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How to Pin Someone on Snapchat

[Step by Step] How to Pin Someone on Snapchat

Hello, we are looking for ways to pin someone on Snapchat?

There are times when many of your friends are snapping at you, you might be missing snaps from your closest friends and family members. In those instances, Snapchat’s “Pin Conversations” feature come to our aid. It is a feature that Snapchat is accessible from any location regardless of the device Android or iPhone you’re using.

You can pin any kind of conversation as you please. The fact is, the conversations you have pinned always remain at the top of your chatbox which means that if they snap you won’t see them. Whatever number of photos you’ve received recently from acquaintances and friends The pinned chats with your friends who are closed remain at the top, to ensure that you don’t miss a single snap.

How you can Pin Someone on Snapchat

The process of pinning conversations on Snapchat isn’t a daunting task. It takes only a just a few seconds to complete using the most basic steps. The feature of pinning someone’s profile on Snapchat is not a new feature actually, this was announced in the year of June. Initially, the feature was being test-driven by the famous social media journalist Matt Navarra and she announced the feature on Twitter and Facebook.

The name implies that this feature lets you separate important chats from normal ones. This means that when you wish to send them snaps or wish to take an examination of photos they send it is possible to do so with ease.

How Do I Pin Someone To Snapchat iPhone?

If you’re employing Snapchat for your iPhone and iPad, this is a simple procedure. It only takes a few minutes. Follow the steps below to find out what you can do to add someone to Snapchat using an iPhone.

  1. First, you need to start by visiting first on the Friends screen. This can be done by simply tapping on the right from the camera screen.
  2. Once you have done this, you need to press and hold onto the chat group or friend that you wish to pin to your computer.
  3. A variety of pop-ups will appear to your screen. from the popups, select the one that says ‘ Chat Settings which you can simply tap it and then click”Pin Conversation” and then click on ” Pin Conversation option, and the process will be completed.

How can You Pin Someone on Snapchat on Android?

It is a shame that at present, the pinning feature on Snapchat is available only for iPhone users. Since this feature was launched just last year, in June it is possible that we will be waiting a bit longer to get it on Androids too.

As on iPhones, It can be simple to do this by pressing the name of the friend or chat from the list. To do this, you simply must tap on the screen of chat.

This feature could be described in the form of “Pin Chat” or “pin talk”. Both are the same thing.

This way, you’ll be able to keep your conversations with your closest friends and family members that you wish to be able to monitor them, you are able to do that.

If you’re an Android user, the issue is. So far, no official features have been released to Android users as of yet.

The reason for this is that at first Snapchat was designed exclusively for iPhone people only. However, after it gained popularity it was made available to Android users too.

However, many of the features, like the dark mode or Pinning chats, etc. are exclusive to iOS users, not available for android users.

A lot of users have complained about this issue as an unfair method, but as of now, we don’t have any information regarding this issue. If the issue is a part of the upcoming times and is applicable to Android users too We will provide you with updates on the same It is recommended to save this site since we’ll be up-to-date with this issue.


How do you unpin someone on Snapchat that has blocked you

There are many instances when it happens that relationships change, and a lot of things turn out to be negative. When that happens you shouldn’t take a look at anything that stems from these relationships.

What do you do if you’ve pinned the profiles by yourself? It might be difficult to get those profiles for you, isn’t it? What do you do next time? Simple, remove them. It’s as easy as pinning them.



Use the instructions below to remove someone from Snapchat :

  • Chat settings first.
  • Then search for the unpin conversations from the list.
  • When you find that you want to unpin the conversation, click here.
  • And do you know what? It can be completed in just a few minutes, it’s that simple you think?

Another thing important to note is every time you pin a chat to someone’s Snapchat and will be removed. If you unpin someone from your Snapchat the person won’t be aware of it.

Your contacts won’t be informed at the same time. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about what other people may think of or feel about your actions when you pin or remove them. This means you can take pictures without social pressure.


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