How To Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify

Moving a playlist can allow you to experience music in a completely different mood or experience. It’s also an excellent method to discover new music. However, within Spotify’s Spotify help...

Moving a playlist can allow you to experience music in a completely different mood or experience. It’s also an excellent method to discover new music. However, within Spotify’s Spotify help forum, issues like these might pop occasionally:

” How do I turn off Shuffle Play on my playlists? I want them to play in order. What do I do?”

“I’m running an Android phone with Spotify and the other day all my music playlists just started shuffling instead of playing in order as I have them on the desktop app. Please help.”

Also do you think that Shuffle Play the only way to enjoy songs via Spotify?

No. When you’re an Premium member can stream whatever you like. Choose every track, playlist or album and Spotify will play the music in the order in which they’re listed. You’ll still can choose to play shuffle. Naturally, the option of repeating a song or listening to the music playlist in order among the features available to exclusive users.

In the event that you do not have Premium and are making use of the service for free, you’ll be forced to listen to all the playlists that are in the shuffle mode. Also, you’ll need select a playlist which does not have a symbol for shuffle next to it, if you’re trying to stay clear of Shuffle Play. Shuffle Play.

The choice to play our playlist in shuffle could have an impact on the experience we listen to. If you’re experiencing similar issues, read on for the best way to disable shuffle on Spotify.

How To Stop Spotify From Shuffling Songs

The option to disable the shuffle function on Spotify is only available to Premium subscribers and can be performed by tapping”Shuffle’ in the middle of the screen. icon, so that the icon turns gray instead of green.

The best way for this is to switch off the shuffle on the ‘Now playing screen:

If Spotify continues to shuffle songs after you have selected the music you want to listen to, go to the “Now Playing” music screen and tap on the arrow icon ‘Shuffle.

Here’s a deeper review of how to accomplish this:

Open the Spotify app

Choose a song or playlist to listen to

Start the ‘Now Playing’ music screen by clicking on the lower bar

Click the green ‘Shuffle’ icon until it’s gray

Take a listen to songs in the order you’d like to

If the ‘Shuffle’ icon isn’t visible then you can press three dots on the top left to access additional options.

Here are some additional actions you can take in the event you find that it isn’t working for you:

Shut off Spotify the shuffle feature from an internet-connected device

The icon for ‘Shuffle’ will be displayed in the lower left side, next to playing button. If there’s a heart icon, sign into Spotify’s Spotify web player using an internet-connected device and change the to shuffle the playlist that has been stuck.

Switch off Spotify shuffle using the “Sign Out Everywhere’ feature

Sometimes, Spotify may stop working as a result of memory or having multiple devices with different settings for your account.

You can make use of the “Sign Out Everywhere” option to log you out of Spotify on all your devices to ensure that when you come back in, there is no technical problems when you want to listen to your favorite music.

Here’s how to disable Spotify Shuffle making use of the “Sign Out Everywhere’ feature:

Go to and click on ‘Log in’

Log into the account you have created on your Spotify account using the most convenient method

Click on your profile’s name and picture at the upper right corner to reveal the menu. Click on “Account”

Scroll down to the at the bottom on the Account Overview page and then click the “Sign Out Everywhere” link.

Log back to the account you created on Spotify account.

How do I shuffle through Spotify with iOS or Android

The location of the shuffle button on Spotify mobile screen capture

To play shuffles on the smartphone Spotify application:

Launch the Spotify mobile application.

Get your music playing.

Full-screen display of the current song via the playback bar located at on the lower right of the application.

Locate the shuffle button within the controls for media. It appears to be two arrows interwoven.

The shuffle button is pressed once until it changes color to green and has a dot under it.

After activating the shuffle function, any subsequent songs will start playing randomly on Spotify’s mobile app. Spotify smartphone app.

Do I require an Spotify premium account in order to use Shuffle?

There is no way to use the shuffle mode feature without an account with a premium subscription. You’ll need to be logged into your Spotify account prior to being able to utilize the shuffle button.

If you’d like to stop shuffle play however, you’re only able to switch it off on your desktop and on the web app. If you’re using Spotify’s free edition of Spotify on your smartphone, you cannot stop the shuffle playing. You’ll require a premium membership to use it.

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