How To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping

WhatsApp has billions of active users is definitely one of the most popular instant messaging services around the globe. It’s constantly improving its services and features, thereby making the app...
How To Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping

WhatsApp has billions of active users is definitely one of the most popular instant messaging services around the globe. It’s constantly improving its services and features, thereby making the app more efficient. Over the last three years, numerous features like Voice Call video call, Emoji chat got added to Whatsapp. However, “Setting WhatsApp Profile Picture without cropping” is the most desired and awaited feature for everyone who uses it and has become a major issue for the majority of Whatsapp users.

In this article, I’ll discuss some interesting techniques that let you change your Whatsapp profile photo or DP without cutting. I’m sure that most Whatsapp customers don’t know about this trick, but everyone wants to know how to do this too. This trick is not just for fun, you will be able to impress your friends , but you’ll also be make everyone else astonished. Before learning more details about this, if are looking for more amazing features that you can unlock in your Whatsapp application, you could test the modified versions, FMWhatsappYOWhatsapp for your smartphone. There are additional tricks and tips to come when you visit to the very first time. Make sure to subscribe and enable push notifications so that you are informed of any updates that are coming.

What is the reason why WhatsApp ask for permission to Crop Images?

WhatsApp requires users to crop their image before uploading it onto the profile photo. WhatsApp is required to cropping the image in order to ensure it fits in an appropriate square, before they will permit the user to put it on the profile. The cropping can often ruin the image quality, and users frequently wonder why this cropping has to be carried out.

  • WhatsApp requires users to crop their image in order so that it is perfectly sized to fit within the DP.
  • The WhatsApp display image has to be of a square size, which is the reason why the user must be able to be able to fit it into the square in order to use it as their display image.
  • The square appears in the ratio 1:1, which is the minimum requirement in order to assign it the DP.
  • In order to achieve the standard, which is the ideal fitting of the image within the square with 1:1 ratio you’re required to crop each image prior to uploading it.

How do I set WhatsApp DP without losing Quality?

When you’re setting up a profile picture, any cropping or resizing of the image makes the picture look poor. WhatsApp has a set of requirements that the picture must meet before it is uploaded as a display.

Thus, each time you set the picture to the DP, WhatsApp needs you to fit it into the square to ensure that it’s at a ratio of 1:1, which is the best standard for the image to meet.

WhatsApp does not alter the image quality. You can edit your photo by hand. When you crop your image, the quality is decreased, and that’s why each when you upload a photo after cropping or quadrating it, you will notice it is blurry and less prominent than it was.

The image needs to be in the square format so that it can be fit into the square and be set in a DP. If the image isn’t in the correct square format, its quality is diminished significantly when you reduce it.

However, there are a few methods you can use to eliminate this issue, which is affecting the quality of your image.

Click an image in Square:

The format for the image to be uploaded must have an equilateral square.

If you attempt to upload an image that isn’t in the 1:1 square, you’ll need to reduce the size and fit it within that 1:1 space.

This process of putting the image in the square diminishes the quality of the picture, so you have to pick the square format when you are taking or taking the photo. The pictures you take are already in square format and don’t need to be cropped in order to fit into the square box when uploading. You’ll find them in the square form and consequently, it will fit into the box.

You can proceed by uploading your image without the need to crop it in order to allow it to fit into the box. If you are able to do this in a way that is appropriate, you will no have to make any adjustments or crop the image in the square format to make it fit as it will automatically fit provided it’s in the square format.

 Don’t cut the DP In a large amount:

A large amount of cropping from an enormous image degrades its quality photo in a way that is excessively. If you’re cropping the photo from a huge image to only take a portion of it that’s fit into the square, then zooming into it to use it as Your DP destroying the image for your self.

If you’re cutting it out heavily with a huge image the quality is likely to decrease to a minimum. This is why you should make sure you select pictures that don’t have an extensive layout in order to avoid cropping the image heavily from the entire picture.

Try making it square by editing the image to the square in your Photos app. Once you’ve done that, you are able to upload the picture onto your DP.

WhatsApp DP sans Cropping – SquareDroid

Another way to change your WhatsApp display image without losing quality is using SquareDroid. SquareDroid application.

It comes with some incredible and sophisticated features that help users to overcome the restrictions of cropping their picture that can result in loss of quality before uploading it to the profile photo.


This app has been designed with advanced features:

  • It allows users to resize each photo before posting images to social networks.
  • It’s got an easy and simple interface that is minimalist in its approach. It’s therefore more user-friendly.
  • It has modern and trendy themes and designs that comply with all the guidelines and rules.
  • It aids in editing photos using two-color border gradients.
  • The size of the application is smaller which means it doesn’t take up more space.

Steps to make use of the SquareDroid application:

Step 1. First step is to download SquareDroid to your mobile, in order to begin with the process.

Step 2. After that, start the program. It is necessary to select the image you want to use by clicking Select a picture or take an entirely new photo and begin editing it.

Step 3. It will then require you to select one of three backgrounds available. Choose one from blur, plain and gradient.

Step 4.After selecting, you’ll see the app automatically reduce the size of your photo but without sacrificing any quality or quality to the picture.

Step 5.Next You need to select the Savebutton and then click OK.

Step 6. The next step is to launch your WhatsApp application, and then set the photo you edited to be your profile image after which you’re all set.

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