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How to fix minecraft opengl error opengl error 1281

Method to Fix Minecraft Opengl Error 1281 : Step by Step

OpenGL is a kind of setting within Minecraft. It is a setting in Minecraft game that allows the game to run much more efficiently and is easier to play.

It generally decreases the amount of work required to render games to the computer you play on. However, as experts’ reports indicate that some players are in a difficult situation when they adjust their settings.

In reality, when players attempt to lessen the rendering load and rendering, they’re confronted with OpenGL errors 1281.

The most important reason experts have pointed out is that certain third-party variables, as well as the other modules, are causing the problems.

Furthermore, there are various incompatibility problems. This is why you must follow effective troubleshooting techniques to assist you to resolve the issue.

Before you move on to the solution, make sure your system is free of any kind of problem. Additionally do a reimage to your system. In order to fix this issue, you require an administrator account.

When you start your computer, you must log in to the administrator account.

What Causes “OpenGL Error 1281” in Minecraft

What Causes "OpenGL Error 1281" in Minecraft

The OpenGL Error 1281 appears typically in a fully modified Minecraft and results from one or more game modules that are conflicting. After numerous instances that this problem has occurred, we’ve come up with a list of common causes that could cause this error.

OptiFine: OptiFine gives users greater control over the game. It’s a third-party app that enhances gameplay. If you find that the OptiFine is present in your Minecraft is out of date or is brimming with errors it is possible that the OpenGL error may pop at any point.

Shaders: Shaders represent graphics-related settings that you can import as part of the mod you have made to Minecraft. When anyone or more of the graphic settings are damaged or incorrect the error message will be displayed.

Java files: Minecraft is a game program that runs Java and its requirements must be installed automatically. If the required requirements aren’t met then it will display the “OpenGL error code 1281” will be displayed.

Version Control: If the shader you are using does not sync with the version you have forged then the error message “OpenGL error 1281” will be displayed.

Once we’ve identified the reasons for this error, it is time to explore possibilities for solutions.

Note: When trying out any of the methods listed below, make sure you keep your internet connection open and log in to your account as “Administrator” on your computer.

Disable Show Errors from GL

There is an option within your Minecraft game to deactivate OpenGL errors.

To accomplish this you must take these steps:

  • In Minecraft Select Options.
  • Go to Video Settings. Other…
  • Choose Show GL Errors to disable it.

What Causes "OpenGL Error 1281" in Minecraft

  • Save the settings and then restart Minecraft.

You can try playing Minecraft and check if it is working properly

Manually install the opengl32.dll file


The problem could be due to a missing opengl32.dll file inside the Minecraft folder. To correct the issue you could try by hand adding these opengle32.dll files to your Minecraft folder. A lot of Minecraft users have reported having solved the same issue using this method. You could give it an attempt.

Follow these steps to manually install to the opengl32.dll file.

  • First, install the opengl32.dll file. opengl32.dll file.
  • Click the hyperlink and install the “OpenGL Fix.7z” ” OpenGL fix.7z” file onto your computer.
  • Take the file.
  • In the folder, you extracted there’s a folder 32 bits and 64 bits. Choose one of them depending on the Windows version. As an example, if I am running Windows 10 64-bit version, then I must open the 64-bit folder.

  • Copy the opengl32.dll file.
  • Add the opengl32.dll files to the Minecraft folder.
  • Select the right-click on the Minecraft shortcut and choose to open the file location.
  • Follow the link to the place

Minecraft\Runtime*JRE Version*\bin

Note This version for JRE is merely an example of a placeholder. It differs depending on your version of the game. It could be Jre-x64 or something similar.

  • Paste the opengl32.dll file to the bin folder.
  • Start over again Minecraft and test whether the issue persists.

Update Java On Your PC

The primary thing I’m going to recommend is updating the Java files that are located on your computer

As you may have guessed, Minecraft is an application that was made with Java.

If therefore, the Java files aren’t updated and you are not able to update them, you must make them up-to-date as soon as possible to correct this issue.

In order to make sure that you update Java files, to update Java files, visit the URL here, which will show you all the options to upgrade your Java files.

Reinstall The Game

If you’re not familiar with changing your Java file manually you can uninstall the program and install the game again.

This will allow you to get the latest Java files quickly without any additional technical skills.

The only thing you need to do is access your control panel. Once there, click and uninstall the program you want to remove, click in the Minecraft application and select uninstall.

When you have removed the game, try installing it and see if you’re still experiencing the OpenGL 1281 problem.

If so, then check the third option below.

Eliminating All Shaders

Shaders in Minecraft are an addition to the game that allows players to create different settings and terrains.

They’re more of mini-mods that change the look of the game, for instance between winter and summer.

