How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-5210: In case you’re currently playing Animal Crossing, Minecraft, or any other online gaming on your Nintendo Switch but you can’t play due to the 2124-5210 keep popping up this guide is ideal for you.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the easiest ways to tackle this issue.

What Exactly Is Nintendo Switch Error Code 2124-5210?

Nintendo Switch error code 2124-5210 is an error that signals an issue with the connection that is causing a disconnect between the Switch console and Nintendo servers. It was discovered by many in 2021 however it’s been a persistent issue for many, even now.

It’s been extensively identified as a Minecraft error message because a large number of Minecraft players were initially affected, but this is not only the case with different online games such as Animal Crossing.

If you’re experiencing a Nintendo Switch error code 2124-5210 It could be because of Nintendo Switch experiencing troubles.

There are other elements to be considered in addition to the likelihood of a server problem, but.

  • Restart the Switch and Router
  • A temporary glitch in communication that occurs between the Switch as well as its server could result in this error. In this case, restarting your Switch and router could fix the issue. Before that, however, you must make sure that the Nintendo servers are running.
  • Hold and press the Power button of the Nintendo Console.
  • When it is clear that the power options are displayed Click on Switch Off, and afterward, turn down this router(or any other gadget for networking such as a Wi-Fi extender, etc. ).
  • Turn Off the Nintendo Switch
  • Then remove the cable to the router. Then wait for five minutes.
  • Unplug the Router from the Power Source
  • Then, reconnect the power cable of your router and switch it on..
  • When the router’s lights have stabilized, power on the Switch and verify that it’s not faulty the 2124-5210.
  • If the problem persists and it is happening when playing Pokemon, see if you can do this general room in inside the Pokemon Center’s basement can clear the error 2124-5210.

Find Signals That Interfere With Each Other.

In the event that your Switch is located too far from the router or the WiFi signal is weak the device may not be able to connect. Move towards the router and see whether it solves the problem.

Signal interference may also have an influence on the way your console communicates to the router. Metal objects or other technological devices in your home could affect wireless communications.

Take away items like aquariums, file cabinets, cordless phones power strips, as well as other wireless devices to determine whether the problem gets better.

Shut off any wireless devices within your home and remove them from your network in the event that it is feasible. Connect the Nintendo Switch console to your network on its own to check if it solves the issue.

Switch to 5GHz.

If your router is able to broadcast in dual-band mode that is, it transmits wireless signals on simultaneously 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz frequency radio signals. Try changing to a different frequency to see if that fixes the issue with server communication.

This could be a quick solution to resolve this Switch error message the 2124-5210 error code or any other error codes for connection on the console.

Factory Reset.

Every electronic gadget, including gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, might experience problems from time to time. The issues may arise whenever a computer is in operation for a long period of time, however, they are easily fixed through a factory reset.

Read the Wi-Fi Connection to the Nintendo Switch

A minor malfunction in the communication module of Nintendo’s Switch could result in Error Code 2124-5210. In this case, adding the Wi-Fi connection again (after taking it off) from Nintendo Switch (after removing it) Nintendo Switch may solve the issue.

  • Go to the switch’s Settings and navigate toward the Internet tab.
  • Open Internet Settings of the Nintendo Switch
  • Open Internet Settings and choose Wi-Fi or Ethernet (if you are using it).
  • Select the Network in the Internet Settings of the Nintendo Switch
  • After that, click the delete button to erase the connection. For WPA-secure connections, you can start Advanced Setup and remove the associated file.
  • Delete the Settings of the Network in the Nintendo Switch
  • Now verify that you want to erase the settings for connection and reboot it. console using its network equipment.
  • Confirm to Delete the Network Settings of the Nintendo Switch
  • When the Switch is restarted, add back when you restart, and connect the connection to Wi-Fi. connection back to your console. Check whether the Switch is free of error code 2124-5210.
  • If that doesn’t work, test to see if the error is removed when reconnecting your Switch to an alternative network (like the phone’s hotspot). Don’t forget to run testing of connectivity when you connect to a different network.

Change the Nintendo Switch’s DNS

If the DNS of your network is unable to interpret the IP addresses for Nintendo servers and the Switch, the link between your Switch and its servers might be broken. There is a chance that you will be confronted with this Nintendo error message 2124-5210. In this instance switching the Switch’s DNS could fix the issue.

  1.  Start by opening the switch’s Setup Settings and click on the Internet tab.
  2.  Open Internet Settings and choose the connection that you’re connected to.
  3.  Select Change Settings > Manual.
  4.  Set the DNS values in the following manner:
  5. Primary DNS:
  6. Secondary DNS:
  7.  Hit on the Save button, then, restart Switch.
  8. After restarting, verify that you can confirm that the Nintendo Switch error code 2124-5210 is removed.