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The game you play with your friends is always a good idea whether playing locally or online. If you’re among the players who like playing the COD Black Ops Cold War with your friends, then you’ve probably been aware of splitting-screen modes. If not, you’re in the right place since we’ll explain how to utilize this feature in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War split-screen feature.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the most recent release in Call of Duty. It is the latest addition to Call of Duty series and features split-screen play. There are however some limitations; for one, you are able to only play split-screen games on consoles. Treyarch the developer is not yet added split-screen play to PC. In addition, you are able to play certain modes with split-screen group of friends. Now, let’s go right into the tutorial.

How to play Die Maschine, Firebase Z, Mauer der Toten, and Outbreak Zombies in Cold War split-screen

The most basic items you’ll need in order to enjoy Cold War Zombies in split-screen are two players with an PlayStation or Xbox two controllers, Black Ops Cold War and a television!

For a more in-depth guide of how to set up a game simply follow these steps:

Get started Black Ops Cold War, on any platform.

Start the “Zombies” section of the game. navigate to its main menu

Make sure that a second controller is attached to your console

Verify that the user is logged in with their existing account, or on a guest profile.

The main screen will appear. hit “X” to play PlayStation or ‘A for Xbox. Press ‘X’ on Xbox using the second controller

Take a few seconds to wait until the other player join.

After they have joined your gathering, pick the game you want to play and then enjoy!

How to Fix the Split Screen Issue

The fix below was discovered by Reddit member Bloodwink The fix has been spotted by the Reddit user Bloodwink, and has been tested for many users. What you have to do:

User 1 should join the user 2 in their friends list.

Press the number X in the game as User 1.

Log in as User 2

User 1 is now able to allow User 2 to join to join their game

You can enter Zombies mode as User 1.

You can quit the game

User 1 is now able to access the Social Menu on PSN

Let User 2 quickly to join the game

If everything is in order the split screen should be in effect for both users within the Zombies mode.

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