The term “snapshot” is usually associated with snapping a quick photo on a mobile device or camera. However, when it comes to Pokemon GO, there’s more happening with the term. Through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology Trainers can bring their Pokemon into the real world, and take photos of them in normal situations. Snapshots let Trainers create cool photos that they can share with others.

How do you Snap a Picture Using Pokemon Go?

  1. Once you’ve installed your Pokemon Go app, you are likely to be able to see your character in the game on a map that is surrounded by Pokemon. Next, tap the Pokeball icon found in the bottom-right corner on the display. This will open your main menu.
  2. Then, select the ‘Pokemon icons illustrated in the image below. It should show all of the previously captured Pokemon you have in your collection.
  3. Then, choose any Pokemon from your library you’d like to capture a picture of. In our instance, we selected the popular Charmander.
  4. Once the character menu is been launched, you can click on the icon for a camera (it is located on the right-hand side of your display).
  5. Explore the area using your device and locate the best spot to place your Pokemon (preferably on a flat surface).In the case of AR+ and AR+, you’ll be able to detect the yellow footprints.
  6. Tap them to create the Pokemon to appear at the desired location. Once you’re satisfied with your position, press to take a picture. to snap a picture.
  7. Additionally, you can move the Pokemon so that you can capture it at every angle. To see your pictures, tap the Gallery icon. It should be on the right-hand side of the screen.
  8. Then, you can look through the images you took in the previous steps. You can see in the following you could even be shot by a wild Pokemon! (in our case, it is Smeargle).

You can click the share icon to save the photo to share with acquaintances on social networks. In other words, tap the ‘X icon to return back to the menu.

How to Take a Snap of An Undiscovered Pokemon

Navigating to Photo Mode

If you’d like to snap photos of a Pokemon you’ve seen on the open field, Begin by tapping it like you tried to capture it. As opposed to throwing Pokeball however, take a consider looking at The top of the screen. 

In the middle, you’ll find an icon for a camera at the top of your screen. that you can press to switch into the mode of photography! The exact same thing happens in identical AR mode. 

It’s just a matter of finding the Pokemon first.

Snapping The Snapshot

To begin taking photos just press the small white camera button. In the lower right-hand corner in the bottom left The app emits a pleasing sound and displays the picture you took.

After you’ve taken a photo, you’ll get two choices in the lower right corner: A trash bin on the left, and a checkmark to the right.

If you select the trash container, it deletes the picture. By clicking the checkmark, you can save the image on your smartphone.


The End of The Photoshoot

Once you’re done snapping pictures of wild Pokemon, Click the arrow icon at the bottom left of the.

The screen will simply Reboot you to the menu that you were using previously, With Pokeballs that you can throw, and even berries to utilize.

You can then try to capture the Pokemon like you normally would or escape the battle!