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How to Get Stardust in Pokemon Go

Stardust can be considered to be one of Pokemon Go’s most valuable sources, yet it’s one of the most poorly explained and most difficult to comprehend aspects in the game.

Whatever how long or how little it was that you played Pokemon Go, you’ll already probably have just a couple of thousand Stardust or more, while seasoned players are likely to have over one million. We’ll go over not just how to earn Stardust, however, but also why it’s so important to begin with.

Stardust Farming in Pokemon Go

There are some tricks and tricks to be aware of for farming Stardust and quickly. This guide will provide all the ways you can obtain Stardust and the best way to achieve it efficiently. Let’s go!

Stardust Bonus Modifier

The first tip you have to be aware of before you set out to collect Stardust is to make use of Star Pieces. Star Piece. Star Pieces can increase how much Stardust you collect by 50 percent over 30 minutes. When you are eager to begin Stardust farming, make sure to get the Star Piece.

Star Pieces can be purchased from the Pokemon Go Shop with PokeCoins. They can be purchased individually or in bundles. Find special occasions that offer the purchase of more Stardust and make use of the Star Pieces effectively to maximize your Stardust farming.

Capturing Pokemon

One of the most simple and most reliable ways to earn Stardust is to catch Pokemon. 100 Stardust is awarded for each base-stage Pokemon that is caught 300 for every stage two Pokemon in addition to 500 when you catch Pokemon that are in the final shape. Finding the first-level Pokemon is the quickest method of gaining Stardust since they are extremely popular.

First Catch Freebie

Pokemon Go rewards players with 600 Stardust when they make the very first Pokemon capture that day. If you can get an ongoing streak and you’re able to keep it going, the next day, you’ll receive 1,800 Stardust. If you’re consistently consistent, at the end of the seven days you’ll have collected 5,400 Stardust using this method.

Hatching Pokemon

The second method to gain Stardust to increase your Stardust Pokemon Go is to hatch Pokemon. Eggs are available at PokeStops or by friends as gifts, or through beating Leaders. Below are the various types along with the amount of Stardust they can award:

2km Eggs – 400-800 Stardust

5km Eggs – 600-1,600 Stardust

7km Eggs – 800-1,600 Stardust

10km Eggs – 1,600-3,200 Stardust

12km Eggs – 3,200-6,400 Stardust

Weather Conditions

Pokemon Go tracks real-world weather conditions. Due to this, the game’s Pokemon will react to the weather conditions around you. Each type has an exact weather condition. The amount you get is 25 Stardust at the first level 75 at level 2 and the level three Pokemon will get 125. These are the kinds and conditions for the weather:

Rainy – Electric, Water, Bug

Partly Cloudy – Normal Rock

Cloudy – Fairy, Poison, Fighting

Sunny The weather is sunny with fire, grass, Ground

Ice, Snow

Fog – Ghost, Dark

Windy and chilly Psychic, Dragon, Flying

Spezial Pokemon

If you catch one, certain Pokemon are in Pokemon Go reward you with an extra Stardust. It is important to keep on the lookout on the following types of Pokemon

Meowth – 500 Stardust

Persian – 700 Stardust

Alolan Meowth – 750 Stardust

Alolan Persian – 950 Stardust

Staryu – 750 Stardust

Starmie – 950 Stardust

Paras – 500 Stardust

Parasect – 700 Stardust

Shroomish – 500 Stardust

Breloom – 700 Stardust

Shellder – 1,000 Stardust

Cloyster – 1,200 Stardust

Chimecho – 1,000 Stardust

Audino – 2,100 Stardust

Sableye – 750 Stardust

Combee – 775 Stardust

Vespiquen – 950 Stardust

Trubbish – 750 Stardust

Gardbodor – 950 Stardust

Foongus – 500 Stardust

Amoongus – 700 Stardust

Delibird – 500 Stardust

Open Gifts

Gifts for opening is among the most effective ways to earn Stardust. The gift you receive will yield 100 300, 200, or 100 Stardust after being opened. You can keep 30 at a time which is why we advise you to hold your gifts and make use of to use your Star Piece when you have many of them and then open them all at the same time for more than double the Stardust.

Adventure Sync

When your account is at the level of five, you’ll be able to unlock an Adventure Sync option which will monitor where you are regardless of whether Pokemon Go is closed. Particularly for those who are constantly moving around it’s a fantastic option that rewards users with up to Stardust. 500 Stardust for 25km and 1000 Stardust for 50km or 16,000 Stardust for running 100 miles each week.

Team Go Rocket Leaders and Grunts

The last but not least the best way to make Stardust is to fight Team Go Rocket Leaders and Grunts. The Grunts will offer you 500 Stardust for the trouble and Leaders will give more than 1,000. You’ll need to be level eight in order to battle Leaders. There are Grunts and Leaders in black PokeStops , or inside Team Go Rocket hot air balloons.

In addition you’ll have the most efficient quick, fastest, and most efficient ways to get Stardust for Pokemon Go in 2022. For all of your Pokemon Go wants, needs guides, news, and more keep an eye on Attack of the Fanboy.

Pokemon Go is available for download on all mobile devices.


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