How To Fix Steam link Won’t Turn On

Team Link provides a wonderful method of streaming games from your PC to your television. For many this piece of hardware performs flawlessly and is very simple to utilize. But,...

Team Link provides a wonderful method of streaming games from your PC to your television. For many this piece of hardware performs flawlessly and is very simple to utilize.

But, many users had a big issue: Steam Link is not functioning. Users complained about the message No Signal was displayed on a black background their television.

Some have also said that Steam Link is working for a short time, but the process stops as the black screen comes up. There’s some activity coming from the controller in the beginning, and we can tell it’s receiving an alert.

You can easily fix this problem in no time and we’ll guide you through the process later on in this article.

Dose Steam Link function only on LAN?

Be aware the fact that Steam Link is not built to be a LAN-only function. You can also extend your gaming experience on your television on your mobile device, or any other type of computer.

All you’ll require is a local connection or an active Internet connection.

Don’t overlook to mention that Steam Link now supports Remote Play Together that lets you Invite you and your Steam Friends to join your local co-op sessions from afar. It is not necessary to purchase or launch the game themselves.

Through the Steam Link application allows you to increase the Remote Play Together access to any device supported by the app installed.

Problem Overview Steam Link Won’t Turn On

Steam is an amazing digital distribution platform that is perfect for Windows users. You can utilize this gaming software to play our favourite games and play them using the launcher built into the program.

We all know that Steam has a variety of features that make it easier to play games with our computers. Certain players prefer to play games on televisions rather than PCs.

There are games that require big screens in order to take pleasure in them while playing on the screens. You can play them via Steam Link. Steam Link.

If you enable Steam Link, Steam Link, then it streams games on you Windows PCs to televisions. After that, you are able to begin playing the game on your television.

Other than television, it is possible to utilize Steam Link to stream the game via your phone or tablet. There are moments when the Steam Link won’t turn on.

If you’re interested in knowing the reason behind why Steam Link is not working or isn’t connecting, look at the following causes.

Related Problems Steam Link Won’t Turn On

Steam Link Not Working Mac:Uninstall the Steam Link application that you download via the Mac App Store and reinstall it from scratch. If you find that the Steam Link is not functioning on your Mac make sure you switch the network you’re connecting to on your device.

Steam Link No Signal:Check the cable of the Steam Link device is connected to your TV in a proper manner or not. Sometimes an unclean HDMI cable can cause a no Signal issue. Also, change that HDMI cable to a brand new one. Unplug and then reconnect the cables that are available via Steam Link to fix the issue. Steam Link to fix it.

Steam Link Application Doesn’t Work:If the Steam Link application is not working on your Windows PC isn’t working it is necessary to visit its official website and look for the most recent versions. If Steam Link developers release any updated versions, download them onto your PC for it to function error-free.

Steam Link Not Displaying on Television:Restart the Steam Link hardware device by taking out all cables before reconnecting them to it. If you’re still not seeing any TV content make sure you connect both units to the network, as well as re-connecting the old HDMI cables.

Steam Link Screen: Black Screen:Changing the video settings of your Steam by yourself can cause this issue. Therefore, you should reset your settings to default setting to eliminate the black screen issue. If you’re running the NVIDIA GPU, choose the screen sharing option using NVIDIA GPU in the Steam settings.

Steam Link Doesn’t Sound on Television:Select your correct device in your audio settings to hear the sound of your TV. If you are unable to hear the sound coming through your TV, you can restore the default settings for the Steam Link device.

  • Update Your Clients
  • Remote Play could not function if the Steam Link application as well as Steam itself aren’t up-to-date. Check the store from where it was downloaded to download the Steam Link application to determine the availability of updates. In Steam go to ” Check for Steam Client Updates” in on the Steam menu and allow it to update as needed.
  • Check Remote Play Support For Your Game
  • Before you do anything else, be sure you determine if your game is compatible with Remote Play. If it’s not this is the cause of the issue. Visit the game’s store page and check the information on the right to determine whether it is compatible with Remote Play, what devices it is able to stream to, and whether it supports Remote Play Together.

Ensure Both Devices Are Connected to The Same Networ

One of the primary requirements that must be met to run Steam Link, is that both the device you wish to stream from as well as the actual device on which Steam runs are linked to the same internet. It could be the case that you’re using different networks on the two devices.

