Netflix Error S7363-1260-00002E3F: Netflix’s error code S7363 isn’t just one glitch. It refers to the existence of a variety of errors, each of which has specific subcodes (for instance, error code S7363 1260 FFFFD1C1).

Whichever one you’re having, the glitches appear when Netflix cannot play content on a Mac PC (or specifically, the Safari browser).

What Is It? Netflix Error S7363-1260-1260-FFFFD1C1?


There are many reasons Netflix Error S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1 occurs. It usually happens to default browsers. It could be due to an issue with your browser, or an error in your web data. There could be conflicts between media players.

What is it? Netflix Error Code S7363-1260-00002E3F


If you are seeing the Netflix Error S7363-1260-1260-00002E3F it is a sign that you have certain data on your browser that requires to be refreshed.

The Solution To Netflix Error Code: S7363 Mac

If you are experiencing the Netflix error code S7363-1260-1260-FFFFD089 on your Mac the first thing to examine is whether the issue has an effect on the all Netflix services or is only affecting the device you’re using. 

This can be determined by trying to connect to Netflix using a different device like your smartphone or TV. If Netflix works well with these gadgets, it is likely that the issue is limited to your particular device. 

Then, determine whether Netflix loads on other browsers. If so, the reason for the problem is now firmly identified to be the Safari browser.

Boot Your Mac OS

If you’ve not tried this, you can begin by performing the simple task of restarting your computer.

If the issue is caused by poorly cached data that the streaming effort is trying to leverage, then a system restart should resolve the issue immediately.

  • To restart your macOS Click at the Apple logo (top-left corner of the screen) and then click Restart from the newly-appearing context menu.
  • Then you need to confirm the operation and then wait until to wait for your macOS computer to reboot before looking to see if the error can be fixed via Netflix.

If you are seeing the identical S7363-1260-1260/FFFFD1C1 streaming error when using Netflix go to the next solution below.

Shut The Entire Media Players

It turns out that this problem could be because of a conflict to another media player running in the macOS system. 

Conflict of this type is a common occurrence between Netflix and other standalone players such as YouTube, iTunes, and QuickTime.

If this scenario is true, you can solve the issue by to stop the video player, which you don’t require in the present. The operation was found to be efficient by a large number of users.

If you’re not sure how to accomplish it take the following steps:

  • Hit the Apple icon (top-left corner) to display the context menu. Then select Force Quit.Accessing the Force Quit menu
  • When you’re in the Force Quit menu, go ahead and select the media players which are operating. The most common culprits include QuickTime, iTunes, or the application version of YouTube or Vimeo and then click to force quit.
  • After each potential conflicting player has been closed After that, you can restart Safari to repeat the procedure that caused this S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1 error.

Remove Netflix Website Data From Safari

  • It turns out that this particular issue may be caused by glitches or partially corrupted Netflix data that is hindering the steaming process.
  • Users who had the same issue have been able to resolve the issue by removing any remaining Netflix data that could cause this problem.
  • If you haven’t attempted this yet, you can start by opening your Safari preferences menu. You can then remove any cookies or website data that are related to Netflix prior to restarting the browser.
  • Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for how to accomplish this:
  • Start the Safari browser and then click the Safari menu option from that horizontal ribbon menu located at the top.
  • Then from the newly appeared context menu, click on Preferences.Accessing the Preferences menu
  • Once you’re in Safari’s preferences menu in Safari then select the Privacy tab.Accessing the Privacy tab
  • Then, click on Cookies and Website Data and click the Details ( Manage Website Data).
  • Once you’re in the right menu, you can use the search feature to locate every piece of information associated with Netflix and then click the remove button to eliminate of all instances.
    Notification: When asked whether you wish to confirm your decision Click Now remove and then wait until the operation is completed.
  • After each relevant cookie and web-based data is gone, try to watch content streaming from Netflix to see whether the issue is solved.

Eliminate Netflix Website Data

  • Delete-Netflix-Website-Data-on-Safari
  • In you Safari browser, select the menu button.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Visit Privacy.
  • Find out about Cookies and Website information.
  • Choose Manage Website Data or Details.
  • Find Netflix.
  • Click to remove.
  • Choose Remove Now.
  • Make sure you restart Your Safari browser.