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How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1

[Gaming Solutions] How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1 Error : Full Guide

If you’ve had problems with it, this is how to solve error code 1 in Minecraft. The problem is that it’s frequent and there are several options to resolve it. We’ll discuss how you can resolve your issue, along with some ideas.

It’s mainly an issue in Minecraft’s Java game Minecraft which is why, if use a console to play it’s a great way to stay clear of it.

If you’re playing Minecraft on the PC version of Minecraft, you have access to the mods and community however, it is sometimes slightly less stable. It’s likely to decrease in frequency over the passing of time.

If you’re in search of more details about Minecraft here are some examples of most effective mods that you can use that you can use in Minecraft. If you don’t are looking for, read our analysis of Mojang affirming that they won’t be incorporating NFTs in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Exit Code 1 Error?

 How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1

While the exact causes for these Minecraft Error Code 1 message are difficult to pinpoint but we do know it is more common for PC players, particularly in the event that their worlds are damaged and/or if you have several mods in place.

There could be an error message that reads “Minecraft shut down with exit code 1′. This renders you ineligible to play Minecraft.

There are three possible causes to get error codes 1: Your PC could be in trouble and your settings might require modification or it could be an issue with Java. It’s difficult to pinpoint precisely what the causes are but it is possible to determine the root cause.

With the suggestions given previously, you can find a few options you can use to fix the issue getting this error.

How to Fix Error Code 1 in Minecraft

The first step you need to do to resolve your Minecraft problem is access your Launch options. It is then a matter of checking that you have checked the “Java executable” option is set to “Java executable.

  • Then , you need to click on the text box that is next to”Java executable” and click on it “Java executable” option and eliminate a small portion and it will look like:
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\1.8.0_25\bin\java.exe
  • Save your changes and you’ll be able to play Minecraft without errors.

All that said it’s possible that this method won’t resolve your issue. If that happens, turn your device off and back turn it back on. If this doesn’t solve the issue you can try reinstalling the whole game. This is the longest-running method, but Minecraft isn’t a huge game and shouldn’t take that much time installing.

Five ways to Utilize to Use in Minecraft for Fixing “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1”

Modify the Minecraft Launcher Path

 How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1

If there is a particular characters in your Windows username The escape code of 1 Minecraft will be displayed. In this case, you can alter your Minecraft Launcher path using the instructions below.

Step 1. Get out of Minecraft. Right-click the Minecraft shortcut on your PC and select properties..

Important : If you do not have an existing Minecraft shortcut, you can create one yourself by going to the Minecraft installation directory Minecraft and then right-clicking on to open the Minecraft.exe document and then creating the shortcut.

Step 2. Go onto the Shortcut tab.

Step 3: Add “-workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft” at the end of the Target bar.

step 4: Step 4: Click “OK to save the changes and then open Minecraft to check whether exit code 1 appears. If the problem persists, you can create a new Windows account without special characters following the steps listed below.

  • Start Options via Windows then I
  • Choose Accounts > Email and accounts Create the account.
  • Select the option com and follow the instructions on screen to complete the process.
  • Try to launch Minecraft using your new account.

Change the Java Executable Path

 How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1

If there is a problem in the working directory of Java you could receive an Minecraft exit code 1. If that is the case, modify your Java executable’s path within Minecraft’s settings using these steps.

Step 1. Start your Minecraft Launcher on your computer, and then tap the Launch Option to proceed.

Step 2. Switch off the Java executable toggle.

Step 3. Change step 3 to edit the Java executable file path. The path that was originally created displays an Java name as javaw.exe where the problem is. You must change the Java path to java.exe.

Step 4.Tap onto the Save button to complete the job of preparing an edition.

Disable Mods

 How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1

Although Minecraft mods are pleasure during gameplay, they may alter your gameplay and cause issues such as exit code 1 in Minecraft. In addition, Mojang frequently publishes news updates to Minecraft which may not work with certain mods.

To determine if mods are the cause of that Minecraft errors, you can try to disable them using the following steps.

Step 1. Launch the Run window by pressing Windows and R keys.

Step 2. Type “AppData” within the Run Window. Then hit OK or Enter.

Step 3. Step 3: In the Roaming window, search it and then click on the .minecraft folder.

Step 4. Navigate to the Logs folder, after that, start the latest.txt file.

Step 5: Review the logs for any issues with the modification.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

 One of the easiest methods for users to get rid of not just this error, but all errors is to determine whether their graphic card drivers are up-to-date or not.

Companies such as AMD and Nvidia frequently release driver upgrades.

When playing Minecraft using an outdated graphics driver can cause numerous errors, among which is “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” Error .

 Users can follow these easy steps to determine which version of their drivers are:

  • Click on”Run” “Run” dialog box.
  • Enter dxdiag into the search box, then press Enter.
  • Click on click on the Display tab. This tab will show the players their driver details for graphics as well as the version they have.
  • If gamers need to update to the latest version, they can utilize the software for their specific graphics card to update , or download the update via the website of the company.

Fix the Minecraft Launcher Path

 There is a reason for this the username of a Windows user is often the cause for”Game Ends with Bad State: Exit Code 1″ error “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” error. When a Windows Username is a unique character such as an exclamation point or an asterisk in it . When when this error happens, users are able to fix the issue.

It is done by changing the launcher’s path to ensure that it does not contain a specific character it. It must be put in place once the game has been shut down. The steps required to accomplish this are as follows:

  • Create a shortcut in Minecraft If one isn’t yet available.
  • Right-click the shortcut, and navigate to Properties.
  • Go to the Shortcut tab.
  • In the Target slot, add the following at the end of the path: -workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft
  • Click on “OK”
  • Start the game’s launcher and test if it works. If it doesn’t succeed, the players will need create a new Windows account, and make sure the new account doesn’t have any characters that are unique to the game.


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