We have seen users make the error of thinking their smartphone will be connected to the mobile network when they attempt to run Steam Link. Therefore, we recommend that you ensure there is a connection between both your gadgets to the same network. Also, make sure there is no issue in the network the devices connect to.

Unplug & Replug The Cables Of Steam Link

A simpler and less time-consuming method to solve This Steam Link Not Turning On error is to remove all cables that are connected to it and reconnecting them with the gadget.

First Of All, Detach All The Cables That Are Plugged Into The Steam Link Device.

Just Leave The Power Cable From Unplugging It.

Now, Wait For At Least 30 Seconds.

Finally, Reconnect The HDMI Cable And Restart The Steam Link To Check The Device Is Turning On Or Not.

But you are unable to connect to the Steam Link device is not working? You can then move on to the next section in order to connect with the most advanced techniques that will fix the issue with certainty.

Check The HDMI Cable

Are the HDMI cable connecting the Steam Link and TV working in a proper manner? If your cable has been damaged then your Steam Link won’t turn on.

Verify that the cable is not damaged or is functioning properly. If you notice any problems with the cable, you should change it to a fresh cable. When you connect the brand new HDMI ensure that whether the Steam Link is turning on or off.

Check The Power Supply

Because of low voltage issues there is a fluctuation in power within our homes and workplaces. This is why the hardware devices exhibit issues when turning them on.

The only way to solve this problem is to supply the necessary power supply and ensure there are no issues when streaming games from the Windows 10 PC to TV.

Use The Same Network

Many users make a common error and are faced with the Steam Link Won’t Work issue. They utilize various networks on their TV and computers for connection to the web.

If you are doing similar things, then your Steam Link device will not function. This device (TV) that you wish to play the game as well as the PC on which Steam Client is installed has to be connected to the same network.

Try this simple trick to determine if you can determine if the Steam Link is turning on in a smooth manner or not. If you are unable to resolve it, and you’re not getting the Steam Link Won’t Turn On Try the following techniques.

Disable & Re-Enable Streaming Option

If none of the methods above fail to fix the problem If this is the case, then the streaming option has been disabled in Steam. Steam Client. It is necessary to look into your Steam settings and make adjustments to them to enable streaming. To do that follow the steps below.

First Of All, Launch Steam Client On Your Windows 10.

In The Next Step, Click The Steam Option -> Now, Choose Settings From The Menu List.

Under The Settings Window, Go To The In-Home Streaming Settings Tab.

Come To The Right-Side Panel, Locate The Streaming Option And Enable It.

If You Find The Streaming Option Is Enabled, Then Disable And Re-Enable It.

After you’ve enabled streaming on your Steam Check if whether your Steam Link is turned on or off.

Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall

There are some users who have solved the Steam Link won’t turn On issue by deactivating the Windows Defender Firewall. Your firewall could be preventing this Steam Link to turn on.

If none of the methods above resolve the problem, we suggest following the steps below to shut off the firewall in the Windows PC.

Press Windows + R -> Type Control Panel -> Click OK.

Go To The View By Section Placed On The Right-Side -> Select Large Icons.

Now, Find The Windows Defender Firewall And Click On It.

On The Left Side, Click The Turn Windows Defender Firewall On Or Off Tab.

You Can See Two Sections, Private Network Settings, And Public Network Settings.

Disable The Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall (Not Recommended) By Checking The Radio Button Under Both Sections.

Finally, Hit The OK Button To Save The Changes.

Then, turn to your Steam Link and check the problem is still there or is not.

Controller isn’t Working

If your controller doesn’t have an effect on gameplay, it may not be properly configured in Steam.

Be aware that games written with raw input won’t work as such, so you won’t be allowed to play with an controller.

You can change the controller’s Steam settings to ensure that it will function throughout you Remote Play session.

Start Steam and then select to open the ” Steam” menu button located at the top.

Click ” Controller.”

Choose “General Controller Settings.”

Make sure you check in the appropriate box that corresponds to your controller.

Set your preferences and then return to Steam.

Switch Steam to the Big Picture mode via the square symbol left of the minimize button.

Try to play with your controller using Big Picture Mode. If it’s not working there it may not work within Remote Play.

You might need to upgrade the drivers of your particular controller. make sure to check each game you’re playing to ensure compatibility or connect the controller to another port for it to work.

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