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Video sharing website LiveLeak has grown into a fantastic resource for sharing and locating movies in a range of themes and genres that range from sports to politics to...
Liveleak Alternative

Video sharing website LiveLeak has grown into a fantastic resource for sharing and locating movies in a range of themes and genres that range from sports to politics to gossip about celebrities. LiveLeak is restricted in a variety of countries because of the numerous issues surrounding the content’s graphic and disturbing nature. Our collection of websites that are like LiveLeak will surely meet all your demands for video content. We’ll go over the best Liveleak alternatives.

LiveLeak is an application that permits individuals to share their films similar to YouTube. But the goal is to find real-time videos of important global issues, political issues and wars, as well as other significant events that took place.

On this website, we adhere to the freedom of speech and unbiased opinions. There are issues with live broadcasts or recordings which could be one of the major reasons for the removal of Liveleak. But , don’t be concerned. Here are some of the top Liveleak alternatives.


EngageMedia is a not-for-profit web site that seeks to effect positive change using technology and media by focusing on the human rights of all people and promoting freedom of speech. It is a video-sharing site that is accessible to everyone. A few years after its creation the site announced a partnership in partnership with Canadian TV, which has boosted the use of Social Justice and democratic principles in the media, and continuously moving forward to the present day.

Similar to other video sharing sites it requires you to sign up an account create and publish your videos. Furthermore, EngageMedia can be streamed from almost every device like desktops, Android, and iOS smartphones. Here are the steps for streaming the website with devices like Android as well as iOS smartphones.

Xfinity Video

Xfinity is a website that is that is similar to LiveLeak. The first site in this segment serves as a prelude for the next one. The content here is likely simply shocking for the most conservative people. But, where do you go to see things like a dog that is rabid, Got Talent of America, Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer and someone else. He was bit by a rattlesnake Gisele Bundchen, who was exposed her bra during the Celebrity occasion! During the cyclone Harvey there was an audio clip was posted on this site Savior, who said that civilians are shooting the looters or raiders, God bless Texas.


Flickr was founded prior to YouTube in 2004 was not well-known for its publishing videos, but was more popular for sharing photos. Flickr is an amazing website that is similar to Liveleak is also utilized as a social media handle. You can upload stunning videos of up to 1GB in size along with your photos. If you’d like to post videos to YouTube, you need to first establish and maintain your Flickr account. Flickr helps you track your memories through permitting you to upload photos and videos. These are among the best sites to remember happy times.


The second website on the list is ItemFix. It is a site for sharing videos created for those who love videos. The site is available in English language. You can also view upload and share videos with this platform. Most of the videos are about the random things that people do or issues that arise within a nation. The site is easy to navigate, and easy to grasp. It’s fast and every video is loaded with a decent speed for navigation.

AOL Video

AOL Video is the second website on our list of websites similar to LiveLeak. Video on AOL is a must for all types of viewers and keeps them returning to the site thanks to its massive collection of thousands of films. In addition to its own video material, AOL Video allows users to find videos and other entertainment-oriented content from other sites.


If you’re still waiting for LiveLeak’s stunning video and design, Metacafe is a welcome respite. There are additional sections like the most popular new, popular, and newest which make browsing the site easy. Alongside its huge selection of video content, Metacafe is known for its simple-to-use interface.


Similar similar way to Liveleak, SnapTube is one of the most well-known video sharing sites that allows you to access millions of movies of different genres. Videos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as others can be downloaded and watched for no cost using Snaptube.

You can search for for videos with various keywords, providing you more options and more variety of films. Download video clips and search for new ones on this site.


This is an excellent alternative to LiveLeak However, it’s not as well-known as it was in the past. A lot of people haven’t heard of it as of yet. It’s an excellent service that will offer you a wide selection of different kinds of movies.

A site where you can discover high-quality movies and images. There are funny films and cartoons on the site. There is also the category of films that are sexually explicit. It’s also ideal for watching during breaks.


It’s no question that Vimeo is among the top websites similar to LiveLeak online. It provides free video content and premium subscriptions with more benefits and features. Apart from its top-quality selection, Vimeo is known for its content created by users and hosted on the site videos.


Veoh is a different LiveLeak alternative for watching news videos. When you open this website choose Videoand then click News. There, you can access hundreds of thousands or more news clips. You can then sort these videos according to language length, subtitle, length popularity, etc. In addition to news clips, this site also offers other categories of content, including the anime, cartoons comedy and more. Travel, culture, and much more.

Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail Online is an alternative to LiveLeak. When you select Video, you’ll be able to view many videos on news, popular videos including videos on TV, Showbiz videos including sports videos, children’s videos and science videos. In addition to these videos there are numerous other news stories, including the latest news on celebrities, political events as well as other celebrities.


Dtube is yet another LiveLeak alternative that has an interface similar to YouTube. On this site you can stream popular videos, hot videos, and brand new ones as well as find other videos. You can also upload and upload videos to this website.

OMG News

As Insane is more focused on viral videos In the same way, OMG News concentrates a great part on the debate. The aim is to profit from the online anger phenomenon. The video is about a scientist who is prohibited from questioning the validity of the traditional scientific method. Another video cautions parents to be aware that their child has watched violent and gruesome videos. Another cautions viewers that these tiny sea creatures may devour you.

The aim is to amaze and surprise people to spread this essential content via social media. If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories or other videos that have been deemed controversial and videos, this is the right place for you. Check out the following OMG News as a great selection of the most popular YouTube videos to make you rage.


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