How To Install Custom ROM Without Losing Data On Android

Android users are able to enjoy the freedom of personalization and there is no alternative Operating System that can even come as close. The most formidable opponent for Android...
How To Install Custom ROM Without Losing Data On Android

Android users are able to enjoy the freedom of personalization and there is no alternative Operating System that can even come as close. The most formidable opponent for Android is iOS and it is lagging behind the essential features for personalization.

However, Android users can change icons, fonts, launchers as well as default apps. more advanced Android users have the option of going to installing third-party aftermarket custom ROMs that completely alter the software on their phones.

Nowadays installing a custom ROM is common among Android enthusiasts. Users love to test new ROMs that add features without having to buy a brand new smartphone.

The biggest problem when installing custom ROMs is that your applications and data will be deleted. The users installing custom ROMs must install every app again and log in to them since all information about the apps is erased.

If you’re looking for the option of installing a custom ROM or upgrading your ROM, and want to install a custom ROM without losing your data We have the answer for you.

We’re back with a brand new post and will provide you with ways to update and install your custom ROM without losing any data. So let’s begin.

Install Custom ROM Without Losing Data

Here are the steps needed to install a custom ROM without losing any data. Make sure you follow them with care since a mistake could cause a device to be bricked.

We do not take responsibility for any losses. So, we recommend being very careful.

The steps to install a custom ROMs without losing information are :

Step 1. Download and Install Titanium Backup.

Step 2. Grant it Root Permissions.

Step 3. Then, click on the tab for backup/restore and then tap on the Menu button.

Step 4. Under the “Batch” option, choose to backup all the apps that you use.

Step 5. After the backup process is complete then go back to restore all the other information such as Calendar, Bookmarks, Logs, Bookmarks WiFi, etc.

Step 6. Boot into recovery and then install your customized ROM. Make sure that you don’t wipe your SD card or storage during this procedure.

Step 7. After setting up your new ROM, you need to install Titanium Backup again.

Step 8. Head to the Backup restore tab and then under batch. Step 8. Select “Restore all missing apps + system data”.

Step 9. Wait for the process to finish and your data will be back on your phone as it was previously.

How to Restore Your Data Following Installation of Custom ROM

Step 1. Now, after successfully flashing your device, it’s time to retrieve your data back to your phone.

Step 2. Install the Titanium Backup application from the Play Store and open the application.

Step 3: Hit the Menu button in the upper right-hand corner after which click the Batch Act

Step 4: Ensure that you’ve copied this Titanium Backup folder in your Internal Storage

Step 5: Click on Batch Action, select Restore All Applications to restore the entire set of the apps along with their information


If you’re not receiving any apps within your backup, simply clear the titanium backup’s data and then test it. This method is secure and doesn’t pose any problems in the least. Let’s take another step in the other method.

Method to Installing Custom ROMs without Losing Applications or Data

If you choose this second option, you can create your backup in a matter of minutes. It is the fastest method, however, there are times when it has problems and isn’t stable, so we suggest using the first option. Most of the time.

People don’t want to wait for an extended period of time.

This is why a majority of us don’t prefer having a titanium backup due to its slow processing speed and slow restoration.

You need to restore the backup to titanium again and again. Also, check out how to increase the RAM of Android.

If you are facing any difficulties, you need clear the data from the application, and then restart the process again.

For many phones, like one plus two, the data isn’t deleted when making the change to the custom ROM, so this method of backup using titanium is a good choice for mobile phones with this feature.

There is also more about this subject on the day itself. It is also possible to follow by following the alternative method given below.

Step 1: Now, in this procedure, you will restart your device to your custom recovery. Make sure that you’re using any custom recovery, such as Philz, TWRP, or CWM

Step 2: Now, click to the Backup of the partition with data just

Step 3: Click Advanced Backup, and then click on the data partition

Step 4:  Now, that your backup is currently in process and if it will be completed, you are able to move on to the next step.

Step 5: Now reset your device factory settings and then flash the custom ROM on the device and in the Gapps of your handset.

Step 6: Clear your Dalvik Cache, and then select the Restore option

Step 7: Next click on Advanced Restore followed by restoring the information that we created in step 3.


Be sure to clear the Dalvik cache before proceeding to the next step. You will then restore the data from your phone. This way, you won’t lose your data. This was the guideline on how to install a custom ROM on your phone without losing data. Also, take a look at ways to enable Chat Heads on Whatsapp If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment and come back for updates and more advice and tricks. Peace out!

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