How To Run Kodi On Chromecast From Android/PC

“KODI” is an open-source and free software player. It also serves as an entertainment center for media on the HTPCs (Home Theater PCs). It is an interface for users...

“KODI” is an open-source and free software player. It also serves as an entertainment center for media on the HTPCs (Home Theater PCs). It is an interface for users that is 10-foot and can be made for the living room.

In this case, we utilize an actual remote as the principal input device. The GUI (GUI) of the remote allows users to browse and access music, podcasts, images, and videos quickly.

In addition, they can view it via an optical disc local network, a hard drive, as well as on the internet with only a couple of buttons.

Google Chrome cast is an excellent media streaming device.

If you’re looking to stream videos or content on Kodi or stream Kodi to Chrome cast, there’s no native method. There are however methods for streaming Kodi into Chromecast. It can be streamed through the internet on your Android gadget, PC or Mac.

Streaming using The Quick Setting Icon

It’s possible that this method will be effective or not for you. It’s all dependent upon the Android version you’re using. Although it’s true that the casting function is usually present in all standard Android builds, some makers do not include the feature on their phones.

In the majority of Android versions, you’ll find this button to cast button within the Quick Settings drawer. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Scroll downwards at the very top to open into the Quick Settings drawer.
  • If you do not notice an icon for the cast icon in the first place then tap the icon for pencil. This will show more options that are quick. Utilize Cast within the Settings of your device.
  • Click to the “Cast” icon and then wait while your phone scans your network. After a few seconds, you will be able to see a list of devices. Choose the Chromecast gadget from this list. You’ll know that you’ve successfully connected by the time your Android screen appears to be mirrored onto your screen. Choose the device you want to connect to. Chromecast Device
  • Start the Kodi application and play an audio.
  • Because this will stream the entire Android to your TV this will stop users from using their phone to stream to Chromecast. If you’re seeking a better solution then go to the third method.

Streaming Using Google Home App

If you don’t wish to spend a lot of minutes, this is the right choice for you. We’ll use the Google Home feature to mirror the display that you have on Google Home on your Android onto Chromecast. Google Chromecast dongle.

While there is a benefit to access, it comes with disadvantages to this approach. For starters, the content you view will be available across both devices. You won’t also be able to switch off your Android screen or send text messages or answer calls when casting your Chromecast. If you’re looking for an easy and simple solution, follow these instructions below:

  • Begin the process by downloading Kodi onto the Android device. I strongly suggest that you do not install custom-built apps and stick to Kodi’s official Google Play app.
  • Get the Official Google Home app on the Google Play Store.
  • After installing both apps After that, start Google Home and tap on the action menu. From there, select Cast screen or audio. Open Cast Screen/Audio in Google Home App
  • Tap on Cast Screen/Audio again. Tap on the Cast Screen/Audio
  • The app will now look for devices that are compatible. Choose the Chromecast model from the search results and press OK.
    Be aware: Don’t worry if you receive a message that says ” Screencasting is not optimized for this device“. It’s an occurrence that is common.

Choose Your Chromecast Device

Then, Open Kodi on your Android. Open the Kodi application on Android and start streaming the video that you want to play on your TV.

This is the method it works to stream Kodi to Chromecast using Google Home. Google Home app. While it’s an easy solution, however, it has some serious limitations. There’s also the possibility that you’ll experience a delay on your Chromecast when streaming through Google Home.

Streaming During Kodi is Running in the Background

If you’re ready to follow the steps to follow, this is the most effective method of streaming Kodi through Chromecast using Android. This allows Kodi to play through your Chromecast even when your device is locked. This will consume significantly fewer batteries than the previous two options we have discussed in the past.

The procedure is lengthy and laborious, but very worthwhile. Follow the steps below:

  • Installation and downloading File Explorer and installing File Explorer from Google Play Store.
  • Installation of LocalCast on the Google Play Store.
  • Get the PlayerCoreFactory.XML file.
  • Be sure to are running you have the Kodi application installed. To prevent unexpected errors I recommend you install the version available on the Google Play Store.
  • Start ES File Explorer and navigate there to settings > display settings. Scroll to the Other tab and check that box beside show hidden files. Then, show hidden files in ES File Explorer
  • Then, go then to your downloads directory and download the PlayCoreFactory.xml file that you just downloaded.
  • Return on the screen that displays home in Es File Explorer and selects internal Storage. Click on Internal Storage
  • Copy the PlayCoreFactory.xml file into Android the Data folder. org.xbmc.kodi > > files >.kodi > > userdata folder.

Open Kodi Userdata Folder

  • Launch the Kodi application to play whatever video you want. If you have several casting applications it will prompt you to select a service. If so, select LocalCast.
    Notification: If you don’t already have another casting program running, Kodi will automatically choose LocalCast.
  • Choose then your Chromecast device and then wait for the connection created.
  • Click on the play button to start the playback of your video using the Chromecast device. You can add more videos by tapping an add to queue button. Press Play

When you’ve reached this stage Once you have reached

Open Kodi Userdata Folder

this step, you can disable your Local Cast app and even secure the Android device. Video playback is going on until you click on the Exit App on the TV or disconnect.

Streaming Kodi from a Computer or Mac

The method described below works equally on PC as well as MAC. It’s a Chrome feature that’s integrated into the most recent PC as well as MAC Chrome versions. If you’re not happy with Chrome, however, you could follow the steps below on Vivaldi or another Chrome-based browser.

Chromecasting Kodi to Chromecast from a PC or Mac

Remember the fact that earlier Chrome versions will not have this feature on default. If you’d like to enable casting functions for earlier Chrome versions, you’ll download an extension called the Extension Cast.

With that in mind this is what you will need to do to make a cast Kodi from your PC and MAC for Chromecast:

  • If you can see the icon for casting in the upper right corner of your screen, click it. Select the Cast Icon
  • Notice: If you don’t see the icon for casting click the action button and then click upon the Cast icon…
  • Simply click on the Cast button in the Action Menu
  • Click on the icon Cast and ensure the Cast Desktop is selected. Choose the Cast Desktop
  • Select your Chromecast and then wait for the connection created.
  • Start Kodi Play any movie, however, be sure not to close Chrome while the casting process is taking place.

As with the previous method, it is necessary to maintain the Kodi client in the background of your computer. Additionally, you can’t shut down or disable your computer or Mac. This is not the most efficient solution, but it’s a viable option when you need to show an event or other thing for a wider public.


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