that is currently being stored.

  • The device that is connected to your network needs to be reset.
  • To shut off your power supply, locate the power button, and then click it.
  • It is recommended to wait two minutes or more before taking power cords off of outlets.
  • It is essential to turn off power once you have switched off the internet. It allows time for the capacitors within the system of power to deplete. Any temp information related to the network will be deleted.

8. Reset Your Router

Reset the router completely. Check that any settings as well as cached networks files are not the ones that create the problem.

Your router is reset to the default settings it was originally set at.

Forwarding ports, objects that are not allowed as well as any other settings you’ve made are also included.

The saved credentials will be lost when the router is restarted. It’s necessary to start over using the PPPoE connection, using the credentials provided to you by your ISP.

  • If you find the reset button, you are able to reset your router.
  • If you notice it, press and hold it until all of the front LEDs start flashing simultaneously.
  • Enter the PPPoE credentials that are provided by your ISP for the establishment of an Internet connection.
  • Once internet service is restored, you can determine whether you are able to finish the PS+ subscription purchase.


The PlayStation 4 Error E-8210604A prevents you from connecting to PlayStation 4 servers. Be sure to adhere to the suggestions that are provided to fix the issue.


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