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How to See Posts You've Liked on Instagram

Is Instagram stories viewer scam or legit? Your best guide

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories also known as IG stories or Insta stories Are a feature of the Instagram app that was introduced in 2016 for the app users to share their content like photos, videos texts that auto deletes or disappear in 24 hours. An estimated 500 million app users use the feature daily which is approximately 86.6% of the users.

Insta stories appear at the top of the feed with a colorful ring around them and the user’s profile picture.

How do IG Stories Work?

How to See Posts You've Liked on Instagram

Used mainly to post content that people do not necessarily need in their main feed. This is content taken mainly throughout the day or to bring attention to something on their feed.

The feature provides an array of options for its users to use to post temporary pictures, videos, and texts in a slide show. In addition, are some exciting effects like;

Music, you can add a track to your post all of which are provided by the app.

Customizable texts in font color effect, position, and a provision of a colorful background.

Stickers for your post e.g. location, hashtag, tag, polls, and GIF stickers.

Photo and video recording with amazing filters and live feed as well.

Navigation is by swiping right for the previous post or left for the next. You can also pause to view a story for longer by tapping and pressing on the screen. You can reply to stories by clicking on sending a message that goes directly to the person’s direct messages or like the story by clicking on the heart shape at the bottom right of the post.

 When content is shared on IG stories you can choose to share it privately with some of your followers or publicly. Publicly means anyone can view and react to it and even download and share using the Instagram stories downloader app.

How Does Scamming Happen on Instagram?

Most scams on IG stories are usually seeking access to your account or personal details. Exchanged account details in shared links give hackers access to your account and run their scams in your account.

Posers that use fake accounts or compromised accounts that could be in form of fake influencers, sponsorships, or giveaways asking to access your information bank details and use the information to hack your accounts.

This brings us to the question is the Instagram stories downloader safe? Yes and no downloading or viewing Instagram stories has no harm in itself what you do with the content is what could bring harm so be vigilant on the content you consume 

5 Common Instagram Stories Scam

  • Phishing is done by sending a call-to-action message with a suspicious link that asks for your personal information, especially an Instagram phishing mail.
  • Fake sponsors that ask for your financial details for payment purposes.
  • Suspicious stories that call for immediate action e.g., underpriced items that ask you to buy before stock-outs.
  • Fake jobs.
  • Make believe giveaways.

This is just a mention of a few of the common characteristics or denominators being too good to be true and calling for immediate action.

How to Avoid Scam Insta Stories

Stay clear of the following Instagram stories if you want to avoid being scammed

Phishing stories are done usually through suspicious links that call you to action. Asking for access to your personal information is how hackers get access to your account

Any deal that sounds too good to be true underpriced items, easy jobs, and giveaways.

Stories asking you to share personal information like financial details

In addition, if someone you know or have followed for while shares a suspicious post contact them directly to confirm it is them as someone could be impersonating them.

Finally, do not be quick to action always double-check an account just to make sure it’s legit. Be keen on how you consume the content on IG stories that you download or view. An account can be created by scammers to scam people who just view status without verifying the account is legit. 

Are IG Stories Viewer a Scam or Legit?

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While the feature itself is legit it’s not short of malicious individuals with fake accounts scamming people on the feature. As the platform continues to grow cybercriminals and fraudsters have also found an opportunity to scam people on the app if one is not keen on it.

Instagram stories have become an easy target for fraudsters. Its non-permanent feature that makes content disappear within 24 hours leaving no trace of the scam and the rising number of users that use the feature makes it an ideal place for scammers to target.

Further, the feature is an easy target is its visibility at the top of the feed and ease to browse through which translates most fraud on the app is likely to be found in the feature.

The hackers hijack your identity on the app by impersonating the person or brand and send phony messages that urge you to take action e.g. following a certain link or requesting money, selling accounts and followers, giveaways, fake sponsors with an advertising deal, jobs, lottery and romance to mention but a few, with just enough enticement to make you do what they want.

Insta stories are easily the easiest place to get hacked on Instagram. You have probably fallen a victim to this too and wondering are stories IG legit. the enticing messages to browse through that expire in 24 hours with no trace of evidence I mean. What is there to go by right?

There’s a need to be keen on the telltale signs of something fishy which mostly looks very beguile or rather too good to be true probably is.


In conclusion

Instagram stories and stories downloaders are legit features and have now become a staple due to their popularity and their effectiveness in engagement.

This is not only for entertainment but for businesses and brands as well. To say you will not stay connected to the rest of the world due to avoiding scams means missing out on a lot of opportunities for fun and creativity.

There is some legit content on the stories as well. Attention is however needed while browsing or through these stories to do a background check on anything that looks suspicious. Do not be quick to respond to anything without a background check.

 To answer your question Are Instagram stories a scam or legit? No Insta stories are not a scam but are easily used by hackers to scam their users. All social media apps need users to be keen and vigilant as they consume various content on their and Insta stories are not an exception.



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