How To Live Stream Video On Facebook Page Or Profile

The Facebook Live feed is among the top ways to interact with your audience and establish a relationship with them, and expand your business. Take into consideration that Facebook live...
How To Live Stream Video On Facebook Page Or Profile

The Facebook Live feed is among the top ways to interact with your audience and establish a relationship with them, and expand your business. Take into consideration that Facebook live streams have more than a billion viewers base, and receive six times more participation and sign-ups that are 10 times more than regular videos and you’ll see the reason why Live Streams are a must-have element of your marketing plan.

To help you get on the bandwagon and make use of this platform, we’ve put together an comprehensive guides that include Facebook Live tips, examples as well as the fundamentals to beginning. Stay with us until the close, and we’ll explain how to maximize the value of the live streams you create.

How to live stream on Facebook

In the beginning, we’ll explain how to stream live on your smartphone. Take your smartphone (or the one you are using for advertising on social networks) and then open the Facebook application.

1.Go to your News Feed on Facebook and click”Live” (the icon for a camcorder)

Log into your account on Facebook. If the username you’re using is one that you made in the past 10 years and you’d like to modify it prior to launching It’s a good thing it’s simple and quick! This is how you can modify the name of your Facebook user name.

You can also live stream on your Facebook profile or company page. In the status bar, click on the Live button (as as if you were planning to create a normal post on your Facebook page) and choose Live Video. Live Video option (also denoted by the same icon for a camcorder).

You’ll be asked to grant Facebook the access rights to your microphone and camera. If you do not accept this then you’ll be unable to live stream. This is an easy one however. If you’re planning to perform live on stage, then you’d like everyone to be able and hear your voice!

Be assured that when you’ve approved it for the first time, you’ll no longer see these prompts.

Facebook Live is all about the video, isn’t it?

However, but not completely. Although the content you produce is clearly important but it is only important whether people watch it. This means that you must have an engaging description that can draw people in and inspire them to desire to keep watching.

The description will be displayed in Facebook people’s timelines, above your video. So be sure that your description grabs attention! The description must clearly communicate the value that your video can offer, while leaving enough details to draw attention.

While you’re writing your post, you can include your location, apply emoticons, and even tag people! Make use of these options in case you’re posting from particular location, would like to highlight a particular employee, or simply to have amusement!

3.If you’re posting on your personal Facebook account, you can choose the privacy settings

If you’re posting on your Facebook company page the Facebook Live video will be made public by default. You’re probably going to choose this option , as live streaming is connected to an viewers and getting noticed! But you are able to restrict your audience’s access based on geographical location through Facebook’s audience limits.

To do this, click the ellipsis icon at the bottom of the right. Select Audience Restrictions. After that, turn “Geo Controls” on, and then use the Locations tab to choose the locations you wish to add and/or exemptMake sure you change to the Location Rule tab depending on the option you choose!

However it is possible to post from your personal account (whether for personal or business purpose) you are able to alter the privacy settings to ensure you live-stream can just be seen by individuals who wish to see it.

Follow steps 1 and 2 exactly the same way as when you posted from an account for business. Follow the instructions to alter the privacy setting on your account.

To choose a privacy option to choose a privacy setting, tap on the “To:” button on the left side on the display. There, you can choose from “Public,” “Friends,” “Friends with friends” …,” as well as “Friends of Friends.” You may also decide to live stream to a particular Facebook group.

4. Explore the possibilities of Facebook Live filters lenses, filters and Doodles

Facebook has a range of filters lenses, filters and the option for you to write or draw on live streaming videos. It is possible to browse through the various options just under”Start Live Video “Start Live Video” button It’s impossible to ignore it!

Although they’re certainly enjoyable and entertaining, ensure that you’re not selecting an effect that draws your attention from the subject that you want to convey in the video. If you decide to include a filter, lens, or draw make sure that it’s complementing,instead of distracting.

Consider the three filters I’ve highlighted below. In the image above you’ll notice that the filter completely covers the screen with a the color of the overlay. This kind of thing could distract your viewers away from your primary topic.

