How To Fix Roomba error 15

I purchased a newly-purchased Roomba to use on my very first floor, and left it running for couple of weeks to discover the inside of my home. I decided...

I purchased a newly-purchased Roomba to use on my very first floor, and left it running for couple of weeks to discover the inside of my home.

I decided to test how effective my navigation system was shifting around the home.

I was working on one of my experiments when the Roomba shut down its program and informed me that it encountered an error. More specifically Error 15.

To figure out the reason for the error was the top goal at that point and I went on the internet immediately.

Other users online who had Roombas longer than I did were experiencing the same issue So I looked up the methods they attempted to do to eliminate this issue.

I also reached out to Roomba’s tech assistance to find out whether they had any tips to assist me in fixing this issue.

After putting together everything I could find online , and the advice of the techs at iRobot informed me I decided to create this guide to help to solve Error 15 should you have ever encountered it.

I’ll discuss other ways to address this issue in the next article, such as doing a reset to the robot, connecting the Roomba to the Wi-Fi network and much more.

What is Error 15 referring to in my Roomba?

Thanks to iRobot categorizing any errors as error codes to help troubleshooters pinpoint the issue, understanding the cause of Error 15 actually means is much more straightforward.

iRobot reports the Error 15 message typically means that there’s a problem communicating with Roomba. Roomba.

This could be due to an issue with your internal components, Roomba’s settings , or the Wi-Fi network is experiencing issues.

Why do I get an error message 15 when I use my Roomba?

Since Error 15 is pointing to a communication issue and the reason for it becomes a much easier job.

The issue could be due to problems with the internal components inside Roomba failing to connect with the base at home or your mobile.

It may also occur when there is a lot of obstructions, metallic objects , or thick walls that are between and the Roomba and its base.

You may also encounter this issue if your WiFi router isn’t keeping connected to Roomba when you typically operate the robot via your smartphone.

Hit”Clean” “Clean” button once

Does your Roomba display “Error 15. Press CLEAN to start over”?

If so, it is a sign that your device is experiencing internal issues.

Error 15 occurs when your Roomba is unable to navigate due to miscommunication between the app’s Home Base or the app.

If you find the error in your device, simply follow the instructions Click”CLEAN” once “CLEAN” button once.

It’s in the central point of Roomba.

Then, it’s got the “CLEAN” label on it. Therefore, you shouldn’t face any trouble in finding it.

This will restart the Roomba system. This will eliminate any potential issues with the system.

When you have pressed”Clean” and then the “CLEAN” button, you are now able to use your Roomba without issue.

“Is Roomba Error 15 a significant issue? Should I be concerned about the it? ?”

Error 15 may indicate internal navigation problems on your device.

It’s possible to experience it on a regular basis. It’s not an issue.

In general it is the case that a Roomba device can fix internal issues in its own way.

If you’ve seen the message “Error 15” on your Roomba display after inserting the battery…

It’s simply your Roomba telling you, “Hey! There was an error in the internal system. However, I’ve already fixed it. .”

Force-close this app iRobot Home app

“I’ve already hit the “CLEAN” button. However, there’s an error 15′ error on the display of my Roomba screen. …”

Perhaps rebooting the Roomba device did not fix the internal problems.

If this is the case then you should attempt to force shut down your iRobot Home application.

Your Roomba communicates via your iRobot Home App.

In the event that the app is confronted with a problem, Roomba can fail to identify your home. The device will display “Error 15.”

For a solution to resolve it, to close Your iRobot Home app.

Reboot the Roomba

Rebooting is not the same as restarting. When you reboot, the entire device’s system refreshes. General bugs and system malfunctions are eliminated from your robotic vacuum by rebooting. Also, rebooting doesn’t erase your personal data.

The methods for rebooting are different for various Roomba models. Follow the directions carefully when rebooting the Roomba device.

Rebooting 500 600 (regular and WiFi-enabled) and 800 series with WiFi enabled

To restart these models You must hit and hold down for at least 10 seconds the “Spot Clean” and “Home” buttons for at minimum 10 minutes. After you let these buttons go you’ll hear a rebooting sound. This is a sign that your device has successfully restarted.

The 700, 800, and and 900 series

Press while holding your “Clean” button for at minimum 10 minutes. When you release these buttons it will sound a resounding sound. This sound indicates the effectiveness of the rebooting process.

Rebooting I and S series

To restart Roomba I and the s series, push and hold down for the “Clean” button for 20 minutes. After it is released its ring light will turn in a clockwise motion in white. When the light turns off this means that the vacuum has been restarted. In the series, you will find this light on the lid of the bin. You must wait for about 1-2 minutes before switching the on to the Roomba again.

Revert “Smart Maps” to the Previous Version

After rebooting, if error number 15 persists, you can try reverting you Smart maps. The vacuum will operate effortlessly after you change the map to its earlier version. The Roomba gadget is trained to the old map, which makes it much simpler to navigate.

You can restore you Roomba Smart Map to its earlier version by following these steps.

Go to the “History” on the iRobot app

Make sure to check for the “Clean Maps” report

Select your desired previous map

Then, you can click the overflow menu found in the upper right corner.

Select “Update Smart Maps”

If you follow these instructions, the error 15 will be gone completely from the Roomba vacuum. If it is still there you can proceed to following step.

Delete the Existing Maps

If Roomba errors 15 are still present you have a chance of an error in the maps. To fix this problem, change the map of your home. Before you remap, erase the maps you previously used. You can erase the maps using the next steps.

  • Explore the maps in the iRobot home app
  • Choose the map from the app
  • Click three dots horizontally on the map.
  • Select “Delete” to remove the map.

Eliminate all maps by this process one by one. The removal of the maps also eliminates the general glitches and bugs in the system. It frees up memory and Roomba will run more efficiently. After you delete the maps you must restart the Roomba device, however it is also possible to erase other information.

After you reset your device, you must remap your home. Take a look at the next step in re-mapping your home.

Reboot the Roomba

You could try restarting the Roomba in case the issue continues.

It’s quite simple to do and you only need to input a straightforward button combo.

To start a new Roomba series Roomba:

  1. Hold until you have reached the “Clean” button a minimum of 20 minutes.
  2. The white light ring surrounding the bin’s lid will turn counterclockwise.
  3. Give it a couple of minutes to wait for the Roomba to come to turn back on.
  4. The process ends at the point that the white light turns off.

To restart an I Series Roomba:

  1. Hold on the button Clean for at most 20 minutes.
  2. The white light ring on the button will be moving counterclockwise.
  3. Take a few minutes until the Roomba to switch to turn back on.
  4. The process ends at the point that the white light turns off.

Reboot the Roomba that is a 700800 or 900 Series Roomba:

  1. Hold until you have reached the “Clean” button. Hold it for around 10 seconds.
  2. Press the button until you receive an audio beep.
  3. Roomba Roomba will then begin to restart.

After restarting the Roomba Set it to vacuum the home and then check if the problem persists.

Reset the Roomba

If none of the other options fails If all else fails, you can reset the Roomba to default settings.

This means that all personal settings, such as the home layout map, scheduling and Wi-Fi settings will be removed off the robot.

To reset the Roomba:

  1. Be sure to installed the Roomba using an iRobot Home app.
  2. Navigate to Settings within the iRobot Home app.
  3. Select the Factory Reset option and then confirm the prompt If you are you are asked.
  4. The Roomba will begin the factory reset process. It will take time to complete the procedure.

After the setup is completed it is time to complete the initial setup over again and connect the Roomba to Wi-Fi if wish to allow it to learn the layout of the house once more.

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