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how to make a jack o lantern in minecraft

How to Make a Jack O Lantern in Minecraft

Materials that are Required

An Jack O lantern can serve as a source of light and also to keep hostile creatures away. Jack O lantern in Minecraft recipe needs only a handful of ingredients, taking into consideration that it’s an object that is multi-functional. The required materials are:

  • Torch
  • One block Carved Pumpkin

All you have to do is put one charcoal/coal and a wooden stick on the 3×3 crafting grid to create an arc torch. The carving of a pumpkin will take longer.

A Minecraft pumpkins aren’t something that players can create by using a furnace or making table. Instead, they have to discover and then collect the pumpkin.

Use a Torch

Begin by looking for a plant called a pumpkin which grows throughout Minecraft. First, look for a pumpkin plant that grows in Minecraft world. The majority of them are inside areas like the Plains and Extreme Hills biomes. After a pumpkin is discovered, players have to take it down. It is important to grab it before the pumpkin disappears in the air.


If you’ve seen an orange, craft a shear using the two ingots of iron.

The pumpkin should be placed on the floor near your. Make use of the Hotbar to get the shear and place it on the pumpkin by clicking left on it. If you can see marks on your pumpkin, as shown in the image that means you’ve successfully cut the pumpkin.

All you have to do is dig it out, put it in your inventory and then move forward to Jack O lantern in Minecraft recipe.

Cut pumpkins using shears.


How to create the Jack O Lantern in Minecraft

1. In a Nutshell

To create the perfect Jack O’lantern using Minecraft you need to place a carved pumpkin within the crafting GUI and place a torch to the bottom. The pumpkin should be placed on the grid’s 3×3 in the center.

After the player is finished creating the Jack O Lantern, simply add it into the inventory.

2. Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow this guideline and you’ll be able to get a Minecraft JAck O’Lantern with no obstacles:

Open the table of crafting

Make a Jack-o’-lantern by opening the crafting table, along with the items in the inventory.

Insert Carved pumpkin

The carved pumpkin block you created from the inventory into the second row’s cell. Put the pumpkin you carved on the middle box.

The torch should be placed in the place

Then, place the torch under the pumpkin that you have craved. It is in the same spot as the second row’s second cell.

Then, put a torch just beneath the pumpkin.

Place in Inventory

After players have completed with the right pattern in the craft zone and the jack-o’lantern should be displayed in the box on the right. It is your responsibility to add the item into your inventory. And voila you’ve got your own Jack-o’lantern!

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