Print Screen Not Working

Are you having problems with your print screen? This is the place for you. This sudden issue can be a problem for many users. It might seem simple to replace the keyboard....
Print Screen Not Working

Are you having problems with your print screen? This is the place for you. This sudden issue can be a problem for many users. It might seem simple to replace the keyboard.

Although the Print Screen button and its function may seem insignificant, many people use them. The Print Screen button is used whenever we need to take a picture on our computers.

It’s easy to copy the screen and paste it anywhere. It is used by many people to take Screen Shots, then paste them into Paint to save an image.

This guide will help you identify the problem that caused the print screen to stop working. Depending on what type of problem you are facing, you can also learn how to fix it.

How to enable Print Screen Key in Windows 10 to Launch Screen Snipping

To open Ease Of Access, press Window key +U.

Scroll down to Keyword in the left pane and click on it.

Scroll down to the Shortcutt section. Turn It ON

Stop A Few Background Apps

You may not be able to take screenshots if you have certain sections of your computer. Background apps such as OneDrive or Dropbox may prevent you from taking photos. Third-party screen capture software like Snippet tool or Prntsrc can also be affected. Many of these apps can have a default program that overrides the others.

It is a smart idea to close all apps you are using. You can do this step by step for each app and then check the Print Screen button every time. This will allow you to identify which background app is causing the problem.

You have two options: keep the app closed, or remove it permanently, depending on which app you found. To test if Print Screen Functioning works, it is a good idea for your system to be run in Safe Mode. You can then resume the process until you locate the problem-causing application.

  • Use CTRL + Shift +ESC. This will open Task Manager
  • Right-click on the programs to close them. This is only for non-essential programs.

Another option is to clean boot your computer. This is also known by the Safe-Mode, as mentioned above. These steps are easy to follow:

  • Type msconfig by pressing Windows + R key. Hit the Enter key. This will open the System Configuration window.
  • Go to the General tab, and locate the Selective Startup section. Check the box titled ‘Load Startup Items.’ Make sure to check the ‘Load Service Services’ box.
  • Go to the Services tab, and click on “Hide all Microsoft Services”.
  • You will see a few services that aren’t Microsoft Essential. Select the Disable All option. Next, select Open.
  • Now, restart your computer.
  • Next, click the Print Screen button to verify that it works.

If it works, the problem is most likely an application or tool.

Take a Screenshot of the Save Location

Third-party apps, such as Cloud Storages, may save the screenshots separately. Other tools, such as Snippet and PrntSrc keep the screenshots in your database. You might find that the Print Screen function is not working as it should.

It is a smart idea to verify if your screen capture software or cloud service supports it. You should check if the screenshots are being saved in error. You can also access your Pictures folder from the ‘This PC’ or ‘Documents’ options. Check to see if there’s a screenshot folder.

Check the Function Key and Keyboard’s Keys

It is a good idea to first check for hardware issues before you switch to another solution. You can also use the Fn Key (also known as the function key) if you are using your laptop’s keyboard.

Many prnt buttons for src work with the Fn key, depending on their manufacturers. To copy something, press CTRL + C. Give it a shot. The settings of your laptop can be used to change the function key.

If you are using the keyboard to communicate with the computer, you can try other shortcut keys. If this doesn’t work, you can use the word app or notepad. You can then press each key individually on your keyboard.

Verify that each key works. If the key is working, it should be fine. If it is not working, then the problem may be with your keyboard. A replacement might be necessary.

These are some quick tips:

  • Fn + Print Screen.
  • Windows + Print Screen Key
  • Alt + Print Screen Key
  • CTRL + Print Screen Key

Updating the Drivers for Keyboard

Many Windows 10 problems are often related to driver updates. Try other diagnostics, but still have problems? Check out drivers. Sometimes outdated or new drivers can cause miscommunications between the hardware and system. You should ensure that the correct drivers are installed for your keyboard by contacting the manufacturer.

Also, make sure to check the manufacturer information on your keyboard. Next, visit the manufacturer’s official website to download the driver. These drivers are compatible with the majority of operating systems.