The other way around is that the middle filter works more like frames. It’s still busy, however enough so that you can frame your image without overwhelming the display.

The image at the bottom of the page shows how you can draw the screen. It is evident it, the drawing will be visible as an overlay during your video, so use my example as a guideline on what to avoid you should do.

5. Begin the process of creating your Facebook live video!

After you’ve chosen a filter, be sure the camera’s facing in the right way (use the button for camera on the upper left corner to switch from your camera facing outwards to your camera for selfies and reverse the switch). Check that your subject is in the correct position and then click”Start Live Video” in blue “Start Live Video” button to begin the process!

When you have done this it’s live! Your video will start to appear on your own feed, as well as in the feeds of your viewers. In the upper left corner, you’ll find the long you’ve been live. Facebook Live streams can be as long as 90 minutes.

Although you might not want to devote more than an hour of your time to engage with your Facebook fans Keep this in your mind: the more time your live streaming, the higher the chance that someone comes across your stream and will watch it! However, you shouldn’t do it too much otherwise you’ll begin to notice a decrease in views.

Make sure you interact with your viewers during streaming live. You can answer comments and questions in real-time and you can take advantage the feature!

After you’ve finished live streaming When you’re done, hit to click the “Finish” button in the lower right-hand corner. Then, you can add the video on your profile or remove it. If you’re posting on behalf of your company, think about making it available to viewers who might have not seen it may visit and go through it!

Facebook Live Tools

Facebook provides a variety of options for you to make it easier to communicate with your viewers when you broadcast. Making use of these tools can increase engagement and provide the most enjoyable user experience to your audience. You can combine and match them in order to use your viewers in the most effective method for your business.

Live polls Create an online poll in advance to announce it when you go live. Then, you will be able to observe your audience’s responses live during the stream.

Featured Links Add one, or several featured hyperlinks to the stream to promote your site and other resources.

Live on Stories They allow you to upload your live streams directly on Facebook Stories to reach more of your fans.

Live Comments Moderation Control the dialogue that takes place in the comments on your livestream. You can restrict the number of people who can comment and how often with this feature. Additionally, you can select a particular viewer to moderate comments on behalf of you.

Front Row: This feature lets you highlight your most popular fans in a specific area on your streaming. You can give them a unique shout-out to show your appreciation for your viewers while you’re live.

badges: These are a gauge of how well your followers are engaged on your page. Users can earn badges by engaging with your content, whether that’s by posting “Stars” or tuning in to your Facebook Live videos.

Donations Websites that have been approved for this feature in particular areas can include an “Donate” button to their live video. Nonprofits that use Facebook’s payment platform do not need to pay fees and therefore receive 100% of donations.

Live with: This is a co-broadcasting feature which allows you to make the Facebook Live video with multiple guests.

Live shopping: If your business has items for sale on Facebook this feature lets you to include products to display on your livestream.

If you need help broadcasting live on Facebook go through the video! Also, don’t forget to keep in mind that a recorded version of the livestream is also posted to the social media platform on which you broadcast. The benefit of having that content is because it is possible to download it and reuse the content for future use.

How to analyze the performance of your Live Video

How to access the Video Analytics via the Facebook Business Page

Step 1. To begin analyzing the results of your Facebook Live broadcasts, head to the Insights tab located in the left-hand column of your business’s Facebook page:

Step 2. Choose from the videos part of the analytics.

Step 3. From there go into the Top Videos section, and select one of the videos from the menu to explore. (Note that we did not have any videos uploaded on the page we used in this instance. If you do have any videos they will be displayed on this page.)

Let’s get down to the ins and outs of.

The performance metrics available on Facebook Live Videos are comparable to normal videos on Facebook but with some interesting enhancements.

For pre-recorded video: Facebook lets you examine minutes watched and the number of unique visitors, views 10 second views, the average completion percentage and breakdown of comments, reactions and shares.

for Facebook live videos Facebook allows you to examine all the metrics mentioned above, including peak live viewers and total views, the average duration of watch time, number of viewers reached and the demographics of those who have watched the video.


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