How To Replace KingRoot With SuperSu

To personalize their Android phones, users choose to root to customize them. The rooting process of the Android phone is becoming more popular and so are the applications that allow...
How To Replace KingRoot With SuperSu

To personalize their Android phones, users choose to root to customize them. The rooting process of the Android phone is becoming more popular and so are the applications that allow users to root their devices. Since one has full control over the settings and functions of their phone, they can root it. Kingroot is known as the King of applications that aid with Android Rooting. But , after a number of users had issues in this Kinguser application, they’ve turned to alternative options. One of the Kingroot alternative to Kingroot is SuperSU. The latter is also increasing in recognition across the world due to its upgraded features and no-cost services. Today we’re going to go over several ways of replacing Kingroot by SuperSU for all Android phone.

If you’ve used this Kingroot software device for rooting your smartphone and you want to change to other applications such as SuperSU then it’s simple.

Replace kingroot by supersu

This method is compatible with the majority of Android phones without PC. You can disable Supersu and install Kingroot instead on your phone using this guide. Many are searching for alternatives to kingroot and use super su. If you try installing Super su from the play store, it will prompt to update the su binary. However it won’t be able to work. So you will require CWM or some other custom recovery that works with the Super su zip file to be flashed. However, in many Android phones, the development level is not high, which means that CWM isn’t accessible. This guide is designed for users who aren’t able to develop their phones. Get it now below. Also, take a look at some amazing WhatsApp Tricks to use WhatsApp in a better method. You can change the kingroot app and utilize supersu today with the tutorial I have listed below. Take an look at the steps below to see how to do it.

Kingroot SuperSU SuperSU

Supersu is complicated with almost all Android apps. Kingroot could have some problems in granting root permissions to apps. We’ve been playing with Hide my roots application, when I trying in trying to Hide Su Binary it displayed an error message. It said Hide Su Binary was unsuccessful. This led me to replace Kingroot with Supersu. After that, it worked perfectly. In certain situations, Supersu is better than Kingroot. Check out the basic requirements to using this guide. This is the most secure and efficient method to replace kingroot with supersu on your device, and you’ll be able to install supersu with your device with no problems following the tutorial below.

How do you replace KingRoot with SuperSU on Android

I’m sharing three easy ways to replace Kinguser with SuperSU The it is the most simple. If none of the methods work for you, then try another. It is possible to succeed in the second approach.

Method 1: To replace Kingroot SuperSu SuperSu (Simplest Method)

It’s the most simple and easy method of replacing Kingroot by SuperSU on any root Android device. Simply install the SuperSU application from the Play store and then uninstall Kingroot off your Android device. That’s it. Let me go through step-by-step:

  • Play store. Play store.
  • Look up SuperSU and then install it.
  • You can open it and grant it permission to be Superuser.
  • This time, you can uninstall Kingroot application.
  • Update the SuperUser Binary and reboot your phone.
  • Voila!! That’s it.

It’s the first and most simple trick to replace Kingroot by SuperSU. However, if this trick does not work for you, then explore the other method described in the following steps.

Method 2: To replace Kinguser with SuperSU by using the Terminal Emulator

This is the second option that can be used on nearly all Android device. I’ve tested it on more than 10 different Android phones and it works for me. This is the reason I’m sharing it here. You may also test with this method and I’m sure that it will work without issues. However, it is important to adhere to this procedure with care or else it could cause damage to your device.

1.) In the beginning, you need to download all files that I have mentioned in the Requirements.

2) After downloading all requirement file, first Unzip Replace_Kinguser_with_SuperSU file and Move the extracted folder “MRW” to any folder in Phone Storage.

3.) 3. Open the the Terminal Emulator application on your smartphone and type ” SU” in the terminal. It will then ask you to Grant the rights. Simply allow the functions to be granted.

4) After granting permission, you have to writer another code in Terminal, write “sh /sdcard/mrw/“. After you type that command, the program will display your error on the screen, however, you should ignore it.

5.) Then wait for a few minutes and it will start SuperSU If it does not, then you must manually open SuperSU by launching applications.

6.) It will prompt you to update the the Superuser binary and then click the Continue button and then select Normal Mode.

6) Finally, restart your phone.

Yo!! That’s it. Now SuperSU is working seamlessly for your gadget. With this guide, you’ve successfully substituted the Kingroot KingUser using Chainfire’s SuperSU. This was the best method of replacing Kingroot using SuperSU in any Android.

Method 3. Replace KingRoot with SuperUser by using the Supersu Me Pro app

I’ve already talked about two ways to take out or replace Kingroot using SuperSU/Superuser. If you don’t know the concept of Terminal and want a more simple method to do it. This third method is the best choice for you. It is all you need is a simple application in this way and it will be able to take over Kinguser using Superuser.

1.) To begin, download and install Supersu Me Pro App on your device.

2.) When you open it, and it will ask you for Grant permissions. Click the Grant button to grant SuperUser permissions to this application.

3.) The application will display Big Google in green Click on it.

4.) It will begin replacing Kingroot by SuperSU and will take about 2 to 3 minutes. Therefore, you should wait for an extended time for it to complete its process.

5.) After it completes the procedure it will then launch SuperSU application to display on the screen.

That’s it. It’s another simple method to replace Kingroot using SuperSU. It is now possible to remove the Supersu Me Pro app from your phoneTake advantage of SuperUser instead of KingUser in your smartphone.


The methods above are described thorough and sufficient that you can substitute Kingroot using SuperSU. In addition, you can access the download links for the necessary software and applications from. It is actually an all-inclusive guide to switch over Kingroot using SuperSU.

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