You can update, disable or roll back your keyboard driver. How? These are the steps to follow:

  • Right-click the Window Icon in the lower left corner. Select Device Manager from this list.
  • Next, expand the Keyboards section. You might right-click on each driver if there are many. Next, go to properties. You will see a Driver Tab. Click it.
  • There are many commands that you can use in the driver’s tab. You will see an option to Update Driver. To download and locate drivers, click on the button. If this doesn’t work, you can try the manual option. However, you will need to first download driver files.
  • Roll-back drivers can be used if the drivers are up-to-date. Sometimes it works, but your system may not be up to the task of handling the latest drivers.
  • Another option is to try uninstalling the driver and restarting the computer. Click on “Scan for Hardware Changes” to download the drivers.
  • It is the same process as restarting your device to disable or enable drivers. It is possible to do this to relaunch the software drivers.

The Troubleshooter for Hardware

The troubleshooter is a great tool to use if you are having no luck. The troubleshoot feature is useful for common Windows problems. You can use the built-in troubleshooting tools to your advantage.

  • Type Control Panel into the search bar at the bottom.
  • Search for Troubleshooter in the Control Panel. As a result, it will show you Troubleshooting.
  • Click it to find Hardware and Sound Troubleshooter.
  • Scroll down to see the Keyboard. Click on it to select “Run This Troubleshooter.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.
  • After you have followed the instructions and completed them, verify that the Keyboard is working properly.

Use the On-Screen keyboard

This is a great way to work around the problem. The on-screen keyboard is a great option if you are unable to resolve the problem. This option is available if you are unable to buy a new keyboard.

This is temporary and not permanent. Keep that in mind. You can use an external keyboard, but the on-screen keyboard will still function. Click on buttons using the mouse.

  • Go to the Search Bar and type “On-screen keyboard” in the search box.
  • The result will be displayed. Click on it to open it.
  • As you can see, the keyboard replicates the original. It can be used to perform various commands.
  • You can change the settings by clicking on the options button. You can also customize it.

Screenshots can be captured using the Game Bar

The Game Bar is another great option. It’s a Windows 10 feature. Many gamers and users can capture screenshots and videos of their Windows 10 gameplay with it. You can use it to capture screen shots or record screen.

  • To open the Game Bar, press the Windows Key + G
  • You will find a Screen Capture option in the upper-left section of the tools. Click on it.
  • The screenshot will be saved once you click it. This would be the location: This PC > Local disk C > Username> User > Videos > Captures.

It’s a great tool that you can keep around in case there is no other way to take screenshots of your Windows 10 system.

Keep checking for the latest updates to your Operating System

You might be experiencing an error with your updates. Failing to update can cause many errors. This applies even to a simple problem like Print Screen not working. This solution could help you solve the problem.

  • Open the Settings by pressing Windows + I. You will see the “Update & Security” option. Click on it. Click on it.
  • Let it install the updates automatically. It should work if it does. If you haven’t updated yet, click here to see the update history.
  • Check to see if there is an update available from the time that the Print Screen button stopped functioning. Click on any entry to remove it.
  • The computer will reboot. Now, check if the print screen key works. It should be working if it is. If the print screen key does not work, you can reinstall any updates.

Check out the F-Lock key

Today’s keyboards come with an Flock key. You can lock the F1 through F12 keys on external keyboards. It is sometimes used by users who are afraid they will trigger certain functions accidentally.

F-lock key toggle allows the F1 through F12 keys to use the functions they were intended for. Multimedia keyboards can also be used for other functions, such as volume control and mute. It makes it easier to use the default F key functions.

Fn (function key), which is a common feature on keyboards and laptops, can be used for this purpose. It is possible to have an additional Flock key. This could limit your ability to take screenshots. It is worth checking to see if it can be toggled on or off.

Check out The OneDrive Settings

There is a chance that the images could be stored in OneDrive, as we mentioned previously. This could also occur with any Cloud storage service or application. It is important to know the settings. We will be covering the OneDrive settings as OneDrive is the default cloud storage. Check the settings of any other cloud storage.

  • Navigate to the Taskbar at the bottom right corner. Right-click the OneDrive icon to open it.
  • Go to Settings and select the Backup option. You will see ‘Automatically save Screenshots I Capture to OneDrive.
  • If it isn’t checked, you can uncheck it. You can also check the Print Screen Button by turning it around.
  • Save the settings and exit.

Check your Print Screen Button to verify that it is working.

This is the complete solution to the problem of the print screen button not functioning. This can be used on many devices, including the Lenovo print button not working. This applies to the Lenovo ThinkPad’s print screen button not functioning and other models.

Other people may also have problems with the “insert printer screen” button not working. This is for the prntsrc or snipper tool. Check their settings. You can also follow these steps to fix the problem with the lightshot print screen button that isn’t working.

We hope you found this guide useful and helpful. Now, fix your print screen key forever.


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