How To Fix Tumblr Mass Post Editor

Tumblr allows you to blog in a snap. The wide variety of types of posts offered, in conjunction with the capability to quote virtually anything, makes for an experience unlike...

Tumblr allows you to blog in a snap. The wide variety of types of posts offered, in conjunction with the capability to quote virtually anything, makes for an experience unlike any other. But, if you’ve had to collect many messages over time it’s not easy to keep track of. That’s why Tumblr’s known Mass Post Editor comes into the picture.

The Mass Post Editor, or the Mega Editor, as it’s sometimes referred to lets you delete multiple messages at the same time. Not only that, you can also modify the tags of several posts simultaneously. This sounds quite handy, isn’t it? But, it’s not without its drawbacks and flaws You’ll soon find out.

Let’s review the basics of using Tumblr Mass Post Editor and discover how it works. Don’t let the dullness make you feel uneasy, because you’ll also discover an extremely useful New XKit mini extension. The new extension significantly enhances the performance and performance of The Mega Editor. Mega Editor.​​​​​

How the mass post editor functions on Tumblr

After logging into the Tumblr account as a user, you can click the Account menuon your dashboard. Move to choose posts. Look for your Mass Post Editor in tiny prints in the button to take you to a different page on Tumblr.

On this page there are options to choose posts, edit or delete tags, or modify tags. If you plan to edit the content of blogs that are linked to it is possible to do this via two different ways. First, you need to access your accountsmenu from the dashboard. then click on the blog you wish to modify The blog will then be displayed, and you can select to open the Mass Post Editor similarly as it was for the main blog.

What can I do to use Tumblr’s Mass Post Editor in Tumblr?

How do you access this? Mass Post Editor

Go to Tumblr’s login page. Tumblr log-in page.

Click Log in.

Choose the drop-down menu on the top of the right-hand side of the dashboard page on Tumblr and select your blog.

Select the Mass Post Editor option to start it. Mass Post Editor.

How can I remove posts in bulk on Tumblr

To show posts that begin in a particular month, simply click the month button.

Choose the posts that you wish to eliminate by clicking the posts ( use the Unselect button to eliminate every post)

Hit “OK” for confirmation.

Click the delete button.

Hit on the “OK” option to verify.

How to remove the mass of Tumblr tag posts

Select the posts you wish to take the tags off of.

Hit to click the edit tag button to display the tag list that the selected posts have.

Choose the checkboxes that correspond to the tags you’d like to remove.

Click to release the button to remove the Tags button.

How do you tag several Tumblr posts

Choose the posts you would like to add tags to.

Click to click the “Add tags” button within the Mass Post Editor.

Input new post tags into the text box that appears.

Select to the “Add Tags” option to add the tags you have entered.

Tags removed from the posts Tumblr: Tumblr:

Step 1: Choose the posts with tags that need required to be deleted.

Second step: click the Edit Tags buttonat the upper-right corner of your screen.

  1. A dialog box that displays the checkboxes with tags would display on your screen.

Step 4: Choose the tags you don’t need by checking them.

Step 5: Last but not least press the Remove tag buttonat the lower left-hand corner of the dialog box.

Posts that are not selected

It is a seldom used editing tool that is not found in the editor for mass posts on Tumblr. It’s only useful in situations where you’ve selected the posts you don’t intend to alter. To remove the selected posts, simply click the unselect buttonat the upper-right corner of the screen.


Certain limitations are inherent to the tag editor for mass posts on Tumblr. The first one is that the it cannot allow editing of blog posts that were previously published on Tumblr and is only available for personal blog posts.

It is also not it possible to slide the cursor across several posts in order to edit them The posts will have to be chosen one by one and it’s impossible pick more than 100 (100) articles at each time.

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