Because shaders consume all available resources in the game they can interfere with other mods modules.

Try to remove the shaders that are in use each one at a time and then see which one fixes the error you’re encountering.

Start with the most current one that you’ve installed to the game, and move on to the next.

You are able to cut and paste shaders into a different location in case you’d like to utilize them later.

Remove All Mods from Minecraft

Mods can be used to improve the gaming experience of Minecraft. Some mods can interfere with other mods while the game is in play that can cause OpenGL 1281 errors.

Therefore, you should try to remove any mods temporarily, or eliminate HD texture packs, etc.

You can turn off the mods in the beginning and then turn on one mod to determine if the error is visible or it does not.

If not, activate another one to check it until you discover the mod responsible for the error 1281: invalid value.

Updating Graphics Drivers and OpenGL

The incorrect or outdated drivers could cause Minecraft OpenGL error code 1281. Even if none of the graphics cards support every GL feature, updating your graphics driver could be beneficial.

Another issue is OpenGL. A majority of games utilize the OpenGL API. Since this issue is caused by OpenGL and OpenGL, you could be able to upgrade OpenGL also.

In general, OpenGL is integrated with the graphics card, therefore you’ll only need to upgrade your graphics card driver.

You could use the Device Manager to upgrade the graphic driver, or download the most recent versions of the drivers directly from the official website and install it step-by-step.

You are able to use this guide to choose an automatic method.

Driver booster is a professional driver download as well as updating the program. This tool can upgrade NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel graphic drivers quickly and easily.

Alongside the drivers for graphic cards, it also allows you to download keyboard, audio as well as mouse, touchpad, and various other device drivers.

  1. Then download the install and then run the Driver Booster on your PC.
  2. Select for Scan.
  3. In the list, look for the Display adapters then click to update them. Then, Driver Booster will begin downloading the latest graphic driver and update it automatically.

Restart your computer and then run Minecraft to check if it works well.

Uninstall and then Install the Game

The removal of this game off your PC will erase all game’s system files. Additionally, it will get rid of all registry blocks as well as other file system congestions.

Go to your Control Panel or Settings. 

The Control Panel option is only available for Windows Vista as well as 7 while the ‘Settings’ option can be found on Windows 8 or 10.

Find out the location where you can find the complete list of programs is. Find the game, click it, and then uninstall it.

After that, restart your system and download the latest game setup file.

New installation should create all paths to folders, sub-folders, and necessary registrations once more that will eliminate the OpenGL error 1281.

How to Install Java Software Manually

Java File packets collections of Java directories for files that are used by various applications like Minecraft operations.

In reality, all the mods that are used in Minecraft contain Java and If you find that the Java file pack isn’t mounted on your PC and you don’t get this error.

We’ll install manually Java documents on your PC in this method and then check to see whether the issue is solved.

  • Right-click on the This-PC icon within your Desktop and then select Properties.
  • In the middle of the System select the operating system that is installed on your PC. If it’s 32-bit, install the Java file and If it’s 64-bit, download the files.
  • Extract the file you downloaded to an area that is accessible. Navigate to your folder, and then copy it to the folder with the version of the file which you have seen.
  • Then press Windows + E to launch Windows Explorer and navigate to the following route:

C:Program FilesJava (for 32 bits)
C: Program Files (x86)\Java (for 64 bit)

  • Then, paste the file you copied into the folder. Make sure you duplicate the file’s name we have just copied.
  • Start your Minecraft mod manager and then select Edit profile, which is located at the lower left of the page.
  • Then, under Java Settings (Advanced) Check the executable option. Replace the proper path. In the above image, the path of the file that we pasted is correct.
  • Restart your computer, and then launch Minecraft again. Make sure the issue is solved.

Other Methods

The JRE programs on your computer could be damaged or damaged in any way. Installing and downloading the other Java software will resolve the issue.

They are available via the Java official website. However, in the event that the mods are in an earlier version, you will encounter the OpenGL error 1281 may occur.

In these instances, it is necessary to verify the system’s specifications to make sure it’s compatible with your system.

Start by opening My Computer or This PC. At the top on the list of three choices you’ll find an option called the System Properties option.

Select it and you’ll be able to view the information. Then, download the mods that have similar configurations.

A few experts believe that if any virus gets into your system, it is not just it will cause the OpenGL error 1281, but different kinds of errors may be triggered.

This is why a good antivirus can protect your PC and eliminate all malware.

But, what if you ask what do you think about junk files? If so, then it is a factor to be considered in the discussion.

They once supported their parent program to run in your system, however, after that, they do not be deleted by default.

Therefore, you must remove them using the assistance of any third-party software, or through the temporary folder that is on your computer’s drive (generally C:).


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