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How to Muting an Instagram Story

Muting an Instagram Story

If you’re not certain what you did to muffle an individual’s story in first place, it’s fairly easy. On the upper part of the app you’ll be able to see your friends’ profiles icons. Moving to the right will reveal more each of them telling an account of their lives.

Long-press on the Instagram Story icon and tap “Mute”

When you tap any of these profile pictures the story will begin to unfold. Pressing any icon will open you to a menu. “Mute” and “View Profile’ are both listed below, along with their respective usernames.

If you tap ‘Mute’. You can choose to silence their story , or their story and their posts will be displayed. By selecting either of them will mean that their posts will not show up in your feed until you de-mute it.

If you’ve made this mistake by accident , or you’d like to restore your friend’s posts to the Instagram feed, unmuting it is simple.

How do you remove the mute on in an story on Instagram? Story

  1. Install your Instagram application on either or off your iPhone or Android.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your feed for stories by moving left at on the right side of the homepage.There are muted stories in the middle of your Stories. Stories that are muted Stories will be gray instead of having the color of a circle as other stories.
  3. 3.Press and hold the button on the story you want to demute.It will show an app-wide pop-up.
  4. 4.Click “Unmute” in the menu of options
  5. You can also follow similar steps by visiting the muted story Account’s Profile page.Click and hold on the icon for story located in the upper left hand area of the page. A pop-up will pop up then click “Unmute.”

Unmute Stories From Instagram Settings

Go into your Instagram profile.

Go to the hamburger menu and choose Settings..

The next page, choose Privacy..

Click on Muted Accounts.

Below, you’ll find the listing of the accounts you’ve blocked so far on Instagram. It will also indicate whether you’ve muted your stories, posts or both.

Tap the account you wish to reveal stories to.

This will take you to the profile of the user.

Tap After Select Following, then select the Mute option and then turn off the switch for Stories..

What Happens When You Mute Someone On Instagram?

Instagram offers two options when you want to mute people. You can disable their stories, their posts or both. If you mutes posts, everything the person writes will not show up on your feed. In contrast, if you mute the story of someone else:

This story is transferred to the final in the bar.

It won’t show an attractive ring after something’s uploaded.

It will not play automatically while you’re browsing between stories.

You can view it towards the end of the Stories bar or by going to the individual’s profile.


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