How To Fix Fedex Claim Status

FedEx is among the many companies you can count on to deliver and get almost anything. The company is among the largest of its kind, and it’s reliable. But, any delivery...

FedEx is among the many companies you can count on to deliver and get almost anything. The company is among the largest of its kind, and it’s reliable. But, any delivery service is unaffected by issues. Some items may be lost, they might not be shipped out, or be damaged in shipping. If your item is damaged or lost you can make a claim with FedEx. The complaint may take a while to be resolved however you can monitor the status of the complaint to determine if progress is being achieved.

How do I make a claim with FedEx?

Visit the website of FedEx Claims.

Select the Start the claim button.

Provide all the information required such as tracking number, shipping information, personal information.

Alternately, you can dial or call the FedEx Support number (differs according to where you are) and request more details about the delivery.

If the declared value of your delivery exceeded $100, ensure that you have all the paperwork on the ready to support your purchase/delivery.

When you file a complaint, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes the tracking number/case number.

Check FedEx claim status

It is possible to file claims with FedEx online. The claim is filed in upto 200 pieces at once and can be submitted online. It is necessary to include additional documents to support the claim. Additionally, you can make claims for local (within the country) shipment as well as for international shipment (to or outside of the country).

To submit a claim, you will need;

  • An tracking code for your shipment
  • Invoice or delivery receipt
  • Documentation that shows you purchased the item you are claiming was damaged or lost

The claim may be submitted online, or it could be submitted by filling out and sending an e-form that can be downloaded. No matter how you make claims this method is a good way to determine the status of your claim.

Claim Tracking Number

When you submit a claim, FedEx emails you to confirm that the complaint was received. The confirmation email includes the tracking code or number. This number is vital in track the claim. If you’ve made an claim but haven’t received an email with a confirmation message then you must file it and again, or contact FedEx support to discover the reason (make sure that all the documents are included in your claim).

Find FedEx claim status

To determine whether your FedEx claim Follow these steps.

  1. Go to on the FedEx claims site.
  2. Log in using the details of your FedEx account.
  3. Visit My Claims tab. My Claims tab.
  4. Use the filters to determine your claim.
  5. Click on your Reports tab to access the reports on your claims.


You can track the progress of your claim however FedEx cannot provide you with an exact date the time when claims will be settled. International claims, the process could be more lengthy than the normal. FedEx must utilize various ways to settle claims from abroad. Local (within the country) claims could be resolved sooner. Resolved claims do not necessarily mean that FedEx will pay you of the item damaged. If the company does not discover an issue with its delivery procedure and there is no evidence to indicate that the item was damaged during transport Your claim might not result in the money being returned.


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