Local Search Experts Weigh On Google Business

It allows them to be visible on Google results pages and Google Maps. When a search is performed, establishments near your search point are displayed. Internet users will then...
Local Search Experts Weigh On Google Business

It allows them to be visible on Google results pages and Google Maps. When a search is performed, establishments near your search point are displayed. Internet users will then find you easily in a few clicks. From there, they will be able to discover your products or services, contact you or even physically visit your establishment. The goal is to inform, check and modify all the valuable information to the Internet user to help him as best as possible in his search and optimize your visibility in the results pages.

Free Local Visibility

All businesses can create a Google Business page for free. One condition: have a valid postal address so that Google can verify the existence of your business. Thanks to this page, you will control the information displayed when someone searches for your establishment via Google. You can also update your data whenever you want: change of schedule, closure, telephone number, the addition of links according to your sector of activity (for example: making an appointment, order, or reservation).

Additionally, people can suggest you make changes to your Google My Business page. Therefore, it is essential to regularly check whether changes have taken place not to provide erroneous data to visitors. These blunders could cause you to lose potential customers. You can change your data in the Google Update tab. The Google My Business back office is also available on mobile. Do not be insecure about downloading the application to easily manage your account and update your professional information from your mobile phone.

The Different Formats Of Google My Business  

Local Pack

The Local Pack allows companies to reach Internet users in their geographical area. In fact, during geolocated “brand + city” searches, Google favors a “local” result format. In other words, the card that is displayed directly on the search page generally shows 3 or 4 results. To appear in the first of the Local Pack, it is necessary to understand the Google criteria. They favor the geographical area and the richness of the Google My Business page, the number of customer reviews, and backlinks. In the end, it can help to end up in the first search results of Google.

Knowledge Graph

When a user searches in Google, the Knowledge Graph is displayed at the top right of the results in the SERP. Thanks to all the information included in your GMB file, Google will be able to create its knowledge graph and easily recognize your company as an entity.

Store Locator

It is a tool that makes it easier for customers to come to your points of sale. Implementing a store locator module generates excellent visibility of the physical point of sale, and Offering a dedicated page per store offers several advantages. This allows for content tailored to each store. At the same time, Internet users are informed about the availability of items, color, size, and quantity in real-time.

Google Maps

Finally, last but not least, Google Maps. It is possible to follow a search result or via the Google Maps application. Thanks to your precious GMB files, you will be automatically referenced on the Google Maps map. It accesses your point of sale based on their location.

Launch Your Google My Business 

Local Search Experts Weigh On Google Business

Pay Attention To Categories.

The main category indicated on your form must, of course, correspond as closely as possible to the activity of the establishment. It is recommended that it be the same for all establishments. It is also advisable to add additional categories to better detail the establishment’s services.

When And How To Contact You

Indicate your main telephone number, the one via which customers will be put directly in touch with the establishment. Adding opening hours allows customers to know when the establishment can be reached. This information can constitute an element of differentiation vis-à-vis competitors. It is possible to distribute the schedules over different day periods (example: closing during the lunch break), and we advise you to use the 24h format: HH: MM – HH: MM. It is recommended to add exceptional opening hours during holidays, public holidays, or festive periods.

Make a description of the establishment “By the establishment.” This part makes it possible to highlight its expertise via its history and values. We recommend not using more than 750 characters with any fancy characters (emoji) or URL insertions. If your establishment has specific attributes that are important to the customer, it is necessary to highlight them. Examples: payment by credit card – languages are spoken – delivery.

Meet Google’s criteria for photos for better control; the photos will be displayed on your Google Business page. It is advisable to import images yourself that will highlight the establishment. Google instructions: accepted formats JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and BMP weight less than 5 MB – resolution between 720 x 720 pixels and 3,000 x 3,000 pixels – prefer landscape format no more than 25 photos – good brightness – without retouching or filtered. The more the image respects the instructions, the more the Google algorithm will highlight it. It is possible to select a favorite photo that will appear first on Google Maps. It is also possible to add a video of fewer than 30 seconds to complete its presentation.

Pay Attention To Backlinks.

Additionally, using backlinks will help Google gauge the value of your website’s presence in its search results if you have a website. Set up the “book an appointment” option to encourage local customers to contact the establishment. They will be redirected from your Google My Business page to the reservation page of the establishment concerned.

One of the other criteria increasingly taken into account by Google is Internet users’ engagement. That is why, on the establishment file, Internet users can leave an opinion by commenting.


Google My Business In A Nutshell

Being present on Google My Business is essential for your business. Creating a GMB page with an optimized and regularly updated file is necessary to be visible to Internet users, thus promoting exchanges with the Internet user. Google supports your company in local development. It is a fast and effective solution that optimizes your visibility and acquires new customers. Google is perfect for boosting your online presence and your turnover. With our team of digital experts, we advise you on the best practices to put in place to perfect your e-reputation and boost your visibility.

The Importance Of Quality Local SEO

Improving your local referencing is essential to boost your network of brands and develop your business and the number of visitors to your points of sale.

  • Boost Your Store Traffic;
  • Develop Your Sales;
  • Improve Your Customer Reviews;
  • Improve Communication Between Your Points Of Sale.

Google My Business: A Pillar Of Your SEO Strategy

A quality Google My Business listing represents about 25% of natural referencing for a company. This performance makes this tool essential for retailers in a local referencing strategy.

JDM Web Technologies helps gain visibility on the Google Business Profile, knowing how to use the key features and manage them in the particular context of retailer networks.

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