How To Fix Playstation Error e-82106o4a

You’re trying to complete payments on the PlayStation Network but all you see the PS4 screen is the error code E-82106O4A or an unfulfilled purchase? The E-82106O4A problem could...

You’re trying to complete payments on the PlayStation Network but all you see the PS4 screen is the error code E-82106O4A or an unfulfilled purchase?

The E-82106O4A problem could result from incorrect payment information or a problem with the credit or debit card you’re using.

This error is on PS4 along with PS5 is likely to be resolved particularly if it’s caused by it being due to the PlayStation Network being down, but there are methods to get out of this problem.

In this article you’ll be able to pinpoint the reason you’re experiencing the E-82106O4A error with your Sony console and you will be provided with four easy solutions which you’ll be able apply to your PlayStation so that you can move forward to renew the terms of your PS Now subscription, or joining their new member.

What Is E-82106O4A?

What Is E-82106O4A?

What Is E-82106O4A?

E-82106O4A is a code of error which will show up when you play on the PS4 when you try to sign up to PlayStation Plus or PS Now to join. The reason for this is because the PS platform refusing to accept your payment, which prevents the purchase to be processed.

What could be the reason you are having the error message E-82106O4A appear when you attempt renewal of or renew your PS subscription or to become new members on the PS4 or PS5?

Methods To Fix E-8210604A Error On PS4 PS5 PS Plus

Sign Out In The Playstation Network To Fix E-8210604a Playstation

First, you must ensure the typical PlayStation Network glitch does not cause the issue. The problem code for E-8210604A has also affected a number of users. It has been confirmed by PSN that this issue is solved. Log to exit your PSN account, and then log again. Try purchasing the PlayStation Plus subscription.

  • You can access the Settings menu on the PS4 console’s main menu.
  • In PS5 In PS5, go to the upper right corner and choose the gear symbol (settings icon).
  • Once you’re on the Settings menu go through to the options list until you locate the Accounts and Users option.
  • After that, among the available options, select Other. After that, log on to PlayStation Network and sign out.
  • Re-enter the login screen that only displayed after you confirmed the operation. You can try purchasing PS+ PS+ subscription again to verify if the issue has been solved.

Change The Email With Your PlayStation Profile

This method has consistently prevented the E-8210604A error from the PS4 as well as PS5. It should be possible to purchase an PS+ subscription without any difficulties. It is necessary to replace the email address that is linked to the PS Store profile with a Gmail address. Log into your account from your PC or directly into settings on the PSN settings.

To avoid the error code E-8210604A, follow these steps. Modify the email address that is associated to the account. PlayStation Store account.

  • Log into Sony’s Account Management page using any internet browser on a computer.
  • You’ll also need entering the code for verification if you’ve activated 2-step verification.
  • On the left-hand side, click security from the bar on your side.
  • Navigate to the menu that is on the right-hand edge of your screen. Select the Sign-in ID drop-down menu, then choose edit (Email address).
  • Add your brand new email address into the new window which just opened, and then click Save.
  • A message will arrive at the new email address, asking you to confirm your personal Sign-in ID. Log into Your Gmail inbox, find the correct email address, then select to click the Verify Now button in it.
  • Go back to your console and make use of your new email account to sign into your account. Examine if the error is fixed by trying again to purchase.

Top Your Wallet Before Making The Purchase

If you make an PS+ purchase on the PSN store, you’ll be presented with the error code E-8210604A, which is a credit card issuer denial. After the frauds, a lot of banks have increased their security requirements for PSN. PS Store.

The money you earn can later be able to use to purchase PS+ subscriptions. PS+ subscription without paying using a credit card. To log in for PS Store PlayStation Store, follow the instructions below. You can add money to your account to ensure that you can purchase an PS+ subscription.

  • Visit to the PlayStation Store page using any browser either on your PC or Mac.
  • Log in using the same account that has been causing the error message on your console by pressing”Sign In.
  • In the upper right-hand corner (top-right) on the right side of your screen click on the account icon.
  • In the menu context that has just opened, click on Payment Management.
  • After you’ve created the Payment Method, head to the right side and click Add Funds.
  • Select a method of funding:
  • Make use of any of the cards you have
  • You can redeem a Pre-Paid card option.
  • Repeat the PS+ subscription purchase once the funds have been successfully credited into the PSN account.
  • Verify that the E-8210604A threat was successfully averted.

Change the email that is associated to you PS Store profile

It might sound as a strange solution, however, this solution has repeatedly made it possible for PS4 or PS5 users to bypass the error code E-8210604A, and also to buy PS+ memberships. PS+ membership without issues.

According to certain PlayStation players who have been able to get this working, you need to modify the email associated to the PS Store profile to a Gmail equivalent. This can be done by accessing your account from your computer or directly from settings in the PSN settings.

If you’d like to try this method Follow the steps below to try a detour of the E-8210604A error changing the email that is associated to the profile of your PS Store profile:

On a personal computer login on Sony’s Account Management page via any internet browser.
NOTE: If you have two-step verification enabled then you must enter the verification code in addition.

After you have successfully logged in to the account you have created, simply click Security from the sidebar located on the left side.

Then, go to the menu on the right side and then click on the Edit button that is associated with your Your Sign-in Identification (Email address).

The email addresses can be edited

On the new screen which just appeared, enter your new email address , then click save.
NOTE: You will be required to enter the password for your account to ensure security reasons.

In the end, you’ll get an email sent at your brand new address, asking you to verify your new login ID. Log into the Gmail inbox, locate the correct email address and click the Verify Now button within the email.

Reconnect to your console, and sign into the new email account prior to trying again to purchase and determining whether the E-8210604A error has now solved.

Take away the active CC that you are using to pay PS Store. PS Store

According to some users who have been affected they also expect to encounter this error when the debit or credit card you’re trying to use is not authorized by the bank’s issuer.

If you’ve followed the possible solution above, but the E-8210604A error continues to occur at the time of checkout when you attempt to sign up for the PS+ account (or prolong your current subscription) It is possible that you will be able resolve the issue completely by removing the card off your PS account prior to registering it to your account again.

This is for the purpose of re-authorizing it, and could result in correcting the issue in certain instances. Follow the below steps to find out how to accomplish this:

On a Windows PC and macOS computer, visit your PlayStation Store page.

Once you’ve reached the right page, click the Sign In button. Sign into the account with which you’re experiencing the error message on your console. Logging in with your account

NOTE:Keep in mind that If you have 2 step verification turned on, you will be required to input the verification code using your smartphone or authenticator application.

Once you’ve successfully logged in, click on the account icon at the top-right right-hand corner. Next, select Pay Management within the context menu, which has just was displayed. Accessing the Payment Management tab

Once you’re on your payment Management menu make sure to check which card is active (if you have several cards) under the Payment Method.

Select the Arrow to be associated by the CC card with the default written beneath the last digits of the number. Making sure you have the correct card

Then, on the credit Card or debit Card Define screen, select the remove button that is located at the end in the menu.

If you are asked to confirm your process If you are asked to confirm the process, select “Yes!” on the screen and wait for the confirmation message to display. Removing the Credit Card

Once the card is removed successfully, click the Add Payment button in your Pay Settings.

On the next screen, click the Add the Credit / Debit Card button. Follow the on-screen directions to insert the card that previously caused the error.

Once your card has been reinstated, try the purchase of the PS+ membership and see whether the issue has been resolved.

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