How To Fix File System Error (-2147219196)

Fix Windows 10 File System Error 2147219196 A picture is worth a thousand pictures. Each photo is unique and holds different memories. What happens if your photo app is hampered by...

Fix Windows 10 File System Error 2147219196

A picture is worth a thousand pictures. Each photo is unique and holds different memories. What happens if your photo app is hampered by windows errors or other interference? It can drown you. It actually terrifies when you consider what might happen to your photos. Many Windows users are seeing the file system error popups frequently in recent times. This article focuses specifically on the file system error (-2147219196), popup in Windows Photos app. This error code should be fixed immediately as it can prevent you from accessing other file types and apps on your Windows. In rare cases, it could cause the loss of some of your most treasured memories.

Why is there a File System Error in Photos App?

Although it is not possible to determine the exact cause, Windows updates are usually used to report it. The file system error number 2147219196 could be caused by a bug in the Photos app or disk corruption.

Photos app is not working properly. Your photos cannot be viewed, edited, arranged, or imported on your computer.

Here are a few manual ways to fix File System Error 2147219196 and restore a smooth user interface. This may take some time so please be patient.

Run Windows Apps troubleshooter

Photos is part of Microsoft Store apps. You should run a troubleshooter to see if it helps.

Typing troubleshoot into Windows search will bring up

Select Additional troubleshooting

Find Windows Store Apps, and click Run troubleshooter

Wait until the scan is complete before applying any suggested fixes

Reinstall and Uninstall Windows Photo

Many users have reported that uninstalling Windows Photo, and then reinstalling Windows has resolved their problems. It is worth a try. These are the steps to remove and reinstall Windows Photo App.

Step 1 Type Powershell in Windows Start search box. To continue, right click Windows PowerShell and select Run administrator.

Step 2: Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | Remove-AppxPackage and press the Enter key to remove the Photo App.

Step 3 – DownloadWindows Photos (only need to click on the Download PSTools Link).

Step 4 The zip file will be downloaded. Right-click the file and choose Extract files…

Next, choose a suitable location and extract the files.

Step 5 Enter command prompt in search box and then open Command Panel as administrator.

Step 6 Type PsExec.exe -sid c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe Press Enter .

Step 7 When the pop-up window opens, click to agree

Step 8 After pressing the Enter button, a new prompt will appear.

Step 9 Type this command and then press to enterinto the newly opened Command Prompt.

Booting with Clean Boot

To fix the Windows file system error, you can also run a “Clean Boot” command on your computer. This guide will show you how to fix the error using clean boot.

Step 1Launch your computer with an Administrator account

Step 2 To open the Run window, press Windows or R keys. Next, type Msconfig into the Run dialog box. Hit the OK button.

Step 3 Uncheck Hide all Microsoft Services after clicking the Service button. To save your changes, click Disable All.

Step 4 : Navigate to Start and open the Task Manager.

Step 5 Click on the Start button within the task manager.

Step 6 – Select the disable option from the list of enabled status apps.

Step 7 – After you have disabled all Enabled status apps, restart your computer.

Step 8 Now your computer is in the ” Clear Boot” mode.

Step 9 To verify that the file system error (-2147219196) is still present, open the Windows Photo Viewer application.

Step 10 If you are still having problems, please follow the steps above and only allow one service.

This will allow you to identify the cause of the file system error if it occurs after the service has been enabled. Next, disable the service.

Corrupted system files can be repaired

Many built-in apps can be affected by system file corruption, including the Photos app. You can use the elevated Command Prompt to run SFC or DISM.

In the Windows search bar, type cmd

Right-click Command Prompt search results and choose Run administrator

Click Yes when User Account Control appears.

In the new window, type into the search box and hit

Wait until the scan is complete. If SFC is able to repair damaged files, restart the computer. These commands can be copied and pasted into Command Prompt. After each command is completed, press Enter.
DisM /Online/Cleanup Image/CheckHealth
DisM /Online/Cleanup Image/RestoreHealth

Finally, restart you computer.

Reinstall Photos app

You will need to run an elevated PowerShell in order to accomplish this. You should be careful as altering or removing the wrong keys could cause serious problems. You can reinstall Photos app by following these steps:

Enter Windows key + s, and then type PowerShell

Right-click PowerShelloption to select Run As Administrator

Type the get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackage command and press Enter

Next, open Windows Store to download the Photos app

Follow the instructions on screen to install the setup file.

After that, you can check if Photos App has successfully opened the.jpg files

Windows Update

This is a well-known issue that many Windows users face. There will be a bug fix released in the most recent Windows Updates. If none of the above solutions work, then you can always check the Windows Updates. Check that your system is current. Check for updates

Activate both the ” Windows“, and ” I“, buttons simultaneously.

Click to access the ” Security” menu option.

Select the “Check to Latest” option, and then wait for Windows to check for new updates.

Updates downloaded , and installed.

After installing updates, restart your computer to apply them.

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