How to Nintendo Error Code 2123-1502 :Step By Step

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502 Over the last couple of months, Nintendo establishes itself in the gaming console market. Over the last couple of years, Nintendo launches...
How to Nintendo Error Code 2123-1502 :Step By Step

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

Over the last couple of months, Nintendo establishes itself in the gaming console market. Over the last couple of years, Nintendo launches various power gaming devices within the gaming industry.

Nintendo Switch is one of the models that came out in the year 2017. Although it’s perfect and able to play games with no issues, it is still causing owners problems.

Many users complained that the latest 12.0.3 update was causing problems when they tried connecting to the Nintendo eShop to download digital games. The error code 2123-1502 has been appearing in the update since the last one.

At present, Nintendo doesn’t provide any solution to resolve this issue however, it is likely that the team working with them is looking into the issue.

How do you fix the error code 2123-1502? Don’t know? Here are some solutions you can do to eliminate that error 2123-1502.

Possible Reasons Behind The Error

This Nintendo Switch 2123 – 1502 error code could be due to the following causes:

Corruption in the memory on the Nintendo console was caused by an interruption in the download.

If you are experiencing DNS issues, the DNS server does not correctly translate the web addresses of servers.

A dated OS version on Nintendo Switch can also result in the error code 2123-1502.


How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502

I’ve noticed that different websites suggested several solutions to fix this issue in the past couple of days. However, it doesn’t appear as if it’s working with the users. After looking into the issue, we have several really efficient solutions for you to definitely help you fix the issue temporarily. Let’s see what we can do.

Possible Solutions to Fix The Error Code 2123-1502

Here are some suggestions to correct this problem to allow you to be able to enjoy your games of choice:

Try Download it Again

The first step is to need to click on”OK” to close the error message window. Okay, button in order to shut down the message of error.

In the event that an error message appears saying that Download has shut down because of an error that has occurred. You can press the Continue button to try downloading it over again.

However, if error code 2123-1502 comes up again it is recommended to attempt to continue the Download multiple times since many users have reported that the error message is solved after doing this.

If you’re lucky, then you will see a downloading data message will pop up. The Download should now be completed in a normal manner.

Restart Your Console and Router

Sometimes, a glitch that is temporary can cause this Nintendo error code 2123-1502 well. Restarting your console as well as your router could help fix the issue.

Step 1. To turn off the Switch console Hold and press the Power button for three seconds. After that, you can choose Power Options and follow by switching off.

Step 2. Once the console has been turned off, switch off the power on your router and disconnect your power cord from its socket.

Step 3. Witt until you have a minimum of 30 seconds prior to you turn on the router. Then, reconnect to power the cable.

Step 4. Switch off power on your console. Turn it off and then check to see whether the error code 2123-1502 on the Nintendo Switch gets fixed.

Clear the Cache

The damaged storage of the Nintendo Switch can interfere with the process of downloading and result in the error code 21231502. To fix the issue follow these steps in order to clean the cache on the Switch.

Step 1. On the Home menu on Nintendo Switch, go to the Home menu. Nintendo Switch, select System Settings and then scroll down to the System tab.

Step 2. Choose Formatting Options and select Reset Cache or Clear Cache.

Step 3. Select the user you wish to erase cache for and then click Reset.

Once you have completed this, reboot your console, and then check to see if you see the error message 2123-1502. is removed.

Make use of Google DNS settings

Another possible fix that users have suggested is changing the Switch Console’s DNS setting to Google DNS through the WiFi settings.

  • Go to System Settings > Internet > Internet Settings.
  • Select the wifi network you want to join from the network selection.
  • Select “Change Settings.”
  • Scroll down, and then make sure to change the DNS settings for “Manual.”
  • Your Primary DNS address should be set in
  • Change your Secondary DNS address for
  • Select “Save.”
  • Retry the download.
  • If this isn’t working, or it causes new issues with connection Go back to the network settings, and alter the DNS settings to “Automatic.”

Flight Mode

The ability to switch between airplane mode and flight mode may help to resolve the issue by reestablishing the communication module.

In order to turn off and switch off the mode of flight of the Nintendo Switch, follow the steps below:

  • Start your Control Panel and then locate it. Select the Airplane (Flight) Mode option on the left side of the screen.
  • From the left side, Turn on the Airplane (Flight) Mode option and wait an amount of time.
  • Now, Turn Off the Airplane (Flight) Mode option.

Wi-Fi Settings Re-Connection

If there’s a temporary glitch in the Nintendo’s communications modules, this could cause the Switch error code 2123-1502.

In this instance, you must remove and then add the Wi-Fi connection to the Switch following the steps below:

  • Start System Settings. Select System Settings and then select an Internet option on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, the internet settings option will appear in the left panel. Select the Network you’re connected.
  • Go to the delete settings to remove the connections that are protected by WPA security.
  • You can also uninstall the files that are associated with it through this option. Advanced Configuration option.

Then, you can join the network again using the steps outlined in the following steps:

  • Look up your console for the network and then click it.
  • Enter the password and click OK in order to verify.
  • After the internet connection has been restored, we can restart the download, and see whether the issue persists.

Update The Problematic Game

If the suggestions above weren’t working for you, you should uninstall the application or game that you are having issues with.

  • Start the home screen and choose the troublesome software (don’t start it) and then press the + button of the controller.
  • It will display it’s software tab in the display. Choose from the software update option, then via on the web option.
  • The process will take a while to be completed. If the console discovers other games or software that is not working it will then automatically repeat the process.

Once the process is completed, reboot your console and make sure that the issue has been resolved.

Change the MTU Size of the Nintendo Switch

Its MTU (maximum transmission unit) is the largest size of a frame or data packet that a network is able to send and, if the dimension that Nintendo Switch is too large, or if the Nintendo Switch is not compatible with the network, it could result in message 2123 indicating that the error occurred. In this situation changing the size of the MTU on the Nintendo Switch may be the problem.

  • Start on the System Settings of the Nintendo Switch and open the Internet.
  • Choose Internet settings and then select to select the network that you want to use (like Wi-Fi).
  • Then, open Modify Settings and choose the MTU. Change the MTU of the Nintendo Switch to 1500
  • Then, change the MTU’s number in the range 1500 to 1500 and then restart the Switch after saving the changes.
  • After restart, verify that you can confirm that the Switch error 2123-1502 is gone.

Reset the Nintendo Switch to the Factory Defaults

If none of the solutions above solved the issue, then it is possible that there is a problem with the firmware on the Nintendo Switch. In this case, setting to reset the Nintendo Switch to the factory defaults can fix the issue.

Before you move one, make sure to check whether the Nintendo services are running. If yes, then you could back up the Switch’s data and then start the reset procedure. Don’t forget to take out your SD card (otherwise the data stored on it will also be erased) of the Switch after shutting off your Switch.

  • Launch Switch’s System Settings and go towards the System tab.
  • Open the Formatting Options and enter the parental control PIN (if necessary).
  • After that, click initialize the console and do a thorough review of the information regarding the things to be cleaned (make copies of the important items). Click on Initialize Console of the Nintendo Switch
  • Click on the Next button and then select Restore Factory Settings..
  • Then you should wait until the reset process is completed (for the newer switches, it could take up to 5 mins).
  • After the reset process is completed, set up the switch in accordance with your needs and, hopefully, it will be free of the error code 2123-1502.


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