How to Fix the PS4 Error CE-34878-0 on PlayStation 4

  When the app or game you have been using on your PlayStation 4 console crashes, the error code CE-34878-8-0 is displayed. It turns out that, like many error codes, this one...
How do I fix error CE-34878-0 on PS4? How do I fix error code 76 CE-34878-0? How do I fix error code CE 34788 0?


When the app or game you have been using on your PlayStation 4 console crashes, the error code CE-34878-8-0 is displayed. It turns out that, like many error codes, this one is a general indicator that an app has crashed. There aren’t any additional details. Sometimes the problem can be caused by the app’s saved data, which could get corrupted or damaged. In some cases, it might also be due to the console database. We will show you how to fix the error code.

It turns out that the CE-34878 0 error code does not only affect video games you play on your console. The problem can also occur when you use other apps, such as YouTube. This can happen when the console doesn’t know where the downloaded data is located. The game crashes. The error code can also be caused by the saved data in the app or game. This occurs when the saved data becomes corrupted or damaged.

Reasons for PS4 Error Code CE-34878 0 Problem Issue

The PS4 error code CE-34878-0 error could be due to many reasons. There is no one cause. Some users experiencing this error confirmed that corrupted PS4 game files or system files can cause it. The error can also occur if the PS4 software has not been updated. Some users claim that it is a temporary problem.

  • Game files and system files that are corrupted
  • PS4 does not have the most recent firmware
  • Temporary issue
  • The game is not up-to-date

Restart your PS4 Firmware

Another reason for this problem could be hardware failure. To make your PS4 console and controller work again, you will need to restart them both simultaneously.

Step 1: Turn off your PS4 completely.

Step 2: Also, turn off your PS4 controller.

Step 3: Reboot your PS4 console and then the PS4 controller.

Step 4: Open the game that caused the error while you are playing. Try it again to verify that it works.


Updating the Game Software

Technique 1: Check for Any Updates in the PS4 Settings

You can check the game’s updates. These are the steps to follow:

Step 1 Feature the game/application you need to refresh on the PS4’s home screen.

Step 2 – Press the Options button on the PS4 regulator and then select Check for Update.

Step 3 – Follow the wizard to download any updates and install them.

Step 4 Restart your PS4 to try the game.

Technique 2: Reinstall the Game on Your PS4

If refreshing the game does not work, you can remove the program and reinstall it.

Note – You will need to save your game information before uninstalling the game. This is so that you don’t lose any advancement.

Step 1: Go to PS4 Settings > Application saved data Management.

Step 2: Select Saved Data In-System Storage if you want to save it in your PS4 Framework. Or, you can choose Saved Data On USB Storage Device if the USB crash has been embedded into your PS4.

Step 3: To wrap up, follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 4: Find the problem game and highlight it.

Step 5: Press the Options button to select Delete

Step 6: Restart Your PS4.

Step 7: Reinstall the game and try to dispatch it to verify that it works.

Technique 3 – Re-Embed Your Disc to Refresh the Game

This works if you’re just playing around with the clique.

Step 1 – Perform a complete uninstallation of the game’s files from your hard disk.

Step 2 – Power cycle your PS4 in order to turn it on.

Step 3 : Re-embed your plate.

Step 4 Reinstall all games and updates.

Step 5 : Launch the game and test it out.

Technique 4: Download the PS4 System Software

The error CE-348780-0, as mentioned above, is most likely due to a framework crash in your PlayStation. To fix the issue, you can try to refresh the framework programming. Follow the below guidelines:

Step 1 Connect your PS4 to the Internet.

Step 2 Go to PS4 Settings > Software Update.

Step 3 Select Update if there are any updates. This message will not be displayed if the PS4 framework has been updated.

Step 4 – Wait for the Update to Download. After downloading is complete, you will see a pop-up to remind you.

Step 5

Step 6 – Open the game to verify that it is working.

Technique 5: Replace the HDD with the original to correct the error CE-34878 0

It is possible that your game performance may be affected if you recently upgraded your Hard Disc Drive (HDD). To solve the problem, you can put the original HDD back into your PS4 by following these steps. You may first need to backup the data in your PS4 before you try to reinstall the HDD.

1) For the backup, insert the USB storage unit into one of the PS4 USB ports.

2) Go to Setting > > Backup and Restore.

3) Decide which data you want to back up. If you don’t want to backup applications, you will need to download them or reinstall them once you restore from the backup you created.

5) Change the name of your backup. After you have done this, highlight Backup and click the X button.

6) Wait for the process to complete.

7) After you have made a backup, insert the HDD into your PS4.

8) Reinstall your games to verify that it is working.

Technique 6: Initiate your PS4 to correct the error CE-34878 0

This works for most PS4 users. If the error CE-34878-80 persists, you can try to initialize your PS4 again to resolve it. Initialization erases any data stored on the system and removes all users from the system.

1) Go to PS4 Setting > Initiation > Start PS4

2) Select Full.

3) Follow the instructions to complete.

4) Once you are done, back up all data and install the applications and games again.

5) Play the games now to test it.

Technique 7: Disconnect your PS camera to correct the error CE-34878 0

Many users might connect the PS4 camera to their PS4. This is the method to use if you are one of them.

1) Go to PS4 settings > devices > turn off the device.

2) Choose the camera you want to turn off. Next, power cycle your PlayStation4.

3) Go to PS4 Setting > Users > Login .

4) Turn off Face Recognition

5) Retry your application/game.


Technique 8: Get Help from PlayStation Support

These are the solutions to the PS4 error code CE-348780-0. If the problem persists after trying all of the above strategies, it is most likely beyond our capabilities and you will need to contact Sony for assistance.

To fix your PS4, you may need to return it or get a replacement. If your PS4 is within the time limit, it shouldn’t cost too much.


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