How To Increase Android Phone Storage – (7 Tips)

Android smartphones are in high market share because of its incredible capabilities and affordable. We utilize Android phones every day life to browse the web as well as for playing...
How To Increase Android Phone Storage – (7 Tips)

Android smartphones are in high market share because of its incredible capabilities and affordable. We utilize Android phones every day life to browse the web as well as for playing music or playing games, watching videos as well as for a variety of other activities. We all know that Android phones typically have internal memory of 8-16 GB. This memory capacity is not enough for daily tasks. We need more space to store our valuable data. Additionally, our smartphone won’t function properly in the absence of enough memory to function correctly. We must clear space. In this post, we are going to look at some ways to expand the capacity of our Android phone’s storage, and provide a brief explanation of each.

Unwanted Apps should be deleted.

In our phones we install a lot of games and apps. Certain apps aren’t often used by users and so we rarely utilize them. In certain cases it is the case that the usage for the application is little that we only install it for use just a few minutes, then it sits in the area of our phones unnoticed. These unneeded applications and games take up a large amounts of memory. Therefore, we must uninstall these apps and games and when we believe that there’s a need for them , we can download them from the Play Store.

Utilize OTG storage.

OTG is an acronym for On the go storage. It’s among the greatest features of most recent Android smartphones that allows us to expand the storage capacity of our phones beyond their internal memory. It is simple to connect the OTG drive to the smartphone and transfer information to and from an OTG disk. It’s similar to a USB computer drive. Before using an OTG drive, make sure whether your phone is compatible with OTG or not.

Use a Memory card with high capacity.

In general, Android smartphones can be expanded between 32 and 64 GB. If we require a larger capacity it is possible to purchase an memory card with more capacity. It’s one of the most effective ways to expand the storage capacity of our phones. It is recommended to use a class 10 memory cards for speedy data transfer.

Transfer information to the computer.

If the memory requirements of your phone are over the limit of your phone’s capacity Then you could transfer your phone’s information onto a personal computer or laptop. This way you will be able to free up a significant amounts of memory on your phone. Additionally, your phone’s data will be safe on the computer, and safe from accidental deletion of information.


The Android system keeps temporary files such as videos, images as well as text files to be used later for references. This helps to save both bandwidth and time when the app is first launched.

Over period of time, this app accumulates excessive cache, resulting in the app becoming slower and occupying memory. Therefore, as part of your regular maintenance for your device cleaning up the cache regularly.

To clean it, go in Settings > Storage in the Application Settings > Storage and click on Clear Cache..


If you’re part of many WhatsApp group or groups, you probably have experienced the agony of cleaning your WhatsApp folders of photos or videos. In this age of all things smart that is the case, it would be unwise to do it manually. Say Hi to the Siftr Magic Cleaner.

Siftr scans the gallery on your phone and sort out duplicate and useless photos. The only thing you’ll need to complete is launch the analyzer, and then click”OK” at the end.


We’re all aware of the dangers of storing huge files in Android phones with limited storage. This can extend to songs documents (rather music) as they can be downloading offline. While we often ignore this fact Imagine my shock when I realized that my offline music files occupied about 3.9 gigabytes of storage.

If your analysis is also rendering the same amount of information for offline storage of songs The best choice is to switch to an online streaming app such as.


No matter how big the external storage size is it is, all app folders and files are saved inside your internal memory. And , if the storage size becomes larger, it will eventually stop you from downloading any new apps or performing any other activity that needs more storage.

In the event that your smartphone is rooted you can make use of an application known as FolderMount [ROOT(ROOT) that creates a mapping between the two storage devices, saving the app’s files directly to the microSD card.

Also, don’t forget take care of junk files created by apps that are no longer being used.

Clear your downloads folder

Another method to clear space is to eliminate items from the Downloads folder. This folder often gets overflowing with images, PDFs apps, APKs for apps and other documents. It is possible to use the downloaded app that comes with your phone to scan and delete files. Or it is possible to connect your smartphone to your computer to remove files from the folder.

Utilize analysis tools, such as DiskUsage

The final suggestion is to explore specialized disk-usage apps, such as the appropriately called DiskUsage. The app provides the breakdown of your storage space which makes it easy to determine how much space is being used up. If the typical Settings > > Storage View isn’t clear enough and you’re looking for apps such as DiskUsage are very helpful.

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